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  1. The deal is done. I ordered the WSM, A charcoal chimney and the polder dual probe thermometer all for 237.00w/free shipping from amazon. Can't wait to try it out. TFP
  2. What would you get for a beginner smoker? I've read that you can smoke meats on both but the Kettle you can also grill on. I'd like to hear some of your opinions. So I can make my decision on which one to purchase. Thanks TFP
  3. Her name is Jackie Guerrido. She's on the spanish channel I think the show is called Primir Impacto. I have no clue what she is saying but I watch her almost every morning before I go to work.
  4. My wife just bought me the Canon EOS 30D about a month ago. I love it. I highly recommend it. TFP
  5. If that was true I'd still be single.
  6. Not sure in your area but I just opened the yellow pages and looked up welding supplies. I found 2 nearby so thats where I went. TFP
  7. Mmmmm.......I love stuffed cabbage.
  8. Start off small and work your way up.
  9. #5 is mine Everyone loved #10 the best.......BRILLIANT They are all nice peices of work. Great job all. TFP
  10. The live from Mexico City version of For whom the Bell Tolls.
  11. How much does a .22 cal bullet cost?
  12. Husband to his wife. Honey, you know how I started building lures and all the help I get from that web site SOL. Well there having a food fling where all the guys get together and swap plugs and fishing stories and stuff. Do you think that I could go this year?
  13. Having a party for all your friends.............$200.00 Buying the beer for the party..............$500.00 Waking up the next morning with a half naked women on your picnic table.............priceless TFP
  14. Glad to see that your back. I hope your feeling better. Rest up my friend there's wood with your name on it waiting to be turned. I can't wait to see your stuff. You should have one my squid coming your way soon. TFP
  15. Just do a google for ac moore coupon. Thats all I did a while back then I registered for their mailing list. Now I get 40% off almost weekly and every once in awhile they send the big one. 50% off. TFP
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