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  1. Great job brother!!!
  2. You really didn’t fish an incoming or an outgoing (2 hour before / after rule) right? That’s great man.
  3. You are right. 6” white shad for me last year during the day and SP blurple at night.
  4. I’ve never had any luck with a wind that included a south wind. West wind has been my best buddy. Although I still think the water temp is to high.
  5. Fished out back nomoco inconing and outgoing. Caught two dink’s within first 20 minutes. Bait was splashing every 30 mins or so but couldn’t connect. Water still warm and that south east wind beat me again. Hopefully back at it soon again
  6. Thank you Fly by Nite
  7. Hey guys what are your theories about fishing a sour or southeast wind out back in MOCO?
  8. When do you decide to go out front or stay out back? Thoughts...?
  9. Beautiful mid morning out. All short but great action.
  10. Looking to replace my bathroom vanity which is not a standard size...not looking to spend a lot of $ as it is a secondary bathroom ....because of it's size I am looking for 29 1/2 '' H...20 1/2 W & L the prices I received were over $1000 ...just looking for a simple white colored  vanity and your name came up...I am in Middletown N. J.


    Bob S.

    1. apagano80


      Hey bob give me a call tomorrow and I can try to help you out 201-213-2684

    2. Bob S.

      Bob S.

      Thanks but Ben Lippen contacted me and will be making the vanity for me...

  11. Out back this morning, outgoing tide, no one insight, peaceful...was fine and dandy!
  12. Awesome job brother!
  13. Thanks brother...I would never fish a straight south wind but SW can’t be that terrible. Thanks again