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  1. Very cool. I had no idea that they had DIY kits for these. So, no gauges to special tools needed, just prefilled lines?
  2. So, my step-son needs to rehab his deck railings and fascia board. He’s got a composite deck with railing a fascia that was painted. He moved into the house about 7 years ago. At that time the wood was peeling and a few slats in the railing were missing. The seller did some crappy repairs that we later fixed and then later that year he powerwashed, did a ton of sanding, use some wood hardener/ patch in a few areas and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Yeah, it’s painted, not stained, and after 7 years the rots in full force and it’s time to refurb. So I’m looking for some advice from those with more experience than I. Apologies in advance for the long post, but I want to give enough details to answer some questions up front. 1) He’s a school teacher, wife’s a nurse, and they have 3 young kids. They need more space, so will hoe to move when the market settles a bit, probably within 2-3 years. Translation- an inexpensive rehab that is safe is most desirable. 2) He may look towards have some pros do this, but he’s a school teacher off for the summer, I live 10 minutes away and am pretty handy. So we may try to do this as a DIY. 3) The 6x6 railing posts are actually in pretty goo shape. They are lag bolted through the 2x12 fascia board and 2x10 rim joist. There is a little of rot on top of a few- there was never a cap on these- the rot maybe goes down ¼ or so in the middle of some. A couple move just a little- we haven’t tried to tighten the lags. 4) The spacing between the posts range from a little over 7 ft to around 4.5 feet. 5) As you can see in the pics, the deck boards extend over the top of the fascia board in most cases. On the one end the fascia is up at the height of the deck surface. 6) They want to replace it with something that is low maintenance- yes they are moving, but low maintenance will help with resale. That leaves them with vinyl/aluminum railing or maybe stainless cables. They aren’t sure yet if their HOA will approve the cables. So we ( well them, but I am trying to help) are looking for recommendations on an inexpensive was to rehab this. It needs to be safe with a couple of young grandkids and e deck that is 4-5 plus feet off the ground. Here’s a notional plan, but I’d like to get some input. 1) Try to keep the posts but cover in one of the vinyl sleeves I see they sell. They would need to be trimmed to cover the part that bolts to the rim joist. I think that would require countersinking the lags- we might as well through bolt them in the spots we can easily get to- in some cases, the stone clad posts may prevent that. Should we pull the posts before remounting 2) Is there a good way to clad the existing fascia with AZEK or something equivalent? To keep it flush with the deck, we’d need to cut it back a bit. The reason I am suggesting keeping the fascia board is in part because of how it is grouted in with the stone. Tearing it out seems like a big lift. 3) How thick for the AZEK type stuff? AT our house the contractor used ½ material . It warps when it gets very cold- I don’t think they used enough fasteners. I see that most of the pre-cut trim boards are ¾”. Better to buy precut material or rip down from larger sheets? 4) If their HOA allows it, would the cable system be easier than trying to cut 6 or 8 ft railing sections to fit into their existing post layout? I’d welcome any thoughts and product recommendations. Thanks
  3. I'm still debating if it's too late for cukes from seeds.. I'll get some in the ground tomorrow but may end up buying some plants in a week or two
  4. I got hit with them last year. Ended up throughout the house though mostly in the shop near the grow area. Those sticky yellow traps worked pretty well. Caught literally hundreds of them
  5. I don't know squat about these kind of scooters, but is it possible to do a simple gear swap to make it easier to climb hills? It seems like that would solve the problem. Enjoy the rides!
  6. I am in the same boat. I feel like every spring I am a couple of weeks late no matter how early I start. Always something. Hopefully in the ground early next week with the 'maters.
  7. Our indoor/outdoor cat tends to bring live critters-mice, baby rabbits, etc - through the pet door and let's them loose inside. Sometimes he kills them, but sometimes they get loose and my office closet, pantry and garage all ended up with nests. Mouse piss and crap everywhere. Maybe our cat isn't hungry enough! The other day I dispatched a mouse in the foyer. Wifey had caught it under a dishpan. Her coworker said she would have taken it outside and let it go. Really. I do take the baby rabbits back outside. Lots of traps for me. I freakin' hate mice.
  8. Maybe I have been lucky- so far no failures. And there is definitely times where it's tough to match the convenience of the SBite vs trying to twist under a sink or behind a toilet. I solder so infrequently that it's not my go to choice. Of course, it's mostly PVC and CPVC in my house and families homes no, so I don't see me getting much soldering practice.
