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  1. SA local spots have been caught with staff taking toys/gifts donations for themselves and abusing residents at their facilities. These substantiated stories are making the rounds on social media as people are reminding others of the misdeeds .
  2. Does any one know of a wing shooting school on the East coast? I would like to be properly measured for shotgun fit. Back story is I want to buy probaly my last shotgun for bird hunting. I want a 20 gauge over under - they can get pricey so I want that one gun that just feels right , shoulders right and swings like a dream. I'm not talking thousands of bucks(which you can easily do) but a great fit . I'm 5'7 and don't have a long reach so in the past I've taken a saw and cut an inch off the stock then replaced the butt pad to get a good fit. At said school I would also be interested in a critique of my shooting and a few lessons. I've been bird hunting for 30 years and have never had a great fitting gun. That's why I'd like to be professionally measured , then start looking for a shotgun in those specs then narrow it down to how it feel , swings etc... I'm a pretty good shot but when you miss a shot you know you should have nailed it's aggravating. All the man hours it takes to train a good bird dog(years) all the days walking the fields usually in bad weather(freezing,wind) this is the one thing I am willing to treat myself. I currently shoot a American Arms 20 over under but it's not the best fit. Thanks guys. And good luck to all you late season deer hunters , I'm sure your big buck is still out there!
  3. Actually wearing cold weather gear including an upland game jacket makes for a difficult gun mount especially with shorter arms . We hunt over various pointers so surprise flushes don't happen too often but field walking is never good footing. $100 - $200 for a fitting and instruction is a great deal if it helps , which i'm sure it will. I appreciate the tips on where to get the help i'm looking for now just have to find the time to get one scheduled.
  4. A lot of help here. I've shot my 870 for thousands of waterfowl over 30 years in all kinds of the worse conditions around. I use a 20 gauge O/U for upland game and love it but as stated above the average shotgun is made for a taller way longer arm length person. Once I get a measurement to start with then I can start to look for something close and maybe get a gun worked on to fit me best. I was looking at the CZ line of O/U's new for price and found a used Ruger red label locally. I don't have$130,000 Krieghoff money as nice as that would be. I've shot $5000 O/U's but that's not happening. I'm thinking if I can find a reasonable priced gun at a near fit maybe I can put more money into getting it to fit . It's a shame to put all the time and effort into developing a good pointer to miss at the flush.
  5. Thanks guys they are both only an hour or so away.
  6. Loiza is super hot for a fishing buddy!
  7. My best bud. I've helped train her since he got her as a pup. We've been training bird dogs and hunting together for 30 years. I'm looking into getting one soon, but I gotta have a male . I used to have several GWP's but there's no wild birds here you have to play the preserve game.
  8. Horrible day hunting at a preserve. Chukars and pheasants fly reeeaally fast and furious in 20plus mph wind. We had a good dog - German Wirehair she does a great job but the wind was so strong and gusting. We both missed several shots each when the dog could pin them. The birds were running not holding , it was a bad day but better than being at work. Another party had 2 experienced Labs and flushed and shot 1 out of 12 birds with 3 shooters. Gonna try again Sunday!
  9. We've always hung them by the neck for several days depending on temperature. We hose them out and let all the debris drain out the bottom of gutting incision. We then hang them by neck to let the muscles set up. Then skin and quarter and process all meat. I personally never liked the head down thing.
  10. I just started getting a loud clicking sound from my dash when I turn on fan. 2014 w/ 50000 miles. Never had this before . Does it with A/C or heat. Any body heard of this or have any ideas?
  11. None to speak of. Go farther south.
  12. I thought it sounds like a solenoid or actuator. Only happens when the dash vents are used not defrost or leg vents. I have no idea how to get to it.
  13. Isn't that Olga kurylenko?
  14. Won't stop the skunks but I bought one of those lighted collars to see where my chocolate lab is at night and it was $12 from Duluth. Maybe the light would keep skunks away , maybe not but at least you can see where the dog is maybe in time to stop an encounter.
