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  1. I made the cioppino tonight for me and the wife. She loved it. I got the recipe from this forum. I'm not sure who's it is but thank you. I think I'm gonna get a little action tonight. See ya.
  2. Ok. Maybe I'm getting waaaay ahead of myself. Infact I know i'm getting waaaaaay ahead of myself. But I can't help it. I haven't even started my first plug yet and I can see myself ever so slowly getting sucked into this addiction you all call "Lure Building". I have already started a log book with lots of pointers from everyone here. But anyways, back to my original question. I was thinking at work and making a few sketches on paper and I asked myself. How would you make a suspending lure? I can't seem to find anything in the search file.
  3. I'm ichin to get this plug building started but for now I've decided to restore a few old plugs that I have. They are at least 30yrs old. I have about 6 of them. It should be enough to keep me busy through the fall until I could collect/buy what I will need to build them on my own. I do have a few questions for you all to help me out. 1 - What should I use to remove the old finish? 2 - The hooks are all rusty and will be replaced but what about the thru wire? Can that be replaced also on an old plug or should I just leave it and clean up the ends? 3 - Is there anything else that you all might suggest I do? Thanks
  4. Is it just me or is the search link gone?
  5. Thanks for all the inspiration. I'll make sure the wife, kids and dog are well fed before I submerge myself in my little section of dungeon and begin this hopefully life long addiction.
  6. Greeting to all of you. After reading a bunch of these posts I've decided to step into the fire and try and build my own lures or lure for now. Here's where you guys come in.... What would a rookie like me need for basic tools to build my first lure and what would you recommend building? It looks like needles are the easiest. I have no preference in type of lures. I just want to build one for now. I can work on specific types of lures later. I do not have access to a lathe. But maybe in the future. Thanks
  7. I've seen them, there called Dinoflaggellates. Here is a quote from one of Frank D's books. "These bioluminescent microorganisms can make a plug look like the size of a canoe paddle and do nothing to help the fishing." Maybe that explains your off day.
  8. I haven't met any of you yet. Maybe someday I will. But would it be to much to ask for one of these maps also......Please.
  9. I've created a monster. 27 replies and still going.
  10. Not to drag this thread on any longer but. Would it make a difference if you fished the jig weedless, the way you would a rubber worm in fresh water with the hook point just barely under the surface of a slug-o. Do you think it would lower the snag ratio? or is it something that I should just expriment with? Again Thanks for all your great advice. Now I feel like a drug addict dying for his next fix. I need to go fishing. Thanks The Fishing Pole
  11. I thank you all for taking the time to explain in length some of your methods. I hope to apply some or all of them in the weeks to come. Keep up with the great advice on this site. I have learned a ton. May you keep your lines tight and wet. See you on the water.
  12. First off. hello to you all, I've been reading your posts almost religiously and have a few posts on the NH/ME section. I'm from Worcester and don't get out to the canal to often but when I do I have always wanted to try jigging the ditch. Can someone please explain the technique of jigging in the canal to me. I usually fish it with cut bait and have lost my share of hooks on the bottom. How does one jig without losing a ton of lead in the process? Or is this just inevitable. Thanks
  13. Denny Mikes Smoke House in OOB. The best damn smoked beef brisket sandwich this side of Texas. Make sure you get the works on it.
  14. Sorry that I'm not going to be able to give you an answer myself but on July 23, 2005 in Portland Press Herald (ME) there was a great explanation about the water temps. It's on the website but they would kindly like you to fork over $2.95 for the article.
  15. Do you fish them with or without a weight? Would you tie directly to the line or use a leader of a different strength?
  16. Been there and done that. My kids are 9yr old twins, 6 and 1.5yrs old. I'm all funtowned and splashtowned out. That was the deal with the wife. Do the stuff with the family during the day, fish all night and morning. Oh the sacrifices we make....
  17. I had pretty good luck just using a surface popper from the beach and also the jetty at Camp Elis. Nothing big but lots of fish in the slot size. Parking sucks so go early or very late to avoid having to pay for parking unless your walking. The blues are also in so bring a wire leader just in case.
  18. I fished the jetty at the mouth of the Saco yesterday morning. I didn't get out as early as I wanted. Fishing was spotty at best. A few undersized stripers, no blues. Fished some of the beach with the wife and kids in tow back at OOB before the crowds came in with the same results. 1 small striper on the 1st cast then nothing. Heavy Surf. Planning on heading back out there this weekend for a two week striper hunt.
  19. Sure give me some time to think of one, but for now I'll leave you with this. Did you hear that Sadam Hussain has motioned to move his trial to California. I suppose he thinks he's well known enough to get off scott free like O.J, Robert Blake, and now M.J The Fishing Pole
  20. Any help you can offer would be great Linesidesonthefly. As for the canal rats, I've seen their bikes. Some of them look like Urban Assault Vehicles ready for anything that comes thru the ditch. Thanks for your help guys. I'm hoping to get up there this weekend to wet my line and maybe doing a little scouting around. Good Fishing to you all. The Fishing Pole
  21. Maybe I should add that all my fishing is done from shore, casting lures. Not to much live bait but am willing to try. The Fishing Pole
  22. First off Hi to you all, I've been reading the posts here almost daily and have received some great info from you all so I thought I'd post my first question to you. I'm looking for access for fishing in Maine in the OOB area. I have fished the jetty in Camp Elis with success, but I to dislike the crowds/tourists. My parents have just bought a house in the OOB area so maybe I will also still be considered a tourist. Anyways back to my original question. I have done tons of fishing on Cape Cod where I find access to not be a problem. But now that I am in Maine most weekends and will be there the entire month of July I'm at a loss. Every spot that looks good seems to carry that oh so familiar sign "NO PARKING ANYTIME". Any help from you all would be greatly appreciated. I'm not looking for any secret hideouts, just some access (I don't mind walking). Thanks The Fishing Pole
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