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  1. Thanks everyone for your all your comments. I will definitly make some of the adjustments you all suggested on the next one. As for this one, I'm off to Maine to offer it up to whatever is interested. I'll post back in a few days. Take care Thanks again TFP
  2. Here it is. The first of many. It's not perfect but it will catch fish this weekend. Please comment on the good and bad points. I know I used the wrong hooks, but thats all I had for now. I'm also a bad fly tyer as you can tell. I think also that next time I will try and move the belly hook up alittle more to the front. TFP
  3. Hi Everyone, I have the turncrafter pro lathe and have since turned two poppers with it, they still need sealer, paint, hardware, etc... The manual that came with it is very, very vague. Is there any maintainance that you all do that I should be doing after turning besides clearing wood chips, for example lubrication of the bed. I can't seem to find any info in the manual or online about what I should be doing. Onto another subject. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. Thanks Charlston and H'Islander for all of your help. Every little bit helped. I think I finally found something that I really enjoy doing, my two boys and even one of my daughters were pretty amazed. Thanks TFP
  4. I just checked the Fastener website. They have listed grommets and eyelets. Is there a difference between the two. Is there also a minimum you need to purchase from them? I e-mailed them but have not received a reply yet. Also is there a standard size for lure making or does it depend on the size of the lure? Can someone please help me out with this. I'd like to purchase but I don't want or need to get 1000's of them. Thanks TFP
  5. Matt B. My two cents worth of info. If your thinking about buying the craftsmen, why don't you take a look at the Turncrafter pro first. For a few bucks more I think you get a much better machine. Look around at some of the online shopping sites. I got mine with free shipping. The Fishing Pole
  6. I think thats what it's called. It came with the lathe. What is it used for? I am a complete novice at this. Thanks TFP
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm setting up my lathe today and have a few questions. 1. I have a Turncrafter Pro and would like to know how much tension should be on the belt when I adjust it? 2. Are there any other things that should be done before starting any work that the manual does not mention and you guys/gals with more experience might know of ? Thanks TFP
  8. But she has a good heart and personality!!!
  9. Finally, After procrastinating for the longest time, it finally came. I ordered the Turncrafter Pro and it was delivered today. Now is where you guys come in. What else would I need besides turning tools(which I have none.....yet) to get started? Is there anything I can do on the lathe without turning tools for now? I can tell you that I just about have no tools, just a drill and the new lathe. I am starting from the bare bones. Any suggestions for me would be great. Thanks TFP
  10. Just wondering if there are any plug builders in my area. I'm from Worcester, MA TFP
  11. Besides the price. Can anyone explain to me the differences between the two lathes. They both seem to compare evenly except for the turning speed. Both have 1/2hp, but the Jet has a faster top speed. Can someone with more experience than me please chime in. Thanks TFP
  12. Called me up just the other day. He said I'd like to see you if you don't mind. I said I'd like to dad if I could find the time.
  13. I'm thinking of making lobster ravioli for Sunday dinner. Does anyone have any recipies they can offer. Thanks TFP
  14. Couldn't you just Turn, seal, dunk to find your top and bottom, drill your holes then re-seal.
  15. Do you guys think that you could post some pictures of these jigs.
  16. More Blazing Sadles The dessert toll booth scene "Somebody go get a sh*T load a dimes"
  17. I'm just curious. If your were all just starting out and had no power tools at all. What do you think would be the first power tool or tools(in order of importance) that you would want to purchase first? I'm lookin to make a purchase but not sure what I should get first. By the way, Happy New Year to you all. The Fishing Pole
  18. There's a place in Worcester, MA on Water st. Not sure if its as good as the one you wrote about but I know that's where my mother goes.
  19. A nice thin slice of prosutto(sorry for the butchered spelling)with the slice tomato goes good also.
  20. Since there's no "How to Drink" topic I thought I'd ask here. What is everyone drinking on New Years Day? I'm looking for some ideas(besides beer and the bubbly stuff .).
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