  9. +1 for Sharkbites. Pretty much as easy as adding an inline to the fridge water line
  10. Never an easy time. God willing we live longer than our pets, that's usually how it works, but it doesn't make it any easier. I told myself I'd take a long break when I had to say goodbye to my last dog. Less than six months later my wife drug me to a breeder and told me I'd been in a funk. and we needed another dog in the house. She was right. Hang in there
  11. It all depends on what you are trying to keep going and for how long. Just the fridge and a few lights or the HVAC also? Most domestic solar installs don't include the battery component- that part really drives up the cost but does let you truly be off grid. Tesla Powerwall is one that has gotten a lot of attention. How big a battery backup do you need? That depends on how much you are trying to power and for how long and how fast your solar panels can recharge the battery. How much you are trying to power is something you need to know to size a gas powered generator. How long do you want to be off grid determines how big the battery needs to be or how much gas you need to have on hand to keep the generator running. A lot of things impact how fast you could recharge the batteries- size of photovoltaic panel install, location of install ( what direction it faces, latitude, angle of room, etc), season of the year, weather, but I am sure a designer could run the math and design a system to meet your goals. A system to handle a couple of hour outage after a thunderstorm will be a lot different than one that lets you run almost indefinitely- which is more or less what a generator will do with enough fuel.
  12. Best wishes to your Mom. Big fear my Mom will suffer the same. It's been tough of the seniors to be isolated for so long and many are now dropping their guard which is understandable.
  13. So my step son needs to replace a rotting wooden railing system on his deck. I'll likely post some specific questions for you pros soon. He is leaning towards vinyl but I am curious what the relative cost is for vinyl/aluminum vs cable . I am pretty handy and he's going to be looking at his options. I think the sticker shock of having someone do this will end up meaning we end up doing it together over this summer- school teacher and wife it PT nurse. He's probably got 60 or 70 lf of railing. So trying to explore options
  14. To the OP’s original post- I have no clue why someone is rolling out a painkiller stronger than fentanyl. Opioids including fentanyl have their place in the proper medical application but as we all know it can be a slippery slope. I don’t comment too much here in the tavern, but after reading this thread wanted to share a perspective. At one point in my life I probably agreed with some of the comments above that essentially say junkies need to get there crap together and “just say no”. I’ve been personally lucky to never been truly addicted to anything beyond my morning coffee. I enjoy my beer and wine- maybe more than many- but have seen true hardcore drunks in my family and what addiction can do to them. So I pretty much keep things in check and am thankful haven’t been hit with addiction tendencies. But I also know it’s not just a choice for some folks. I had uncles that truly hit rock bottom and then were blessed to get sober. Sadly my cousin’s kid wasn’t so lucky. She was a pretty average kid growing up. Had her first child just out of high school but with my cousin’s help did all right. Went to community college, got an OK job in a hospital and was doing OK. Met another guy a few years later, got married and had a couple of more kids, one with special needs. I didn’t know her well, but by all family accounts she was a pretty good mom, she held a long term job and was living a normal life. I only saw her once a year at family reunions and while she wasn’t saving the world or curing cancer, she and her family seemed pretty typical. Then she and her husband are in a motorcycle accident, had some inquiries including minor brain injury and ends up hooked on pain killers. Over the next 6-8 years things turn poorly- addiction gets worse, leads to her stealing and dealing, multiple arrests, in and out of short term rehabs that never took, loses her kids and jail time. My cousin did the best she could- tried to get her into rehabs, spent a fortune bailing her out and supporting her family, tried tough love and letting her sit in jail, etc. Last year, they found her dead at 38 years old in a motel, hiding from a warrant due to a probation violation. Her new boyfriend called in the OD but it was too late. She was amongst those that have been narcaned more than once previously. My cousin’s kid grew up middle class, was having an average life, was reportedly a good mom to a few kids, and wound up dead. Left behind a devastated family, including my 62 year old cousin who now has adopted her grand kids as her own. The point of my long ramble? Addiction can be complicated. If it was just a choice, I’d be less understanding. But given how complicated it can be, I am just thankful I haven’t been hit with it and try to be empathetic.
  15. Interesting, but it looks like it is not currently being sold."Continued testing and researching state requirements. It seems like it would be a bit awkward unless you had a pretty short kayak.I am guessing turning could be a bit awkward with 10+ feet sticking out.