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  1. Ok, here it is. This is the plug I had the problem with the cracking paint. I tried to take pictures of the bad side but I could not get a good enough picture that showed the cracking. It also did not seem as noticable after the clearcoat dried. Seems as though when it was wet it kind of looked like the paint was peeling away but now that it is dry it seems to have layed down a bit. The paint job idea came from my daughter so when the paint started cracking I got alittle worried. But all seems well now. Thanks for the help on the cracking paint post. TFP
  2. Just finished it up today. what do you think?
  3. BIGROCK, Now that I think about it maybe it is too thick a coat. I sprayed down primer and when dried two other colors. I haven't done to many plugs but it was the first one I did with one coat almost completely covering the other. Both were gloss paints. I'll have a picture of the plug soon. This was an idea from the kids. Backbeach Jake, Do you have any other recommendations for a spray on clearcoat. I don't have any way yet to turn plugs so any of the epoxies are out for now. Thanks guys TFP
  4. Val oil and mineral spirits. 50/50 mix. There's really nothing else I did different from any of the other plugs I have made.
  5. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any ideas why paint would crack under the topcoat. I primed, used krylon paints over that and it was left to dry for at least a week before top coat. I used krylon acrylic clear coat. This morning I sprayed on a few coats and noticed some of the paint underneath cracking. Not sure what would cause this. I'd love to hear some of you thoughts on this. Thanks TFP
  6. Not sure if it's to late, but please if possible I'd love to have a copy. I'd be willing to burn a few copies for others if I could get one. Let me know and I will send info. Thanks TFP
  7. Don't worry...............be happy or Turning japanese, I think I'm turning japanese, I really think so.....
  8. Has anyone here ever tried Drylok? I know it say its for masonry but I wonder if it would work on wood. TFP
  9. Transmission cooling lines, at least I think that's what they are. Has anyone here ever have to change them? I have a 95 jeep cherokee and it looks like I have a small leak on one of them. Are they easy to replace? Thanks TFP
  10. I'd be willing to buy a tape if they became available. TFP
  11. You don't need to know the language to feel their pain. http://www.glumbert.com/media/tonguetwister.html
  12. Just got a new ipod the other day. Charged it up as per the direction. Today I have been listening at work for a few hours and noticed the battery is already down to half charge. Is this normal? It seems alittle quick to lose half it's charge in just a few hours. Does anyone here have any issues with battery life on ipods? Thanks TFP
  13. I have 2 small swordfish steaks that were left in the refridgerator since this past thursday. I'm just wondering if they would still be ok to grill up. Thanks TFP
  14. All rejected plugs must immediatly be sent to me for proper and safe fish.....I mean destruction. I'm kidding, Nice job junkie. TFP
  15. If anyone's willing to burn a few more copies I would greatly appreciate it. I came in on this one late. Would really love to hear this one. PM me if your willing. Thanks TFP
  16. TACKLE JUNKIE All I did was spray on 5 or 6 maybe even 7 coats of the krylon crystal clear, let it dry and away I went. My QA department(kids) are not so strict. All they want to do is fish. I fished it for a week straight with one of my clients(son). It held up pretty well. Came home sprayed some more clear coat onto the dings and all is well(relabled as reconditioned). I'm sure epoxy has it's place but for now I have not graduated into it yet. I'm sure I will sooner or later. TFP
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