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  1. Ive always wanted to get an ABU Ambassadeur. What kept me from buying one was the lack of knowledge on which ones are the “good” ones. Please let me know how do you identify the model that was still made in sweden and has the strong all metal internals? I don’t like the insides of the new ones with all the plastic around the pinion and the cluch.
  2. I like the penn torque 12. What rod do you have that reel matched to and what do you throw? That reel is very similar to my trinidad. I agree it is a fast reel. Figured id get a fast one and slow it down to my preference. I intend on getting a mono mag for it in the future after playing with it for a little to really make sure what i want. Im here on the west coast so i will be throwing smaller lures from 1 1/2 oz up to 3oz max aiming for open lanes in a kelp infested area. For that reason i need a smaller rod with better accuracy maybe around 8ft.
  3. What conventional setups do you guys use for throwing lures in the surf? Im making the switch to all conventional gear since selling my spinning reels and I'm curious to what others experience. My setup isn't put together yet as I am waiting for my reel (Trinidad 12a) to come in. Feel free to show pics or bless me with some much appreciated wisdom/knowledge.
  4. delete
  5. How much does a zeebaas 20 weigh? Also how much does a bailed version weigh?
  6. Any updates on the zeebaas light tackle east coasters? I’m waiting patiently for this reel to make an appearance but with a lot of new reels coming out it’s getting harder.
  7. I'm curious to know when this light tackle version ZB is coming out. It looks like the right size for a light rod I have. Anyone know about any possible release dates?
  8. Ksong do you have any photos of the irt 300? Does irt plan on releasing a smaller 200?
  9. Any updates on this reel? I'm in the market for a good light tackle surf reel.
  10. I had one before. It was the first generation with few issues. They were improved on the new generation model. The main problem I had was a rough gear feeling. Has anyone tried the new models? Do the gears stay smooth longer? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  11. Anyone use this reel lately? Interested on how the new ones from the factory are performing.
  12. Roddy have you had the problem with a sticky clutch? Id say about 35% of the times i press down the quickfire clutch on my calcutta te it sticks through a couple of handle rotations. When I serviced my reel i coated the internals in grease for corrosion protection but put minimal grease in the areas of the internal cutch mechanism because i thought maybe that was causing it to stick. It still sticks sometimes. Should i not use grease in those areas at all? Do you think it’s something else? Photo below is the internals before i greased it.
  13. Im currently having this problem in my calcutta. I took the reel apart ,cleaned ,serviced,and reassembled it properly but clutch still has trouble catching. Could it be i used too much grease? Should i but a new clutch return spring or try bending it to a better angle?
  14. Looking to buy a calcutta te 201 in great mechanical condition. Scratches do not matter as long as its still structurally solid.
  15. Can you show the inside of the reel?