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  1. I wish I saw this one earlier. I love the Stones. If there's any chance you can burn one more please let me know. Thanks TFP
  2. I got a picture of me posted all over the internet that was taken by an AP photographer a few weeks ago while I was walking out onto a jetty in Maine at around 5:00am. I have the proof see below. TFP
  3. I agree H'Islander about the hooks. I purchased the wrong kind. Luckily I didn't buy many of them. It's a trial and error thing with me. Thanks for the compliments. TFP
  4. Finished these two this past week. The popper is my best one so far to date. I fished the needle up in Maine. It cast well and I was able to reel it in in a tight S-shaped pattern. This is the first time I have ever fished a needle so i'm not really sure how it is suppose to work. I was not able to try the popper because my daughter says it belongs to her. I actually put her nick name on it.
  5. Welcome Vinny to this thing they call "madness". It's like potato chips. You can't just make one. TFP
  6. Any chance of being able to acquire this 2nd recipe I keep reading about.....please. Sure would like to try this stuff. Thanks TFP
  7. I fished the Saco all week...on the jetty. Maybe I spoke to some of you. I was the one that refused to use bait on the bottom. I chucked a plug all week, early mornings. No fish to speak of just a few rats. Disappointed. TFP
  8. Check out this thread it might help you out. http://www.stripersonline.com/surfta...ht=belly+hooks
  9. One word...........Awsome. How about someday putting this all together in a "Best of SOL Plug Builders" book and sell it on the site. Maybe donate some of the proceeds to a charity of somekind. TFP
  10. I did a search and did not find the post you suggested. Thanks alot. I'll try it out on the next project. TFP
  11. Can you freeze it? I seem to remember my wife buying some that was sliced and frozen. Maybe someone else could chime in some more info. TFP
  12. I feel like I should know the answer to this but I will ask anyways. Is there an easier way to find the center on a dowel without any special tools? Right now I'm just eyeballing it. Thanks TFP
  13. A gallon seems like alittle much for a newbie. I know if it was me It would probably expire before I could use it all up. I'd go with the devcon for a couple of bucks or you can even go and buy a can of Krylon Crystal Clear for $3.99. It worked for me. Held up better than I expected. TFP
  14. I think that the experimentation is what makes this hobby or business for some, fun. When I first found this site I said "wow" wouldn't it be cool to start making and catching fish on some of my own plugs. I started reading all the posts and trying to get an idea of how this stuff works, after months of that I finally registered and started asking a few questions, everyone here was more than willing to help out and give me a few pointers. I now have 1 plug finished(with just things I found around the house) and 2 in the works. I find myself at work sometimes drawing different ideas out on paper hoping to someday turn them into fish attracting machines(fat chance). Anyways, I think the kid should be trying out things on his own. There's nothing wrong with asking questions its the demands that are troublesome. I wish him luck. TFP
  15. My latest creations. There not done yet but I could'nt wait to show them off. Let me know what you think. What's good or bad about them? Hopefully they will be tested next week. Pencil is black over very pale pink with a splash of gold. The popper is yellow over white. The scales were made with an old trout fishing net I had sprayed black and a mist of gold. TFP
  16. Has anyone seen, heard, or caught any blues in that area lately? I'm going up there for the week starting this saturday. Hopefully they are around to tear up my newly turned popper. TFP
  17. Nice fish. I'm headed up there this weekend. I think I know your spot. That wave in the background looks familiar. TFP
  18. I try to take the camera out everytime we go out. I'm sure most of you have seen your kids faces. You would have thought that he caught a 50lb'er when he pulled that fish in. TFP
  19. I clear coated with about 5 or 6 thin coats of Krylon crystal clearcoat. Seems to have held up pretty good. TFP
  20. Oh yeah, It was my son that caught the fish, small but giant to him. He had a great time all in all he caught 5 stripers. Still waiting for the blues. TFP
  21. Not sure what kind of wood. I just found an old dowel laying around in the celar. I used screweyes and old hooks I removed from an old beat up lure I had laying around. The sealer was Val oil and mineral spirits about 60/40 mix probably closer to 50/50 then sprayed 2 coats of BIN primer sealer. The color was picked by my daughter its red over very light pink(don't laugh it worked). It casted great, swam pretty good also. I was able to keep it on top with a nice slow steady pop. Alittle less angle would have been better as suggested. TFP
  22. It didn't hinder me. I could'nt even draw good looking stick figures. Now I have one plug completed(and it caught fish) and hope to have the 2nd one done whenever the hardware is delivered. TFP
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