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  1. My parents are in their 90's (95 and 93) It's gotten to the point they need someone with them around the clock. My sisters and I watch them with some outside help on a few days I stay with them from Friday evening till Tuesday afternoon We had to take the cars from them which pissed them off because they lost their independence but it had to be done. The last straw was my dad going the wrong way down a road They sleep a lot but their up at all hours of the night Dad quit high school when he was 17 to join the Navy for WW11
  2. We have a Silhouette Cameo, I'm still getting things together to mess with lures so haven't used it for that ,but have cut vinyl on it to sandblast glasses, works great, cuts pretty small detail,I'm guessing it will cut a 1/8" circle
  3. I'm near Ocean City,the only one I've felt was back around 2011. I believe that one originated around Virginia.
  4. Had a good time with the new combo,first impressions were positive.Messed up once when I changed lures and didn't readjust the reel.
  5. I'm new to baitcasters but just got a Lew's Mach Crush reel rod combo this afternoon. Made a few casts before dark off the bank and it worked great,no backlash at all. Tomorrow's suppose to be nice so I'm going out on the canoe and try it out
  6. As to stacking, I like the thicker bottom for more stability so I'm using scrap Mahogany that's 1 3/4" thick. By leaving just the bottom thick and leaving the rest no more than 3/4" or so I can layout one on edge then flip the pattern over and move it down a couple inches and get another piece out of the other side. These are about 9 1/2" tall and by doing that I get 2 pieces out of a 12" long piece of wood.
  7. I don't think so,unless I'm not getting what you're saying. It just occurred to me it would be easy to cut then in the shape of a fish.They don't take long to make,less than 10 minutes.
  8. It's just a 45 cut on the chop saw,cut the curves on the bandsaw making sure the tightest radius is big enough for the spindle sander then drill the hole.Not much to them really, a lot of people just use a rectangle of wood but the curves make then look a little better IMHO I have a Sand-Rite flapper sander that works good for stuff like this
  9. Started making some stocking stuffers, need about 30 of these
  10. Johnny Carson (Carnac) used to say something like that,pretty sure he would used crotch
  11. I thought "Pizza" was Italian for pie I do work for a guy that has had a Pizza shop since the 50's
  12. On mine if you take the cover off there's a glass window you can see if the glow plug is working. It also has a couple of clear tubes that go to what looks like a couple of diaphragms. Once one tube had some water/condensate accumulated on a low spot that had to be cleared out to get it working again.
  13. Sure,no problem. Also, I don't know the policy here on posting links but a great resource is the Endless Sphere forum.
  14. I got it up to 40mph for a short burst just to see how fast it will go. That pulls to many amps/watts so I don't go full throttle. It cruises good around 25mph, at that speed it pulls 11 to 12 amps and will go for 35-40 miles without pedaling. With pedal assist it will go farther depending on many factors like wind/hills etc. Been messing with electric bikes since 2001 and never any problems with the cops.
  15. As far as price the motors aren't bad but Lithium Ion batteries are expensive. I had an old mountain bike I put a motor and battery on. Direct Drive 1500w rear Motor kit was $300,battery was $700 (60v 30ah)