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  1. OK-not fresh water, but losing a rod/reel to a fish pulling it in while doing something stupid related. About 15 years ago at Duxbury Beach, I had two rods set up with chunks on sand spikes. I walked back to discreetly take a leak, when my friend started yelling that one of my poles was bent over. Not finished with the bathroom issue, I went stumbling after it only to see it disappear in the surf as I got to the water's edge. My friend and some guys fishing near us were thoroughly entertained-one guy yelling fun filled insults. Duxbury drops very shallow-last time I got a good striper there was few years ago when my friend still had a beach pass-way out chumming with the water almost the top of my waders ( I won't go out that far again with the great whites cruising-they just closed plymouth beaches a few days ago for sightings). I start out and walk up and down waist deep-no waders-looking for my pole while being taunted with good natured insults. Eventually, I felt a line against my leg, reach down grab it and pull, see my rod, get to it and pull up the nice striper that took advantage of me taking a leak.
  2. Sorry everyone, but my copy and paste skills did not work. Still lots of fun-filled Whiner Lines out there with a simple search-just found them in response to this post. Worth the time if you liked it back in the day-funny stuff that often came close to crossing a line, but it never seemed mean spirited-just good natured breaking balls or poking fun.
  3. Old Whiner Line example-pure gold compared to the crap we have today. I still can't listen to any 98.5 shows for more than a couple of minutes without puking. I still love how they belittled Mazz-playing on a loop-"I am NOT a weinie!!" I hope this comes through-if not google Whiner Line/Big O show, and a lot will pop up. Monday, March 16th Whiner Line Update: 2009-03-16 Share Description Peppers a Pat ? Pete vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins People, plus a few Irish diddies.
  4. My father was a football/lacrosse coach/teacher/athletic director at a high school in NH. One of his assistant coaches had a cottage and a lobster boat out of Gloucester which he worked in the summer. He took us out for a tuna trip around 1976 or 1977. He did not use rods, but used skinny ropes and big hooks tied to cleats. I was only 11 or 12 at the time, but I still remember going to the huge garage type buildings on the waterfront with huge grinders on either side of the garage where we filled two garbage barrels with chum from a massive pile of ground up fish. I was pretty young, but it was a long trip out before he set out the lines. All we caught was dog fish, and he was getting pissed off, and started to kill the dog fish. He ended up cutting them up and putting the chunks of dogfish on the hooks, because he said they won't eat themselves. No tuna that day-just dogfish, but a good memory for a kid. He was pissed because it was a wasted day for him-no tuna while he was not tending to his his lobster traps.
  5. I was going through my garage that morning getting my tip-ups and other stuff ready that morning when I got an all-call about the rescue from WFD, which made the decision easy enough to bag it. It was a Sunday, and I had seen guys out for the past couple of weeks on my way to work.
  6. Ice On Webster Lake Deemed Unsafe After Fisherman Rescued March 3, 2019 Even though the temperatures outside have been cold, the Webster Fire Department is reminding area residents and visitors not to venture out onto the ice on Webster Lake. In a message posted on the town’s website, “As Webster Lake is a spring fed lake, significant variation in ice thickness can potentially occur with little or no warning.” The Webster Police and Fire Departments say they will “never” advise that the ice on Webster Lake is safe for any activities., however there are times during severe cold snaps that the ice is more safe than others. The note also mentions, “snow covered ice can make it impossible to notice changes in ice appearance that could indicate thickness changes.” Chief Brian Hickey of the Webster Fire Department asks that everyone remain off the ice. “This morning an ice fisherman fell through and had to be rescued.” The department asks that you call 911 immediately if you see a person or an animal fall through the ice. “Do not under any circumstances attempt to reach and rescue the person or animal as there is strong likelihood the surrounding ice has been compromised and you could also become a victim.” The fire department reminds you that “seconds count with near freezing water temperatures, so please request emergency assistance immediately.” Also, the Webster Police and Fire Departments advise anyone who does venture out onto the ice on Webster Lake that they are doing so at their own risk and to exercise extreme caution and common sense. I would not try that lately. These winters have stretches of warm weather, rain followed up by cold snaps. The lake is too big with springs, so it may be 10 inches of ice over here, but not over there. In front of Waterfront Mary's, it does get pretty shallow, especially if you turn left towards the channel to North Pond, so with a sustained cold stretch, it may have been safer back in the day.
  7. Waterfront Mary's is still there. Ice fishing has been scetchy the last few years. The days it seems safe is when I see guys out out by exit 1 on my way to work. Some guys take risks and go out with 4 by 4's. I have not been out in a few years. I believe that some guy/s needed a rescue this past winter after breaking through. Too many areas where it is safe here, but not over there.
  8. I sold my boat-nice little 14 ft. starcraft with 15 hp suzuki-perfect for the lake. I fished that cove many times, but it has become a sh## show on weekends and holidays with out of town jet skis and people showing up at the town and state ramps trashing the place. I used to pay $5 for five years access to to the town beach, but the town has raised prices for yearly rates. The descriptions of the behavior at the town and state beaches are very similar to what you hear and see at the canal, although in Webster, it is not all about fishing, but all day marathons of people taking over spaces and ruining it for others. Webster PD now has a mobile tower with a live feed to the station to monitor poor behavior at the ramps -both town and state. I just go out now in my kayak or canoe on weekdays when I can get out. Sometimes some dick in a jet ski gunned it towards me to try to swamp me while you are trying to land a fish. I now have one spot I can pull up to to get my lab in the water retrieving the stick or frisbee to get her excecise and cool off during these hot days.
  9. heyblue34- " Ed, the Canal is a jhit show! Avoid it until later in the season when all of the riff raff, hooligans and mental defectives have dispersed back into their holes." I live in Webster, and this sounds a lot like about 1/3 of the present population. I like this town even so, but they are are not going anywhere. Lots of town improvements-new police station, library, tear downs of abandoned properties, etc, but it is also source of cheap/subsidized housing, empty businesses downtown, packies, drugs, and people who refuse to work. In contrast, you have the people with the million dollar houses on the lake. I live in a nice neighborhood near the Thompson/Dudley border. Good luck at the canal.
  10. This was from a local news source-not sure if mentioning that specifically is allowed.. I guess people are reading, but not responding. I will delete/edit this if I can figure out how to, because it may be deemed too much. If someone could give me some feedback on if I crossed a line here, I would appreciate it. A local guy is lost while fishing.
  11. Don't knock it before you try it, because I thought the same thing. Steak tips marinated in a bag with Barbacue sauce and honey overnight-grilled or broiled.
  12. I hope this OK. If not, please deleat/remove. Be careful out there.
  13. Brief time listening this morning before taking my dog out-Wiggy was terrible with his baseball talk while force feeding his Eastie accent/demeanor almost like creating a persona. When he got to breaking down football scenarios, he made sense and it was bearable to listen to. I can't speak for everyone here, but this is the sports doldrums this time of year, regardless of how the Sox are doing, while waiting for Pat's training camp. Golf, tennis, and soccer are not doing it for me. Maybe things will improve once football starts, but Wiggy, Mark James, etc. are difficult to swallow. I think that they should bring back Mike Adams and Pete the Meat Shepard, and roll in De'Ossie and Smerles after a series of stupid personal moves the last few years. That would be an awesome morning show in my humble opinion.
  14. They are force feeding Wiggy right now.