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  1. Johnny Carson (Carnac) used to say something like that,pretty sure he would used crotch
  2. I thought "Pizza" was Italian for pie I do work for a guy that has had a Pizza shop since the 50's
  3. On mine if you take the cover off there's a glass window you can see if the glow plug is working. It also has a couple of clear tubes that go to what looks like a couple of diaphragms. Once one tube had some water/condensate accumulated on a low spot that had to be cleared out to get it working again.
  4. Sure,no problem. Also, I don't know the policy here on posting links but a great resource is the Endless Sphere forum.
  5. I got it up to 40mph for a short burst just to see how fast it will go. That pulls to many amps/watts so I don't go full throttle. It cruises good around 25mph, at that speed it pulls 11 to 12 amps and will go for 35-40 miles without pedaling. With pedal assist it will go farther depending on many factors like wind/hills etc. Been messing with electric bikes since 2001 and never any problems with the cops.
  6. As far as price the motors aren't bad but Lithium Ion batteries are expensive. I had an old mountain bike I put a motor and battery on. Direct Drive 1500w rear Motor kit was $300,battery was $700 (60v 30ah)
  7. First time trying acid was '72 First dead show was '74 wall of sound
  8. What kind of camera? I'm surprised it didn't ask to format the card when you put it in. Some cameras have an internal memory/flash card and slots for external cards to add to it. If so maybe it recorded on the internal memory?
  9. They have excellent customer service. Had one of the female jacks go bad,neither probe would work on it. Called them up they said no problem we'll send you a new one,wasn't on the phone more than 5 minutes.
  10. This just happened in my area yesterday. Minivan crossed the centerline and hit a car killing one person.
  11. '72 Poseidon Adventure send Shelly Winters in there.
  12. I don't know, I'll let ya know when I get it done. I have a front wheel 1,000 watt direct drive motor on a bike with a 48v 20ah Lithium Ion Battery. I have a watt meter power analyzer on it so I can see what's going on in real time, The sweet spot on that is 24mph using 10 amps at 700 watts It will go 30mph but it pulls to much juice at that speed.
  13. I got my first electric bike in 2001, a Curry with a little motor and chain drive. I'm finishing up a build, should be done this weekend. 1500 watt rear motor, 60volt 30ah Lithium ion battery.
  14. Went to the same highschool with her and her twin She's a couple years older than me,graduated in my sister's class, Wicomico High school, Salisbury,Md