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  1. 43 mins ago, HJS said:

    First, let me clarify.  I have never been in a kayak.  I’m 74 and I’ve been a canoe guy for almost 5.5 decades.  I’m sure I have at least a couple 1000 launches under my belt.  I fish both fresh (75%) and in smallish salt environs (25%).  I have been using a 16’ Oldtown Camper Canoe, 60#, (no longer made).  Wherever possible and practicable I strap on my 40# thrust, 30” shaft, Motorguide trolling motor.  Been using a troller for the last 4+ decades.  It’s a blessing, especially as I get older.


    That said, I’m pretty sure that a 55# troller would be overdoing the #s thrust.  A 55# thrust on a kayak would be like putting 300 horse power engine in a Smart Car… you will not go that much faster, and that much power will only get you in serious trouble, not to mention use up battery storage faster.


    I see that Bass Pro is selling a Prowler, 30#, 30” shaft, transom mount troller for $99.  Although I saw this featured in a 2019 BPS catalog.  I have no idea how a transom mounted troller could be attached to your kayak.  For my canoe I just use an Oldtown factory made side mount bracket,  easy-peasy, and mounts in seconds, and works GREAT.  See attached picture.  The FF sensor mounts on the bottom of the trolling motor.  Battery goes up front to even out the weight distribution.

    Good luck with your efforts.


    There's a ton of room in a canoe.  I can put a medium hard cooler between the seat pillow and the motor mount bracket.



    I recently upgraded my lead/acid battery, 54#, to a Lithium ion, 75AH, 50% less weight.  Expensive indeed but, at my age, well worth the cost.  The 54# lead/acids were becoming a bit much to lug around over rough terrain.  And Lithiums don't eat away you pants where the battery brushes against your pants while carrying.  I used a copper battery jumper cable to run from the battery up front to the troller.  In hind sight I probably could make do with less amp-hours, 75AH is a lot.  Voltage of my Lithium is about 13.7v and really moves the canoe.


    Thats a nice set up! Me and a few friends go on 2, week long fishing/camping trips down the delaware river each year so i thought the kayak would be better suited for the sometimes very shallow waters. We did a 26 mile river trip last year and im happy with the performance of the bonafide as well as the comfort. That $99 price point is alot better that the $300 for the minn kota, and as far as the #55 thrust goes, my thought was to get a larger thrust power in hopes that i wouldnt need to push the motor to its max and be able to get a longer run time out if the battery. Speed isnt a concern of mine, any propulsion from a motor is going to be faster than i can paddle, its mainly to get me To the opposite ends of some of the larger lakes in NJ. So from what im gathering from your response is, a lower # thrust would actually be more of what im looking for, as in, it wont use as much juice in operation as the #55 thrust... all the # thrust talk and the battery lingo has me kind of lost. I have no idea how to translate how many hours of use a 54 ah lithium battery should be good for. Just hoping to get at least 3 hours of use per charge. Anything more would be great but if worse come to worse my paddle is always right there too.

  2. Hey guys, with being very over worked during this pandemic, im thinking about finally splurging and getting myself a trolling motor for lake fishing for the upcoming season. Im tired of using all my energy to paddle instead of fish and pound beers. I have never used a trolling motor so im open to suggestions but heres my thoughts so far on the research ive done. 
    i have a bonafide ss107 and with me, the yak, and my gear were looking at about 310lbs of weight. I was looking at a torqueedo but i dont see myself dropping $3000 on a trolling motor set up. Hoping to get a decent set up for $1000 or less. i have done some research and im leaning towards a minn kota endura max 55, with a DAKOTA LITHIUM 12V 54AH battery. And as far as housing the battery im not sure yet.  I figure all together that would put my total weight around 350lbs. Im hoping this setup will get me around 3 hours of run time at 3/4  speed. If anyone uses this set up or something similar and can give me any insight if this is a good choice or if theres better options please let me know. Wont be purchasing anything til march so i have time to take all opinions into consideration. Thanks for any input and advice.

  3. 1 hour ago, ryc72 said:

    For the winter most of your flies should be sub surface so you’re talking nymphs.  Stick with beadhead and non beadhead pheasant tail nymphs sizes 14-18.  You’ll catch trout with those flies anywhere in the world.  Start there and then branch out. 

    Thanks ill grab some and try my luck this week! 

