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  1. What a great opportunity. Thanks. I have been building plugs for the last two years now for myself and friends thanks mostly to this site. I have been looking to purchase an airbrush for a while now but this year family responsibilities trumped it. I have 4 kids, two of which(twins) just started in a private school this year so the tuition put a big, big damper on any frivolous purchases. Thanks TFP
  2. Little Queenie by The Rolling Stones from Get Your Ya-Ya's Out Prison Grove by Warren Zevon from The Wind The Outcast by The Drop Kick Murphy's from Blackout Siberian Khatru by YES from Yessongs 100 Years Ago by The Rolling Stones from Goats Head Soup Winterblue by Heather Nova from Wonderlust California Sun by the Ramones from Rock and Roll High School Sound Track Dodo by Genesis from 3 Sides Live October by U2 Live at the Orpheum Theater in Boston (Bootleg) Detroit 442 by Blondie from Looks Good in Blue(Bootleg)from the Paradise Theater in Boston(1978)
  3. Better then SRV and uglier. JMHO " target="_blank">
  4. Is anyone else willing to share? Please. I'd like to get my hands on that also. TFP
  5. Tynmissy, this is only my 2nd brisket ever. Yes I used foil. I think its mostly experimental being my 2nd brisket. I guess I'm just trying alittle of everything to see what works best for me. As for the outcome the brisket was a huge success. The best one out of the two that I have done so far. A nice light smokey onion flavour. It went great on an grilled onion roll and alittle homemade bbq sauce and sliced Jalepeno peppers. I took a pic but have not uploaded from the camera yet. I'll post it hopefully later. TFP
  6. As I write my internal temp is 170. Next is foil and back on the WSM to finish her up. My 1st attemp was pretty good but needed some work. It was a bit to smokey tasting and a bit salty. This time I kept it simple. Light on the hickory and I used liptons onion mix as a rub. Has anyone ever tried this on a brisket? So far it smells fantastic. TFP
  7. Does anyone use an type of software to keep there recipes organized. TFP
  8. I just noticed this for the first time today. I'm going to try and download it when I get home from work. Thanks for the link TFP
  9. First brisket is done and gone. Only a few slices left that I'll have for breakfast. Was not so bad for my first smoke. It cut like butter. The spices were just right except that next time I would cut the amount of salt in half. Just a tad bit salty but other then that there were no complaints. Thanks for all your help TFP
  10. Is it normal for the brisket to be hung up at the same temp for a while? It's been at 159 for at least an hour or more.
  11. I used Briquets and one small chunk of hickory and apple wood. Each chunk was about the size of half a baseball. I hope thats not to much. I didn't want to over do it with the smoke. I'm going to baste them with apple juice. Do you make a sauce for them? I'm also going to take a few large onions and slice them in half, drizzle some olive oil on them maybe a sprinkle of the rub, foil them up and throw them in the smoker for the last hour or so.
  12. I have no dry mustard. Before I run out to the store for more I was just wondering if it would be alright to rub some prepared spicy brown mustard on the brisket then put the rub on. I have some Kosciusko Spicy Brown Mustard on hand. Has anyone ever tried to do a brisket this way? It works for ribs. TFP
  13. This will be my first time brisket attempt. Foil or no Foil. High heat, low heat. I've read so many different suggestions. Not sure which route to take. I have a 7lb flat. How should I go about cooking it and what type of rub suggestions would you recommend? Thanks TFP
  14. $4.59 the last I checked I bought a pellet stove insert and 7 tons of pellets. The plan is to use that for the heat and the oil to heat my hot water only.
  15. It's soooo good. It's soooo good. Thats all I kept hearing from my wife and kids and they were right. It was mouthgasmic. The best pork I ever had. Thank you all for your help. I'm headed to the Cape tomorrow but when I get back it will be Brisket time, probably Friday or Saturday. I'll need some help with that to. I'll leave you now with a pic. Thanks again TFP
  16. Mike I used the Adobo all purpose seasoning with pepper which I then added to a home made sofrito recipe that I got off of the net. I didn't measure anything, just kept adding alittle at a time until I thought it tasted good. I made a bunch of holes with a knife, filled it with the mixture then rubbed the rest all over. TFP
  17. Has anyone ever made one of these Pernils? It smells wonderful. The final product will be made into sandwiches but I'm not sure if I should sauce them like pulled pork. Does anyone have any ideas on a sauce? Thanks TFP
  18. Thank you. Haven't touched it since it went on. How long before I should do anything to it?
  19. Pork went onto the WSM at 5:45 this morning. Temps are holding between 225 and 235. Is that ok? This is my first time doing anything this big. Thanks TFP
  20. The pernil has had it's last rights and is awaiting its day with the WSM. For it's last meal I offered it up some garlic, cilantro, green and red pepper, onion, black pepper and some adobo all made up into a nice little paste which I then proceeded to surgically insert into strategic places. The remainder of the paste was then gently rubbed into it's skin. She's(or He's) resting quietly now in the fridge where it will be awaken around 6:00am for the procession into the back yard. Goodnight TFP
  21. #4 Bobby Orr pic of him flying through the air after scoring "The Goal" autographed by him.
  22. I'm no expert at smoking but I used the clay saucer for my ribs and had no problem keeping the temp between 225 and 230 for 6 hours. My first few smokes I would wait to long before closing down on the vent, now like charloots says close them down when the temps reach 200(very quickly). It's much easier controlling the heat on the way up then waiting for it to come down to temp. TFP
  23. I'm thinking of doing it the way I did my ribs yesterday morning. Low and slow, unfoiled for the first half of the cook or so to get the smoke then the last couple of hours I'll foil it up with a few squirts of some liquid and let the magic happen. The shoulder is just under 9lb with bone. How much time should I expect to leave it on? I've never done a shoulder on the WSM. TFP
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