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  1. Wow- I never thought of inspecting the joist hangers.....until now. I wonder how common it is to have them pull out like that.
  2. Just curious- it looks like some of those joist hangers are longer that I am used to - looks like a bolt to the rim joist? I don't know if my deck has those- is that the new way of doing it vs just the joist hangers
  3. I've got limited experience. Had a UV-Aire unit fail after a few years but replaced it with the same as I already had a spare bulb and didn't need to drill for a new mounting. I'll likely buy the same for this unit as I can get a better deal if I buy the bulbs in bulk. You need to change the bulbs yearly. Installation is pretty easier- The guides I've seen put them downstream from the coil. shining on the coil. A contractor gave me an option of installing 2- essentially one on each side of the coil. The replacement on I got showed various options depending on coil configuration- pretty straightforward. Drill a hole in the ductwork in the right spot and mount with a few screws. As Ted pointed out- UV isnt' good for plastics = it shouldn't on wire insulation. These have safeties to avoid you looking at the bulb directly- dont' try to shortcut You can get them in 24 volt or 110v. If wired to 24V you can use a transformer or supposedly wire right to HVAC- but it should be to a source that stays on 24/7- it shouldn't cycle with the HVAC.
  4. thanks for the input. Found a non-corrosive mold killer at the box store. I still may want to swap out some of the interior insulation jus to be sure if I can find some. The stuff I got supposedly works even porous materials. Need to clean coil this weekend.
  5. Both work fine- SharkBite is easier but compressions aren't tough just as pointed out, you need more space
  6. My brother -in-law used I think it was the BEHR product. Said it was kind of messy to put on. It looked pretty good when first done. Like other's experiences, they got only a couple of years out of it before it started peeling and splinters started again.
  7. So I have some mold on my indoor coils for my heat pump and a bit on the fan and some other areas of the fan. It's not a huge amount- it was picked up when I had a courtesy visit by a contractor in the winter. I'm not naïve about mold- I know it can be a serious issue sometimes . I didn't worry too much as in the winter the air is so dry in my house, molds are unlikely to grow well- I've got some microbiology background as well, molds love it moist not dry like my house seems to be most winters.. In any case, its something I need to address. Longer term the whole unit likely needs to be replaced.- it's a 15 year old heat pump for my upstairs. Shorter term I can install a UV lamp and replace the contact /capacitor for not much more than $200 if I do the work myself and probably get some more life out of it. My question- what's a good solution to spray on the coils that I can readily obtain. I don't want to buy a gallon of some specialty solution that you dilute to make 30 gallons- unless there is not a good alternative.. I know 10% bleach will kill fungus and spores, but also know it will likely corrode the coils (which already have some rust on the brackets). Any suggestions? Locally the HVAC shops wont' deal with private parties- you've got to be a contractor. So it would need ot be soemhtign I could order off the river site or something like that or buy at a big box store. thanks
  8. I'm curious- how do these compare to the Blackstone propane pizza ovens? I've got a family member that has one and he likes it. Cooks at some crazy high temp in just a few minutes
  9. I and some family members also had the expanding ones go after about a year. Nice and lightweight but not durable. Both some lightweight ones and a heavy duty version with the brass ends.
  10. My brother-in-law did this with a Sawzall and disposed it over time in the weekly trash to saem some $s on disposal costs. Said between the fiberglass and the insulation it was kind of messy
  11. PS- There appear to be 2 different categories of pop-ups. Some that look like adds that are essentially the full length of the left side of screen and other that are not really add but links to their sites. Just had an add from AARP, another from Amazon, and another all while I typed this.
  12. Makes it difficult to read pages- Glad it's not just me. Some of the adds made sense- looked to be one from SA fishing I think, but it's a lot of pop-ups . I dont' recall ever having that experience before. All on the left side of page. Including the second one shared above- the older than me guy. FWIW, I'm viewing with Edge and non pop-ups while I typed this note
  13. I'd heat the outside frame, not the bolt. With the difference in metals likely some galvanic corrosion. Might need a couple of heat /cool cycles. PB Blaster is good stuff as well. Will burn off if you do that pre torch
  14. A woman I used to work with was making peanut brittle and using the microwave. Had this happen and was covered in boiling caramel. Very serious burns on her hands that took months to heal. It's like anything else- plenty safe if you go in with eyes open, less so if you don't know what can happen
  15. The folks that do this regularly I think rely on dermestid beetles. They eat the flesh off the bones and crawl in all the little orifices and grooves, etc. It's my understanding that it too smells a bit. If I recall you still need to bleach the bones afterward- maybe with peroxide. This is how they get those skeleton's they put in museums. You can buy them off the net if you want- the beetles. Probably expensive if this is one-off effort. There's a Dirty Jobs episode on this. I used to work with a guy year ago when I lived in Florida that collected all kinds of skulls. He'd place skulls on top of fire ant mounds and let them do the work- at least that's what he said.