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  1. Hi all heading to Aruba in April. Any suggestions as far as lures along palm beach? How about spots? Is it still considered spot burning? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Had the pleasure to meet and fish a little with an SOL legend @MC55. I stayed where we started and picked 3 shorts thanks to MC for gifting me one of his hand made lures. Can’t thank you enough MC. All 3 caught on your eel. Saw someone further north of me getting hit every other cast so I decided to walk over. All he was doing was catching one shad after another. Might be the season for me, need to get my waders back to Simms for a little repair or a possible new pair for the spring run.
  3. Hope your daughter is ok and the appointments bring good news, amen brother.
  4. That’s about the best thing I caught today. Fished NOMOCO 630-noon. Very big surf, meatloaf diarrhea looking. Saw a couple guys pick one here and there, if they were 16 inches but I do wish I had one! Friday outgoing I had great action. Guys on the beach said yesterday was hot too with a **** wind, I don’t get it. Question is do we depend on the wind more than we should??? SKUNKAROO FOR ME TODAY!
  5. Thoughts on tomorrow’s NW wind 15-20...yay or nay?
  6. Hey glad you’re getting into it and welcome to the brotherhood. Winds tomorrow are not promising. I personally don’t like to fish anything south. Maybe a south west but even that is questionable for me atleast. At the same time you don’t know if you’re not out there so give it hell.
  7. Lmao! He would stop rolling! He was right there, hair over 26...
  8. Fished hard as hell today to take out the skunk with @chitala383 and @TopwaterPeteno keepers but I was glad to have had some action. Fish caught NOMOCO....Right before dead low tide.
  9. @chitala383 aka union beach you were nostril deep that night lol
  10. Lol that’s funny but I completely understand. The mind can play crazy tricks on you.
  11. I hope you’re right. What do you use when sand eels are around?
  12. Lol dude i definitely have a leak somewhere in my waders. Left foot was soaked again. Once I’m done I’m calling Simms to figure it out. I’m depressed no fish
  13. How much time left is the big question...I think Black Friday might be my last outing...depressed.
  14. Fished NoMOCO 12-330pm...not a thing. Getting depressing. Hesitant with the SE wind but I gave it a shot anyway. I guess that’s what keeps us going back.
  15. Great job brother!!!