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  1. After reading about this book here I have tried to locate a copy but as you know, it is very highly priced now because of it's limited release. Can somebody please scan a photo of the book so that I can at least have an idea what size and shape and maybe even color book I am looking for if I happen to be looking in old book stores or flea markets ot things like that. Thanks a lot.
  2. Richmond, VA
  3. I noticed that even though the Storm Wild Eye shads swim with the hook pointed up, all of the fish I have caught lately have been hooked in the lower jaw. Now that I think of it that happens a lot of the time. How are the fish attacking bait so that they wind up hooked "upside down?" Does the bait twist in their mouth after biting? Jeez I realize this sounds pretty stupid.
  4. Bob H from Pure Fishing IS in town and on the case. I received an e mail from him today about sending my Nautil in for replacement. I have read about the service he has been giving and now I can say I have experienced it in person. Absolutely great personal service. Thanks Tim and Bob.
  5. UHHHHH.......did anyone actually "fish"........or was the food just too good?..........LOL.........looks like it must have been a great time.
  6. I think I have probably only made about five or six purchases from the Online Store. I have always been pleased with the speed of shipment as well as the flexibilty of being able to add other items as long as the original order hasn't been sent out. Definitely a Thumbs Up.
  7. You guys must have a whole lot more patience than than me. I moved from Jersey over twenty years ago and now live in Virginia. I would never think of taking any of those side roads through Delaware or Maryland unless someone else was driving. Especially if driving time was of any concern at all. Maybe I have gotten MORE impatient since leaving Jersey, but 35 and 45 mph speed limts for miles on end drive me crazy. The most direct and fastest route is 95 to 64 east BUT the key is to drive during the off hours as others have said, like middle of the night off hours. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is a modern wonder of the world, so that is one good reason for taking the "scenic route" if time isn't a concern. Good luck and stay safe.
  8. I thought it was going to be about that bastage who killed that little girl.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to list all those specifications. I'm sure everyone will appreciate this. Another sign of a great company.
  10. That's priceless. A true life "Meet The Parents" incident. I bet it wasn't very funny while tyring to undo all that stuff on their computer.
  11. What a terrible thing. Nothing worse than having a child in such a situation. I will pray for him and his family.
  12. Shocking and terrible news. I only knew the man from reading his posts here. God bless him and his family.
  13. I also need a medium old style right Korker if anyone does have extras. Strange how we mostly lose the right one isn't it?
  14. Congratulations and God bless you.
  15. Have to agree they are great. Sent them my drag knob from Nautil 6500 that got chewed up from a braid entanglement and they sent a new one very quickly. Can't ask for better service.
  16. Happy Birthday Tim
  17. What we have here is........failure to climbitate.
  18. Good movie, Great line
  19. Unless my currency conversion is wrong, it look to me like those Bombers on the Trumman site are $11.00 each?
  20. I have learned a lot of fundamentals from reading anything I could get my hands on but I would have to agree that I learned a tremendous amount right here at SOL. Of course, the real "learning" takes place as you try the different things you hear and learn from the experiences.
  21. For protection: a Timberline "spring assisted" folder. Opens as fast as a switchblade, but legal.
  22. I just noticed Capt. Petey's post. I will try that first.
  23. Can anyone supply an address or a phone number or an online link to The Fisherman Magazine? I can't seem to locate it. Thank you.
  24. Please count me in and thank you.
  25. It's impossible to say anything really other than may God comfort you.