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  1. My son's hockey team just won the District 7 championship this morning and we are headed to Cape Cod on March 23, 24 and hopefully the 25'th for the state playdowns. I might try and sneak in some fishing between games. What do you think I can expect at this time of year. TFP
  2. Don't worry all about fishing, I'll take good care of them. TFP
  3. Please do. I'm having a hell of a time trying to get this loop right. It seems like I'm exerting to much effort into a small loop. Someone please help. I have ruined 1 plug already and I need to make 9 for a swap. Thanks TFP
  4. If your from the Worcester area don't bother going to Wally World for devcon. I just purchased there last 6 tubes. Thanks Charleston TFP
  5. Spags is now Spags19 their useless. They have nothing but junk in there now.
  6. They should also carry the small version. The do in my area. Ask them maybe they are just out of stock. TFP
  7. When you make your tail loop do you bend your wire right at the point where it exits the loop or do you leave about 1/4" before doing the initial bend. I hope you understand what i'm trying to say. What I did was when I tried to make the wrap I had no place for the wraps to go they kind of just were on top of each other. Thanks TFP
  8. Klamman, Welcome. All I use is spray paint. I would like to try out an airbrush but it's not in the budget........yet. For now just seal the wood, prime, paint, add hardware then clearcoat with epoxy. Lots of guys here use e-tex or devcon 2 ton epoxy. Everyone here is very helpful so don't be afraid to ask questions. Good luck TFP
  9. What am I doing wrong? It seem that everytime I mix up a batch I coat the first plug and before I finish the 2nd plug the devcon is getting gummy. I'm using the 2 ton. I mix per instructions. The temp in the room is about 70 and dry. The only thing I could think of is I'm mixing up to small of a batch and trying to stretch the devcon to much. What do you think? Thanks TFP
  10. I have 9 turned and drilled. I'll probably seal them this week. TFP
  11. Thanks Charleston, thats a great idea. My wife is always in that store. I owe you one. TFP
  12. Thanks guys. As always you were right. It's the only place I didn't check.......Wally World. Went in after work and they had one tube remaining. Asked them when they would get more and they just shrugged their shoulders. One is better then none for now. TFP
  13. Does anyone know of a place in or near Worcester, Mass. that carries the larger syringes of the 2 ton clear. I have looked at Home cheapos and their competitor, AC Mores, paint stores. No one seems to carry it around here. All I found was the one that dries with a yellow tint. I need clear. Can anyone help me out? Thanks TFP
  14. Worcester was 61 degrees this morning, 4 degrees above the record of 57. Once the sun came out I'd say it has to be closer to the mid to upper 60's now. I'm thinking of taking the cover off the pool. If this keeps up I'll be mowing my lawn next week. TFP
  15. Just wondering??? Are the sizes pretty much standard through out the industry? Take for example swivel sizes. Is 1/0 generally the same no matter what brand you purchase? Thanks TFP
  16. It's been alittle over a year since finding this site and about 6 or so months since building my first plug. I have since built about 20, all with screweyes. This year I plan on working on thru wiring. I picked up a lb. of SS wire and am currently working on my 2nd generation squid. I was hoping the 1st one would sink but it floats. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Thats the beauty of this hobby/addiction. Also in the process of working on my first swap. Surf Hunter I agree with you that it is a pain to make up 9 of the same plugs. I hope to maybe pick up a duplicator someday. Well, back to the lathe. TFP
  17. I'm not sure. Pencils or Needles. I'm leaning towards the needles. TFP
  18. As sung by Quint in Jaws, with a few words changed. Farewell and adieu to you, Saddam Hussain. Farewell and adieu, you Iraqi pain. For we've received orders for to hang you in Bagdad. And so nevermore shall we see you again. TFP
  19. Z, Thanks for coordinating this auction. I'm sure alot of kids will have a great time fishing because of you and all the people who contributed. A big round of applause to all of you. TFP
  20. I was checking out the website and noticed that all the conventional reels are listed under the freshwater link with the exception of the BG series 7000 and up reels. Am I looking in the right place? Thanks TFP
  21. Is $10.50 per lb. a good price for 316L SS wire? TFP
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