  15. I'm not saying the Benelli sucks not at all. That price sucks the gun is great. If some one wants to spend $1800 for a shotgun have at it. I'm looking at a $1000 Ruger red label or $800 CZ over unders for bird hunting. I will use that gun all Fall and Winter and get many hours of enjoyment out of it whichever one I get. To me $1000 is alot of money to spend on a shotgun but maybe the guy who is looking for a home defense shotgun makes much more then I do and $1800 is no big deal . I was just stating for many years the 870 was the most widely used Military and Police shotgun for several reasons. Price and reliability are some of those reasons. If those guys think it's a good choice for life or death situations that should hold some weight. Also in regard to my opinion of Mossbergs you shouldn't have to put rubber bands around a gun -EVER. If those parts are so obviously loose what else is not up to par? I'm not trying to argue here just my experience of carrying and shooting a wide variety of shotguns over 35 years. I've shot $10,000 shotguns that were a dream to shoot but I would never pay that much for a shotgun.
  16. The M4 is $1800 at Cabelas - ridiculous! The Moss shakes and rattles due to large tolerances , I still believe for over $1000 less than the M4 and no noisey rattling(your gun of any type should never RATTLE) the 870 is a no brainer. Several people stated the safety location - top instead of side is what makes the Mossburg thier choice . I just don't see it as your index finger passes over the safety to get to the trigger on a 870. It doesn't matter to me what you buy , I just hate to see you get a weapon for self defense thats seriously over priced or shabby. There's a bunch of shotgun's out there for alot of money if you want to spend that much money. Companies add Tactical in front of any thing and double the price.
  17. Take it from someone with 20 years time working in prison - NO ONE is in jail for a joint. And if some one tells you that they were locked up for a joint I wouldn't believe it for a second.
  18. You can't beat a 870 , there's reasons why it's the most widely used mil/LE shotgun around. Try to find a used one or a new combo package is like $350 - $400. That's with slug barrel and smooth bore. I've been using mine for 30 years for every type of hunting from dove to geese. I used to get stuck waist deep in the mud in the marsh and pull myself thru the mud with the gun and shoot it with crap flying out of it and never had an issue. Throw it in the tub and wash it off then WD-40 it . I know many guys who have used thiers for decades with no break downs , failures or problems. In a self defense situation failure is not an option! That thing will go bang whenever , where ever you need it no matter what. As I could afford other shotguns over the years I've bought semiauto's , over unders and like them for what they do, but I do and always will have a 870 . Just my 2 cents.
  19. Tagu , they are an aggressive lizard in parts of Florida. I've seen gruesome bite wounds dealt by them.
  20. Get up with me if you would like . I live near there and have fished there periodically over the years. The Broadkill river is behind the beach , good for a lot of different fish and it's a short walk away if the surf isn't doing anything.
  21. The absolute best fantasy series I hope will be made into a TV series is Steven Erikson's Malazan series. Magic , dragons , great war and battles with a great story line. It's so complex I had to reread it several times and check the forums on line to get most of the story. I would also like to see some W.E.B. Griffin done any of his top series.
  22. What test are you meaning?
  23. Spa

    Any one see the clip about the guy (who claimed he's a woman) went into the spa with women and under age young girls and went butt naked? A woman was complaining to the staff who kept asking - What was his orientation? The lady said I don't care I saw a D#ck! He's a naked full on male swingin his stuff around in front of under age girls. Didn't people used to get arrested for that stuff and be charged as a sex offender? The spa was just concerned about his orientation and not the young girls who had to put up with it or leave. I wish one of those moms was a bad azz and kicked his.
  24. Spa

    I wish some one would find it and post it , I don't know how to do that.
  25. Spa

    It wasn't a rub and tug type place. From what you could see in the phone recording it looked kinda upscale. He went into the spa room and saw the women and girls and then disrobed. It was on purpose. Not some kind of misunderstanding. I only saw it on FOX , no other network.