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  1. This year was 1984/1985 before I transferred to Bridgewater State.
  2. Freshman year at Springfield College we were at some strip club in downtown Springfield near the bus station. Scary looking employees with catcher mitts.
  3. Putting on the foil! Not you coach. Old time hockey, like Eddie Shore! These guys are r*t*rds, They brought their friggin toys with the. I'm listening to the F**king song!
  4. She eventually will get the bungee cord chewed off that you can launch the duck. Once decapitated, she will keep playing with the body, asking me to throw it, or she will eviscerate the body. Makes a mess.
  5. They look like a bunch of pr*cks with ears. Leave the kid alone. It's the Ducky Boys!
  6. I was cracking up at the first sentence. Onestone!
  7. I got a co-worker pregnant. I tried to make it work, but it was not a match made in heaven. My ex-wife is Peruvian with a temper. My daughter is half Irish/half Peruvian. My ex and I put aside our differences after the split to raise her the best we could. If we needed to switch days or weekends for family things, or anything else, we did not put her in the middle of anything. My friend had twins, and when they got divorced, they put their kids through the wringer, and the kids wound up in therapy.
  8. My daughter is now 31. I was a single dad after the divorce with split custody, no alimony, and no child support from when she was 4. She used to love to go fishing, stomping in the woods, camping, etc. Until around middle school. Middle school and high school the head phones went on in the car , she was a lot less communicative. I became a taxi driver ATM machine driving her and her cousins or friends to the movies or the mall, as well as getting stuck at the mall. After she got out of college, she went back and forth between staying at my house or her mother's. She is out on her own and self-sufficient, but I am going with her to buy tires for her car so that she doesn't get ripped off next week. I am going to pay for the tires even if she wants to herself. This past Father's Day it was her idea that we went fishing for the first time in years.
  9. Sorry to hear about your loss. I had to make the decision on my third lab a year and a half ago when she was 13. My first 2 labs, I lost earlier than I expected to cancer. It is never easy.
  10. BB and pellet guns when my friends and I were kids. We would put on 2 sweatshirts and wear ski goggles, and then chase each other around the neighborhood shooting each other.
  11. Does a knife count? 1984 in Springfield MA, my freshman year before transferring to Bridgewater State, I was walking up from the bus station downtown, up State Street, and then a right turn into the neighborhoods. A kid who looked like he was about 15 was standing in front of me with a long skinny bladed knife. I think I could have taken him, but his 3 or 4 friends got behind me. I said that I just spent my money on a bus ticket. They let me go after I showed them my empty wallet.
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