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  1. It's great to hear that shade is back home and resting. Welcome back shade. TFP
  2. I just looked at the pics. Those are sweet looking plugs. Are you sure you are a beginner? TFP
  3. Sorry guys for being so far behind but I had to catch up with school first. I just wanted to update you all so you don't think I backed out. They are finally done. I will post a pic tonight. I could not get them out early enough though. I will be making the trip to the post office Monday or Tuesday. Here is my work. It's not great but I guess thats why i'm in the beginner swap. There are a few things that I learned from this, It's sort of a design flaw that I noticed after assembly which any of you should be able to fix if you want. When assembling the hooks I noticed that the belly and tail hooks are just a bit to close together. Shorter shanked hooks should solve this problem. Anyways I hope you enjoy them and catch many fish with them. TFP
  4. Mine are just about done. A few more tail hooks to wrap and I'll be all set. They will be in the mail either tomorrow or Friday. Again I'm sorry for the delay, but between me going to work and then school and also with my son's hockey schedule I have been very limited on time. I will post a pic of one to wet your appetite when assembled. The end is in sight. TFP
  5. Has anyone heard from him? He is in a swap i'm in and someone else responded asking where to send his plugs. He said shade is not himself. TFP
  6. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock........... Nice job mr pete. Hardware, epoxy and wrap my tail hooks. Thats all I have left. I'm down to the 2 minute warning. TFP
  7. I have 11 days to finish my plugs and I'm completly bogged down with work and school. ARRRRRGH!!!!!! It will be down to the wire with me. They might be alittle late but you will get them. They are all painted. I need to put on the hardware, epoxy then wire them up. Be patient with me. Anatomy and Physiology class is killing me. TFP
  8. When my wife said "I'm pregnant".........We already had 3 kids
  9. Since when was hot dog eating considered a sport? What the hell is this world coming to when you turn on ESPN 2 and you see this japanese guy eating 54 hot dogs along with play by play, post event interviews and everything. TFP
  10. I need to get my butt moving. Work is putting me behind schedule. TFP
  11. I purchased a 100 x 40 6 mil clear sheet and cut it in half. I'll use the other half next year.
  12. I was thinking of trying this method of epoxying the tail weight in with the wire still in place but thought that i'd epoxy the wire in and never get it out without messing up the plug. Does anyone know if the wire comes out easily?
  13. The rink has ice...........finally. Hallelujah And wouldn't you know I have two small leaks. I dove my hands under with a few strips of duct tape and a couple small rocks and all is well for now. Should be ready by the end of the week. I'll have to throw one of the kids out there to test it out. TFP
  14. My plugs will be going in the sealer tomorrow. I hope to have them primed and painted by this Sunday the latest. After that will be the epoxy hopefully by mid next week. Hardware and they will be good to go......I hope by the end of the month or at least the 1'st week of February. TFP
  15. I think the coaches said Falmouth. What year did you win in?
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