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  1. Very interesting. Don't think I've ever heard of these Solar Tables so now I've got some reading to do. I'll try to pay attention to that next time I get around to going out there! PS: Love your bucktails!
  2. Sold to HoldMyBass!
  3. I used shrimp, blood worms and mullet when I had no idea what I was doing in the OBX one summer. Had equal luck on shrimp and bloodworms for small reds, trout and a few other spieces. For the price, the small frozen shrimp was amazing and a lot easier to deal with than the bloodworms!
  4. I think it would make a really sensitive fluke rod, perfect for bucktails under 1 oz. I would keep it for that but I just need to thin my collection a bit...
  5. I will hold off on shipping for a bit but I will let you know when I change my mind. I respect the offer but shipping a 7' rod will probably run $15-30 from what I've seen and this is already a steal for the rod so I would expect the buyer to cover shipping.
  6. Bump, could meet at Surf Day for anyone else interested.
  7. I'll have to look into this! Thanks for the heads up!
  8. I used a 7'6" Okuma SST (3/8 oz - 1 oz) this past summer for flounder and schoolies. I primarily used it for drifting bugs on 1/8 oz carolina rigs and pulled in fish up to 25" on it. Also tossed metals up to 1 oz, 1/4 oz jig heads and 7/16 oz X-Raps. I do think that salmon rods make great light tackle rods and almost any fish puts a fun, deep bend into the rod. Having said this, I am looking to change that rod to a 7' St. Croix Triumph Surf. As much as I enjoyed it, I would like to have a little bit more backbone. I have considered selling that rod on here but I think I will be keeping it as a backup light tackle rod because it is really fun. When I was searching this topic as you are now, my main choices were the St. Croix Wild River, St. Croix Triumph Salmon/Steelhead and the Okuma SST.
  9. Bump, still for sale. Would trade for a few things: 1. 7' St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning rod (TSRS70M) 2. Daiwa BG 8000 3. Daiwa Coastal 11' H (CLSP1102HFS) (I will put some cash on my end for this rod)
  10. I use AutoCAD/AutoCAD MEP at work (mechanical contractor) now and used Creo and SolidWorks during my schooling. The company is more than likely switching over to Revit soon too. Like someone else said, it depends on what you want from the software. SketchUp is okay but I think you'll be pretty limited to what you can model from it (or maybe not but I don't use it enough to say that with certainty). Fusion 360 is my suggestion. I use Fusion360 at home for my projects/designs. Pretty intuitive, free and provides FEA and CAM add-ons. I'm even machining something for my car that I designed in Fusion360 later today at my uncle's house.
  11. Unfortunately I don't go up too far north this time of the year and I have a lot of stuff going on. I do work in Piscataway but that's not really that far up north. I'm undecided about going to surf day but if you are interested I can absolutely swing by. I actually went to Brookdale CC so I know the area and it's less than a 20 minute drive from me.
  12. Posted for two weeks on CL and after no responses, I figured I may have more luck here. I am selling a St. Croix Premier Medium Light casting rod. I purchased it to use for lighter soft plastics and hard baits which it works really well at but I just prefer using spinning gear for lighter stuff. It really shines in casting around the 3/16 - 1/4 oz range. Probably would make a nice jigging rod for lakers or walleye too but I don't fish for that too much. Maybe even a very light tackle fluke rod too. It was purchased last summer and I used it a handful of times mainly for smallmouth fishing rivers in northern NJ. Never used in the salt. It's in fantastic condition. The grips are clean and not cracked, guides are in tact and no cracks in the blank whatsoever. I'm asking $70 (paid around $150 for it new) just to get rid of it and maybe someone will enjoy this rod more than I will. Feel free to text me (Brian) at (732) 8-six-5 4-eight-05. I'm located around Matawan and could probably meet up within the area. I prefer to have it picked up but will consider shipping it if no one wants to pick it up.
  13. That is cool! I gotta put more effort in this year with my fly rod... I'll also test the water for albies this year a bit more than I did last year. Thanks for the response!
  14. That sounds like a blast. From boat or shore? I always wondered if people targeted them from shore on a fly rod. Seems like a whole lotta effort that would be very rewarding.