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  1. Okay, here we go-everybody laugh at the dummy. I can't even pronounce it.
  2. 55555s Way too many! BST Users 16,402 posts · #74 Posted 1 hour ago · Report post On 3/19/2019 at 7:55 PM, z-man said: "It’s absolutely ridiculous. One wild animal’s life should not take priority over another’s. The bird people are insane. I dont know, humans have populated and messed up a lot of habitat. We've got a foot on the scale already. Nudging it here or there may be of value. Fox are a ubiquitous predator. Plovers have habitat/nesting issues, and we are part of that equation. With regards to one animal not having priority, how about stripers over, say, dogfish? Bird people are pretty crazy though. Striper fanatics almost rival them, which is saying a lot." I have a master's degree in education, but I had to look it up: u·biq·ui·tous /yo͞oˈbikwədəs/ adjective adjective: ubiquitous present, appearing, or found everywhere. "his ubiquitous influence was felt by all the family" omnipresent, ever-present, present everywhere, everywhere, all-over, all over the place, pervasive, all-pervasive, universal, worldwide, global; Some super intelligent elitist who likes using words the common man would not understand to feed a superiority complex.
  3. First, it is the foxes. Next up will be the knuckle dragging out of towners throwing chunks off PPB-sometimes from the wrong side of the bridge- messing up the beautiful people's daily walks.
  4. Big pickerel or Charles River pike??
  5. OK- I am messing up basic copy and paste again-sorry for my being a tech dummy. My post ran right into the post I copied. This is unrelated to the thread, but I was was wondering about "Santa" who was a Powder Point Bridge legend. Last thread on PPB last fall, you had noted that he was having health issues, and not able to get out. You had mentioned that you were bringing him fish while he was laid up. If this is none of my business, please say so, but if you have an update on how he is doing, I would appreciate it.
  6. hotfishgirl 1,000 Post Club! BST Users 4,856 posts Location: duxbury · #4 Posted 6 hours ago · Report post i'm on the same boat fishing with the same captain this year.We start out doing haddock charters on may first.May,june are mostly haddock trips but as the season goes on we move deeper and deeper also catching red fish,pollock,cusk,hake,whiting,etc..We then start around july putting all the lobster traps out .The charters end in august for the most part for us.We concentrate on tuna until the lobstering gets good.We then juggle the two until the tuna season ends.We finish up lobstering in december.I don't have time for any striper fishing these days but some day i will be back at it. This is unrelated to the thread, but I was was wondering about "Santa" who was a Powder Point Bridge legend. Last thread on PPB last fall, you had noted that he was having health issues, and not able to get out. You had mentioned that you were bringing him fish while he was laid up. If this is none of my business, please say so, but if you have an update on how he is doing, I would appreciate it.
  7. Edited 17 hours ago by TimS Please don't post commercial links here - thanks Sorry Tim, I just cut and pasted an article from a local radio station's website, without realizing I was including commercial links. I am a tech dummy. I did get an emergency all-call about the ice warning from the fire chief Sunday morning. I have not been out this year, but I was thinking it was safe due to seeing guys fishing the last few weeks.
  8. Ice On Webster Lake Deemed Unsafe After Fisherman Rescued March 3, 2019 Even though the temperatures outside have been cold, the Webster Fire Department is reminding area residents and visitors not to venture out onto the ice on Webster Lake. In a message posted on the town’s website, “As Webster Lake is a spring fed lake, significant variation in ice thickness can potentially occur with little or no warning.” The Webster Police and Fire Departments say they will “never” advise that the ice on Webster Lake is safe for any activities., however there are times during severe cold snaps that the ice is more safe than others. The note also mentions, “snow covered ice can make it impossible to notice changes in ice appearance that could indicate thickness changes.” Chief Brian Hickey of the Webster Fire Department asks that everyone remain off the ice. “This morning an ice fisherman fell through and had to be rescued.” The department asks that you call 911 immediately if you see a person or an animal fall through the ice. “Do not under any circumstances attempt to reach and rescue the person or animal as there is strong likelihood the surrounding ice has been compromised and you could also become a victim.” The fire department reminds you that “seconds count with near freezing water temperatures, so please request emergency assistance immediately.” Also, the Webster Police and Fire Departments advise anyone who does venture out onto the ice on Webster Lake that they are doing so at their own risk and to exercise extreme caution and common sense. **
  9. Shorts and sneakers, not shots and sneakers.
  10. #1 Freshwater- Summer between 8 and 9th grade in Lake Champlain at St. Albens, trolling a Red Devil while my friend rowed his grandfather's row boat- first and only Northern Pike (Big fish) when I did not have a clue what I was doing. #1 Salt water- About 12 years ago, mid August, sun high in the sky and hot-Mousom River Kennebunk. I was with a Vietnamese guy from work and his many brothers who fish- out past the mouth on an outgoing tide with shots and sneakers-feet constantly running to avoid getting pushed over or further out throwing mackerel chunks-hooked into a fat 35 inch striper which was much harder to land due to no footing. It was nice to hold up the fish to the snobby, elitist fly fishermen wearing their Orvis outfits, when I was able to get back to shore.
  11. It going to be snowing an inch an hour later today.
  12. Trout Ghost said, " About Dark Roast Coffee I can understand why some feel it tastes burnt. Dark roast is toasted longer. That's probably why. Yet that toasted flavor is appealing to many people. The downside to dark roast is that the longer you roast it the less caffeine is leftover. The darker the roast the less caffeine punch it has. If You're a Fiend for Caffeine Go Light Roast So if you're in it for the caffeine, go for the light roast coffees. Light roast coffees retain more caffeine because the caffeine isn't evaporated/roasted out of it the way it is in Dark Roast. Light Roast will buzz you up stronger than dark roast. " One of my brothers had told me this a while ago. I had thought that the dark roast was stronger. I drink it black, don't measure precisely, make a pot, and stick it in the fridge for ice coffee. what ever is on the reduced/damaged rack at Market basket is good for me, or buying in large packages from BJ's.
  13. Does anyone know how Santa is doing? Was he able to play Santa this year or has he been able to fish at all? Not having re read this whole thread since October, but I think HotFishGirl said he was laid up. This was a fun thread.
  14. One thing that ticked me off was when even after putting on Frontline or Advantix, and doing checks after being out, I would still find them on my dogs heads, faces, or ears. I just lost one in May to cancer, but black labs make it hard to find unless you run your hand over the tick. My old country vet in Vermont would always tell me to stop the treatments when there was snow on the ground-long sustained periods of cold-end of December to late Feb./early March-why put a pesticide on your dog during those months-same with Heartguard? My Mass.vets would give me a hard time, saying if the dogs came down with anything, I put my dogs at risk.