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  1. Canalman Would you like to part with some of those lips. I've been looking for some. Let me know. TFP
  2. Does anyone know of a place in Mass. where I might get to taste some of those award winning beers? TFP
  3. I got a 5 piece Crown Tool set form the wife and a center finder. What did you get? TFP
  4. Everyone love it. I did the slow method. 425 for first 20min then down to 325 to finish her off. Took her out at 125. Internal temp got up to about 130 during rest. Ended up about medium rare. Thanks everyone. Merry Christmas TFP
  5. Where did you get your O'Neill drytop? TFP
  6. Right coast hook on the bottom. Left coast hook on top. How does the center coast build plugs? Love the colors. TFP
  7. Ok, so now I am making this an obsession. I have searched online and came up with squat, nothing, zilch. Is there anyone on this site that is a member, knows someone that is a member that can help me out please. Why the exclusivity? Thanks TFP
  8. The largest striped bass on record weighed 125 pounds and was caught in a seine net in North Carolina in 1891. Another very large one, weighing 112 pounds, was caught in Massachusetts many years ago.
  9. Tynan, Who is he? Do I know him? PM me if you don't mind. TFP
  10. Do you mean Nick "The Zamboni Man". He's still there. I'm there all the time. My son plays for the Lakers. TFP
  11. Thanks Uncle. Guess I'll have to keep seaching for an inside source and see if I can get on this list one way or another. By the way I see your in Shrewsbury. What part? I'm not far from the rink near Quinsig lake. Nice to see a local on here. TFP
  12. How do you get your name on the list? I'd like to add mine.
  13. Thats to bad that the list is so long. I don't think I could wait 25 years to join. But if they would open it up I would join. It sounds like there is alot of knowledge to be had from the long time members. It's to bad they couldn't open memberships to non camping fishermen. Maybe someday they will. I would be interested since I am from Worcester. If theres anyone else that's willing to share what they know about this secret club and the reason for all of the exclusivity I would more than appreciate it. Thanks guys Happy Holiday's
  14. What ever happened to them? Are they still in existence? I've read about them in books but thats it. Not much if any info online either. Does anyone know any history on them. I'd like to know alittle more about them. And are there any clubs that meet in the Worcester area? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks TFP
  15. Thanks for the replies. Where can I get one of the Polder thermometers? Do they sell them at Home cheapo. I really don't want to drive around looking for one on the Friday before Christmas.........Its a zoo out there. One more question. It's about a 10lb roast would one method be better then the other because of the size, or is there no difference? Merry Christmas TFP
  16. I never cooked one before. Can someone please help me out with a recipe. I need to cook one for Christmas. Thanks TFP
  17. Ho, Ho, Ho. How's that for ho'in. Oh by the way if you look up my profile you will see that my b-day is the 28'th of this month. This is just for informational purposes. Really, I'm not trying to Ho.............rrriiiiiiiight. Those plugs look great. Happy holidays TFP
  18. I have to say that this is it. I have never seen more people in on place more helpful and giving to total stranger than here. I'm very greatful for finding this site. Thanks to all who have helped me in the past and also to those that have helped others when they needed it most. I have seen so much of it in the past year. It's unbelievable of all the generousity on this site. Thanks to all of you here and TimS I don't know you but keep up the great work with this site. Happy Holidays to you all. TFP
  19. I'm in. And thank you. Hope you have many more good years to come. Happy Holidays The Fishing Pole
  20. Thanks to all of you who have helped me out with all my questions in the past year or so. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The Fishing Pole
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