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  1. Typically the fine print on the coupons says what they exclude or can't stack with. I've stacked a coupon and the rewards points certificate on top of a juicy sale before. Got a $110 rod for $55 that time. I think as long as the coupon doesn't say price matching is excluded, you'd be fine to use it.
  2. Sold to snag! Thanks SoL!
  3. Last bump, $40 picked up or $45 shipped.
  4. I haven't bought that color yet but it easily is my most favorite looking. Every time I see it in the store I consider buying it for a few minutes. Guess I will now!
  5. I used a 7'6" Okuma SST Salmon rod rated up to 1 oz last summer. Fun rod but pretty light tackle although it did handle a few stripers around 25" pretty well. I just got a 7' St. Croix triumph Surf 1/2-2 oz for this year. It's a pretty light rod but I think it will be able to haul in some decent fish (if I ever run into one). I was considering the Star rod posted above but I really like my other two Triumphs a lot and this came up for a pretty sweet deal. I was also considering a few inshore or FW rods like the St. Croix Tidemaster, Shimano Claurus or the 13 Fishing Omen Green (although I hear a lot of iffy stuff about 13 Fishing).
  6. That actually seems like a valid point. I used to run the tail hook in FW but actually just run one inline hook facing forward on the belly now for FW and SW. I don't have the means to back it up in SW but in FW, it's worked very well for me thus far. Sure, I miss a few fish that just swipe at it (a very small amount) but any fish that actually hits it almost always gets pinned. I personally never considered it a catch when the trebles were hooked on the outside of the fish which I found is usually what happens when they just swipe at it.
  7. Bump, $60 picked up or $65 shipped.
  8. Don't really think it makes a difference in regards to hooking up but specifically in FW when fishing around more cover, I would think that it's less prone to snags. In the surf, I don't think it makes a difference and is just preferential in the direction. Since I started fishing these plugs in FW, I never even knew that SW plugs do face down on the rear but since I found out, them pointing down just looks odd to me.
  9. I saw the Boone Needlefish at Walmart and picked up a 1 oz one. Haven't fished it yet but I think it'd do well. Only thing I don't like about them is how thin the hangers are.
  10. I love me some smallie fishing with light tackle. I spent about 75% of my summer last year wet wading for smallies on the Raritan. I even bought a fiberglass fly rod for them. This year I hope to get into some decent smallies on the Big D and maybe some of the larger resident stripers there during the shad run. I grew up fishing FW so SW is very new to me and as much as I enjoy it, some of the crowds I've met are obnoxious and take away the tranquility that I enjoy. I never understood getting so close to other people who are catching fish. Only had it happen to me once in FW over the last few years. I am very much so looking forward to this season of fishing in general though.
  11. No prob, thanks for the interest!
  12. I'll be willing to ship. I'll give dibs to Nomad since they responded first then StripedBassKing. Read what I posted above though about the blue and gold popper. They're not Hydro Poppers, they're actually Tsunami Poppers.
  13. Don't think I can edit the main post but while I was at Dick's today I realized that I have the regular Tsunami Poppers and not the YoZuri Hydro Poppers, my apologies. The updated list is in the quote above.
  14. Haven't been to many others but I've been a fan of The Reel Seat in Brielle. I'm like a kid in a candy shop in there.
  15. Weekend bump. Make some offers. Not really attached to any of this if that says anything...