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  1. I'm going to try this out tomorrow. In the recipe it says to wrap the pork with foil while cooking. I plan on doing it in my WSM. Would you foil it in there also or just put it on(no foil)? TFP
  2. Hope everyone had a great 4'th. We are celebratng again today for my twins 12'th birthdays. I have 3 bb racks on the smoker now. I also picked up a pork shoulder and a brisket flat from one of the warehouse stores but I'm not planning on smoking them until Monday(pork shoulder) and next Friday the brisket. My question is will they be ok if I left them refridgerated until then or should I freeze them. There still in in the package and were purchased yesterday. Happy smoking TFP
  3. Has anyone had any luck from the beaches. I'm in OOB for the week and am thinking about heading out tonight or the early morning a few times this week. TFP
  4. I'm in. And thanks. Looking forward to reading the book win or lose. TFP
  5. No need to post pics just click on just about any thread in the Lure building forum and you will have all the pics and colors and styles and shapes that you will ever need. TFP
  6. Not to change course here but what about spinning gear for jigging in the canal. What types of reels are you using? TFP
  7. Is anyone here a self taught guitar player? If so do you have any pointers on where to begin on my quest to learn to play. Thanks and Happy Holidays TFP
  8. There is a way around it. Burn the original itunes download to a disk then import the disk back into itunes but before doing so up in the tools sections(I think) you have to convert the file( I don't remember to what it's been a while). Once you import the CD you will then have 2 versions of the same song. One will be the itunes download the other the converted song. It's the converted song that you will be able to download to a disk as often as you like. There is info online about this, just do a search. TFP
  9. She says it's a gift from her but deep down in that loving heart of hers she knows that I'll be paying for the whole thing. I will rethink what you said but I don't know enough about guitars to know whats good or bad. I do know that more often than not you get what you paid for and although most of the reviews on less expensive guitars have been good, there was always the cons. Some of the examples were always coming out of tune, crooked necks, bad pick ups etc, etc. To me I think that frustration with using a bad product would give me even more reasons to put the whole thing down and become a dust collector. Don't get me wrong I know that even buying the best you can end up with a lemon but I think your chances are better. Anyways I'm pretty much on my own with this. I do have a few friends that play and when I talked to them they said go with the best you can afford. Thanks TFP
  10. I definitly want an electric and forget about the not breaking the bank. I spoke with my wife and told her what I really want and I'd thought she would laugh me out of the house because of the cost and that I really don't know how to play much but instead she surprises the carap out of me and says go for it, your only 40 once. So this is what I asked for It's alot of guitar and $$$ but what the hell. I figure if it does not work out it won't lose it's value as much as a knock off and I could sell it. I'm sure you guys will tell me don't do it, learn on a cheap guitar but the wife is giving me the green light and i'm jumping on it. It's sort of like me and fishing. I don't do as much as I would like to but I still have the best gear and equipment that money can buy. I'm curious to read your replies. And once more thanks for all your help. TFP
  11. Thanks for all your input I will consider all of it. I do have one more question and it's about lessons. Again I don't want to break the bank and some of the places I checked out were pretty expensive for a 20 to 30 min lesson. Are there any good websites or books or DVD's that you could recommend to a beginner. I've always wanted to learn and never did so now that I'm turning 40 next month I figured what the hell, but with work, kids and kids sports my schedule really does not fit taking lessons in private or group for that matter. So any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Again thanks for all your help. TFP
  12. I'm looking to buy an electric guitar but don't want to break the bank in doing so. I'm just starting out in playing so I have very little knowledge on the subject. Looking at some of the websites I've noticed the Epiphone Les Paul's. Most of the reviews on the guitars so far have been good to great and the price is within range. Does anyone here have any experience or knowledge of them and would you recommend them or any other for a first electric. Thanks TFP
  13. I don't have a problem with returning the favor to one or two more people. I'll make copies for the first two to reply to this post. TFP
  14. May I have a copy also please. Let me know and I will PM you my address. Thanks TFP
  15. I have a few questions for all you seasoned smokers out there. What is your goto wood, good for just about any type of meat? And Does anyone purchase their smoke wood online and where? I'm going to ask at a few of the apple orchards that are near me but I 'm trying to find alder and cherry wood. Thanks TFP
  16. Took them off at 5:00 and they were gone by 5:30. 5 hours of cooking for a half hour of heaven. They were fantastic. Finished them off just in time for the mother in laws Sunday dinner. She also made shoe leather.... I mean spare ribs. Took her about 10 min. to cook them up on the grill. She thought I was nuts spending all that time to cook ribs. She told me it should take no more than about an hour to cook up baby back ribs. Well, guess who's ribs went first? Thanks for all your help. TFP
  17. Thanks JW. Just went and checked the smoker. The temp went up a bit (225*). There is the occasional tuft of light bluish, clear smoke no thick white smoke at all. I'm going to give it another hour and then spray some apple cider/apple juice mixture on it close her up and finish them off. Thanks TFP
  18. It's 1:30pm. The ribs have been on for alittle over an hour. My temp is pretty stable at 220*. I have two chunks of hickory on the coals. One about the size of a baseball the other about half the size. But I don't see to much smoke coming from the top vent. Is that normal or should I be seeing a constant smoke coming from the vent? TFP
  19. Tomorrow is the day. The smoker was delivered Friday, assemble this morning and ready to go for it's inaugeral smoke. I have 4 slabs of baby back ribs ready and waiting. Does anyone have a few pointers for me that maybe I should know about? My research tells me between 220* and 250* for 4 to 5 hours with a turn and spritz after about 3 hours. My only concern is I have only hickory chunks at this time. They are about the size of baseballs. How much do you think I should use. I heard hickory could be a bit much smoke if to much is used. TFP
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