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  1. The two reels I posted are all oily and greasy. Is it safe to soak it in a degreaser to clean all the crap off of it before trying to work on the corrosion? Thanks TFP
  2. Here's a couple for you. They were picked up at a garage sale in a box of junk. The one on the left is a squidder, the right one say J. C. Higgins on it. Does anyone have any history on the JC reel. Also can they be restore? There is lots of corrosion on the squidder but everything seems to be working on it. Can I still get replacement parts for them? Any help would be great. I'd like to get them back out on the water this spring. Thanks TFP
  3. LaPala, Did you epoxy a real fish in there. That looks sweet. TFP
  4. Yeah, me and you both. 40' x 24' and still waiting for a freeze. I'm thinking of filling it and practice my flycasting in it.
  5. What about the Ocean Master rods? How would you rate them compared to the ones in some of the previous posts? TFP
  6. Here is a picture of what Krispy is talking about........I think. I have not done any thru wire plugs yet but the next few will be and I plan on doing it this way. TFP
  7. Count me in Crash. I'm sure I can make a Feb. 17 deadline. Will you need to know what everyone is building? TFP
  8. Is there anyone that is willing to share their recipe for glogg? Please. I'd like to make some for Christmas. Thanks TFP
  9. What do you use to check the moisture readings? TFP
  10. She will be a tough one to replace. I always enjoyed her columns. This is from the editor of the Cape cod Times this morning. ''Molly had a spirit, a soul that gave color to our pages that is now lost. She had a way of making fishing columns must-reads for people with no interest in fishing. That's a huge talent.'' RIP
  11. Except for the color are there any differences between this one and the previously mentioned reels? CT-MAG, 6500CT-SPORT
  12. Check out some of the touristy gift shops along the coast, if they are still open at this time of year. They should have them. Not sure how close you are but maybe the New England Aquarium gift shop may have them also. TFP
  13. Go out into the deep woods and cut one down yourself
  14. Thanks for the comments, as for what it does. I don't quite know. I hope it sinks. I kind of just threw this thing together. Hopefully come spring it will catch me some bass. Tynan, as for the rink. It's built. If you could bring me about 5 or 6 days of freezing weather that would be great. I guess if it doesn't freeze on me I could use it as a testing pool for all my plugs. Oh the wife would love that. TFP
  15. Here's my version of a squid. What do you think? TFP
  16. Thats sweet. I'm working on a squid right now, not nearly as good looking as that. I'll post pics when completed. TFP
  17. Nostrovia! Nemesis. I can't wait until Christmas Eve when my mother and grandmother cook all sorts of polish foods. TFP
  18. I didn't know Jeff but my thoughts and prayers go out to his immediate family and the family He left behind here at SOL. Chris(TFP)
  19. Finished at 6:30pm. It's 40' X 24'. I used 2 x 8 x 10's and 2 x 10 x 12's. The plastic won't go in until I see a extreme cold spell. It's not in the shadiest of places but it's the only space I have. Now I pray for the cold. I'll post a few pics later. TFP
  20. Has anyone attempted to build one? This will be my second try at it. If anyone has any advice, success stories or disasters please chime in. Thanks TFP
  21. This is what I'm sending in. Should go out next week. Hope you like them.
  22. Thanks for your help, I've been meaning to get out there. I actually just e-mailed them this morning on what there hours are. TFP
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