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  1. jabip (n) A way to mock someone without them understanding I am a jabip tried and true. Let me do my yell for you-
  2. The reason I was able to skip PT after the initial recommendation for PT was that I was able to lobby the doctor who had already worked n my knees to advocate past the insurance protocols/hurdles to the insurance company for an MRI. This saved me months, if not a year, to get the surgery and rehab started and done with.
  3. Just a point of reference-I have had 7 knee surgeries including 2 ACL replacements in the same knee, elbow surgery to shave down a calcium deposit and clean up loose bone fragments, and rotator cuff surgery for a tear and removal of scar tissue built up over the years. I wish I played tennis or golf instead of 4 years of high school football and four years after high school-prep, 2 years college, and one year in the Eastern Football League (Mass semi pro league). I played lacrosse until I was 36 in summer leagues after college against college kids coming off spring seasons until knee surgery #5. Shoulders suck. They tried to tell me to do PT, but I had to go in and lobby for an MRI to reveal the tear and like magic, they schedule the surgery. Knee and elbow surgeries have you start strengthening right away, but with the rotator cuff, the first month is range of motion by the PT people, next month is bands, and strength stuff doesn't start until the 3rd month while they are telling you to not do anything to mess things up. Sleeping in a recliner as a requirement daily is different than having a few beers and falling asleep in one. Brushing your teeth, shaving, and wiping your ass left handed is a lot of fun. Bottom line is if it is a tear, nothing is going to fix things until they go in to repair it. Good luck. No surgery is easy, but the shoulder is the worst-even more so than having holes drilled through bone to insert a replacement ligament from a cadaver. I hope you don't have a tear, but these insurance protocols make it difficult to get a straight answer so you can address the correct issue and get along with your life. I have just about given up going to the Cape Cod Canal because I can not cast far enough anymore.
  4. I don't hate grown men wearing jerseys, but I think they look stupid. Jerseys are for kids or girls. I hate the Flying Elvis on the Patriots helmets. Bring back Pat the Patriot.
  5. I never lived in Southie, but I spent 4 years playing club lacrosse and one year playing football at Bridgewater State after transferring from Springfield (played football and lacrosse freshman year at Springfield when it was division 2) with Southie and Dorchester kids, along with all the keg parties and fights that went along with those guys. Rented a house with some Southie kids, as well as a rich kid lacrosse player from Newton who avoided the debauchery we were involved with. His accent was different. He pronounced his Rs. This does not make me an expert, but I could tell the difference between a Southie/Dorchester kid and, for example a left guard like Jim R*** from Peabody or the two kids who scored most of our goals from Billerica near the NH border. I had a Southie girl who was working in one of the caferterias give me crap for asking for a "grinder"-"GrindUH?? -Where the hell you from? One year at Springfield with a lot of NY/NJ kids, I can tell the difference.
  6. No way that is South Boston.
  7. Thanks Mike.
  8. My friend and I got a bunch of haddock yesterday courtesy of the Yankee Fleet out of Gloucester yesterday. I aslo have a Hake, which I am looking for an idea how to cook it. It has a big spinal column. Any ideas would be appreciated on how to cook this.
  9. It was about high tide when we got there. Just concerned about yahoos messing things up for people doing it the right way in a rich community that looks for any excuse to keep things "local" for the residents only people. I miss seeing "Santa" out there with 15 poles held up with bungy cords holding court and harbor and Duxbury cops and making peace with the local rich people who don't want us out there.
  10. My friend and I were there on Sunday morning. Cops drove by and waved. Some yahoos were taking up a lot of space in the channel and crowding the walkway. I had a few friendly exchanges with the local beautiful people and some cold shouldered "Harumffs" who barely made eye contact. The yahoos were yahoos, but they make us all look bad. Some kayak guy left his truck backed up on the sand below the parking area.
  11. On PP Bridge this morning using mackerel chunks and circle hooks with lots of fish rising, the only real hit my friend and I had was my pole 3 feet to my right while I was trying to dislodge a crab from my other pole/line. I did not jerk it to set the rod like a J hook, but it got the chunk and spit the hook. I had a couple of cars stop on the bridge to see if I hooked it while it was bending over while everyone else was pulling up crabs and seaweed.. Tried the "let the circle hook slide up to the corner of the mouth and set" method, but it did not work. Maybe the learning curve is that you need to have the rod in your hand to catch a fish. I am 99.9 % certain that I would have caught that fish with a J hook.
  12. There was only one that had an over 10 count order after she was picking up her 1st order and she was several people in front of me. I was comparing it to Troutworm's MB running out when he got there earlier. But a lot of people were ordering 5-7 lobsters.
  13. I got to the MB in Oxford at 7:15 today thinking I would beat the crowds, but the parking lot was almost full at 7:15. Not as bad as what Trout worm dealt with in Brockton, but the line at the seafood section was already heavy. Stuck it out, and got my lobsters and steamers, while some people in front of me were buying 10-20 lobsters per order. They were telling people who wanted them steamed that it was an hour and a 1/2 wait for steamed lobsters at 7:30 in the morning. I asked my cashier if people were being nice/reasonable, and she was careful in her response, but indicated that there are a lot of unhinged people out there not treating workers like they would like to be treated.
  14. I was vague on purpose with all the details and pictures included in the article. I know it was pretty generic, but I did not want the "who are you to spot burn crap" from everyone. It was in the Boston Globe with a sports writer looking for a something he could publish. The sports section gets buried sometimes behind the business section-sometimes getting down to a page or two with what is going on lately. Last year or the year before, there was a "How to and where to go" article naming specific spots and tips from the Portland Press Herald that had pissed off a lot of guys on the SOL Maine/NH page.