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  1. I am a moron. I am in the RI regional, not the MA regional.
  2. Market Basket in Oxford is selling shucked lobster meat for $49.99/pound, but it is just knuckles and claws.
  3. PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A surge in the catch of a small species of fish called menhaden off the Maine coast has helped stabilize a bait crunch that’s plagued the state’s lobster industry for several years. Maine’s lobster fishermen typically bait their traps with dead herring, but a scientific assessment in 2020 found that herring are overfished, and quotas for the fish were reduced dramatically. The loss of herring has increased the price of bait and made it harder for many fishermen to trap lobsters. However, losing herring has been offset somewhat by swelling catches of menhaden. Maine’s catch of menhaden — also called pogies or bunker — grew from about 6 million pounds in 2016 to more than 24 million pounds last year. The bait shortage has been happening at a time of high lobster prices for consumers. However, the prices of bait and lobster aren’t necessarily linked because of the complex lobster supply chain. The cost of bait is still a struggle for the state’s lobstermen, but the greater availability of menhaden has been beneficial, said Patrice McCarron, executive director of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association. “These local menhaden landings have proved to be a very important and stable source of bait for a lot of lobstermen,” McCarron said, using the term “landings” to mean catch brought to the dock. Menhaden are subject to one of the largest commercial fisheries in the U.S., and nationwide catches have been stable. U.S. fishermen typically catch more than a billion pounds of the fish every year, and they’re widely used in animal feed, farmed fish food and fish oil. Bait is a small piece of the total fishery. The regulatory Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is working on potential new rules governing menhaden fishing. One reason for the possible rule changes is “the increasing abundance of menhaden in New England,” the commission said in a statement. The population of menhaden off New England has ebbed and flowed over the years. The recent high catches are the most in Maine since the mid-1980s, state records show. Catches are also up in Massachusetts. Herring fishermen in the state are also hopeful they’ll be able to catch more herring again in the coming years, said Mary Beth Tooley, director of government affairs for the O’Hara Corporation, a herring harvester in Rockland, Maine. The nationwide catch of herring was more than 100 million pounds as recently as 2017, but slumped to less than 21 million last year. The herring fishery is based mostly in Maine and Massachusetts. “I think if we had these low herring quotas and menhaden wasn’t as abundant as it has been, that would be a huge problem,” Tooley said.
  4. I got rid of my skiis to avoid temptation years ago. Trying to avoid climbing up on the gurney and they put the mask on and say count back from a hundred. People have told me that a total replacement is the best thing they have ever done.
  5. The click is the cartilage tear catching when your knee bends or straightens. I have had two ACL replacements on my left side, cartilage clean outs, and a ACL reconstruction on the right side in 1987 where the knee cap was upside down, a big meniscus tear and a partially torn ACL where the doctor shaved off the tear to keep a seni-intact ACL from playing for the old Rhode Island Rhinos againt the Randolph Oilers in the old EFL which the Marlboro Shamrocks won the league title every year back then. My left side does not slip out or buckle because the cadaver's hamstring is holding pretty well as an ACL replacement. On my last cartilage repair on the right side in 2016, my ortho doctor at St. Vincents said that my right ACL was basically a limp noodle, and it was not doing what it needed to do. When I asked about an ACL replacement, he tried to sell me on the other three ligaments strengthening and keeping things in place. It was an insurance protocol -I was over 50 years old. The right side has slid out/buckled several times since 2016, but it has usually calmed down after a couple of days. It buckled at work in early last month, but it has been killing me by the end of the day and worse at the end of the week. The nice insurance claims adjuster denied my claim-implying it could have happened outside of work and it was a pre-existing condition, and I paid St. Vicents $99 for the x-ray and Shields $500 for the MRI. I have been getting a 3 week series of Euflexa/synthetic cartilage injections twice a year since my last ACL replacement on the left side in 2011 which have done the job of keeping the knees from being bone on bone, until this last one. The MRI showed that on the inside, it is rubbing without any space between the femur and the fib./tib., so now they have approved me for a total knee replacement on the right side. Sorry for the long response, but with 7 knee surguries, rotator cuff, right elbow surgeries, along with a bulging disc and busitis in my neck (which the UMASS Spine Center doctor told me to just treat with anti-imflamatories), I am pretty messed up, and walk around like Quasi-moto. They will recommend PT when you know you need a repair, and you have to self-advocate some times to get the repair. What a racket they have going for themselves.
  6. Growing up in Claremont NH, I used to get big smallies and a few walleye from my dad's Grumman canoe on that river. I haven't fished up there since my mother died in 2013.
  7. Does anyone know if they are done stocking for the year? The site shows no stocking since 10/14/21.
  8. Nothing like the old Al Bundy/Married with Children re-runs.
  9. Fisherman's Catch in Wells for lunch or dinner. Congdon's Donuts in Wells for great donuts and coffee.
  10. RT. 5- Wellwood Orchards, Inc. | The difference in Wellwood's is flavor! Off Rt. 12-A- Riverview Farm
  11. I just know that my friend's grandfather wanted the pike to eat.
  12. The only pike I have ever caught was on Lake Champlain out of St.Albens trolling a red devil behind my friend's grandfather's rowboat the summer before I was in ninth grade. We didn't measure it, but my friend's grandfather cleaned it to eat later.
  13. I have an old Grumman aluminum that has dealt with rocks on the Pemigewasset River and Sumners Falls on the Conn. River. that my dad bought new in the 70's. The thing is like a tank. Just store off the ground upside down.