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  1. I live in south central Mass near the Conn. border. So far so good on not finding ticks on me or my black lab. I don't know if it is the amount of rain we have had up here. I copied and pasted your quote without picking up the picture this time.
  2. Sorry-just tried to copy and paste your quote, but it kept picking up the picture also. I am a tech dummy.
  3. bob_G Way too many! Moderators 23,981 posts · #1 Posted 17 hours ago · Report post Will be available soon. Who's buying one? The same guys wearing the LL Bean striped bass shirts and wearing their Orvis outfits.
  4. Some vets carry tick spoons which work great on dogs or people-small 1/2 or 1/4 table spoon size spoon with a v-notch on the spoon-guide the notch betwwen the tick and skin and lift straight out-works great unless the tick is imbedded.
  5. You guys were right. Rich got us our limit on haddock by around 10:00, and then we switched over to Mackerel and filled two buckets, plus some whiting. He is a class act-going around and talking to the other boats, he is well respected out there by his peers.
  6. Going tomorrow. Thanks again everybody for your feedback.
  7. blacklabnh Mullaney BST Users 415 posts Location: NH · #18 Posted 11 minutes ago · Report post I would never look at 6 pack charter as a way to save on meat. Your friend is trying to justify the cost with fillets. I would justify it with you'll have a good time on a good boat and take some meat home That is the way I am looking at it. That is a nice looking Lab you have. I have a great 10 1/2 year old female black lab, and I lost another one last year to cancer.
  8. Wegmans was selling local haddock for like 6 or 7 bucks a pound lately. You really going to have that many fillets? I guess you did not pick up my sketicism on my friend's prediction of success-12 fish limit at 17"-it won't cover the cost.
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  10. It is a four person charter-$1100 on their site for a shared charter. Right now it is me, my friend-who booked it for us, and one other guy. My friend keeps saying that it is $300 per person, so 20% would be another $60. I think that he could charge us the $1100 split 3 ways. My 14 year old truck and my John Deere lawn tractor both just got out of the shop for repair jobs I was not planning on in my limited budget. It is going to hurt my checking account, but this is sort of a bucket list type of deal my friend talked me into. He is counting our fish before we catch them, and thinks that we can make up for the cost with haddock fillets.
  11. Just thought of this-what about tipping?
  12. My friend set this up. They have four boats or go out of four ports. We are going out of Green Harbor in Marshfield. Thanks for the info.
  13. Going out soon with these guys on a haddock charter. Just checking to see if anyone has any opinions on these guys.
  14. I need to get back to fishing the Back River. It has been 4-5 years since I went. Takes some effort-wading out along the edge until it opens up-after dark so as not to draw attention from the guy who used to send his dog out. My rotator cuff surgery fixed my shoulder-still pretty weak, but with elbow surgery and 7 knee surgeries, I can't cast like I used to to feel the canal a worthwhile endevor, which has kept me away for the most part the last couple of years.