  4. Hey guys, the this fall season i have finally got a fly fishing set up. I have never been fly fishing and wanted to get into it so i splurged and got myself a water works lamson guru reel, a temple forks outfitters rod and a spool of rio line and handful of flies the guy at a local shop recommended. I watched probably 10+ hours of videos on how to properly fly fish and armed with all that i still got stuck in plenty of shrubbery on my first outing, but thats normal for me anyway even with my spinning rod as i fish heavily wooded areas. That bring said i had a great time and somewhat got the hang of it after fishing a few hours and i cant wait to get back out there and give it another go. I saw plenty of trout in the water but nothing i was using seemed to peak an interest from them. Everything i threw was size 16, 18, and 20 hooks. A few different sinking types and a few different floating types and the guy at the shop said if nothing is working heres a magic lure and handed me a red rubbery worm. Anyway ill keep trying my luck but the question i have is can someone tell me a few floating and sinking types i should be fishing with for NJ trout at this time of year? And if so, does the same list apply for spring? Not sure if the guy at the fly shop was giving me gold or just the crap no one else wanted. Thanks for the input!

  5. 10 hours ago, ermghoti said:

    By "failed," do you mean did not engage when the lever was actuated? That's a quirk of the design, in that the lever can be gently moved into the baitfeeder position without engaging the secondary drag. You have to poke it solidly into place, then it's 100%. I always peel off an inch or two of line to be sure, irrespective of what model or brand I'm using.

    Couldnt say for sure, it was a few years ago now but i think i was having issues with the bait runner drag not snapping back into regular drag mode properly, but like i said it could have been just that specific one i got and not the series as a whole. I own other okuma reels that are great. 

  6. As far as the live lining and dam fishing, id imagine alot of people dont know all the fishing laws in place, so i would let them know but probably wouldnt let it bother me too much. In reference to keeping shorts or excess fish, im calling you out on it and if you dont listen up ill make it know to other anglers in the area which is usually enough to get the guy to toss em back or leave all together. People have to understand that these laws are in place for good reason, it keeps the fish population going and allows us to keep fishing those species. If the species is over fished theyll eventually ban fishing that area or put that fish on a threatened species list and you wont be able to target them at all. When it comes down to it catch and release everything, taking home A few keepers for the family table is fine but theres no need to keep excess if theyre biting. All in all, dont be a dirt bag 

  7. On 6/5/2020 at 1:15 PM, Thumb-Burner said:

    I've spent this week fishing 2-4 rods in spikes from beach.  i always loosen drag when i setup to keep from losing a rod but then always have to fiddle with drag when winding in, casting and fighting fish.


    seriously considering one or two for the portfolio.


    1) do you enjoy the feature?


    2) can the baitrunner feature be deployed at at stout enough drag that fish can hook himself or only super light setting?


    3) what baitrunners do you recommend say under 125 bucks?


    thanks as always

    I fish 3 rods from the beach when i go, i tried the okuma but its bait runner feature failed several times while using so i returned it the next day. May have just been that reel was faulty but i wasnt a fan. I currently use 2 shimano 8000 baitrunner oc models which run around $150 and have been in use for about 3 seasons now with zero issues. The other rod has a shimano 8000 thunnus ci4 and its great but more around $280 price range. As far as performance, i dont notice a big difference when i get a bite. The bait runner feature however, after using it i dont think i can go back to a standard reel. It allows me to relax and if something takes my bait the reel makes a clicking sound as the line runs, then you jump into action and just reel in a little and the bait runner feature will click off and if youre using a circle hook you dont even have to worry about setting the hook. All in all yes i absolutely recommend a bait runner for  beach fishing

  8. Theres a guy on here selling a bonafide ss127 for $1000 and throwing in a free carbon fiber paddle. Not sure how the paddles performance is, i have the backwater assassin paddle and its amazing, light weight and has teeth on the blade to push off the rocks and a hook on the other side of the blade to grab onto tree limbs or docks. Anyway, the ss127 is originally $1600 plus tax. The one up for grabs is hondo orange which is more on the red side. If i had room in the garage for another toy id jump in this but hopefully someone here grabs it

  9. On 9/15/2019 at 5:48 PM, baldwin said:

    Another one you should probably consider is the Bonafide RS117. Very maneuverable, stable enough so that my students regularly stand and fish from it, plenty of space for gear out of the way. The seat is comfortable enough that I can fish for 8 hours in it much easier than I can in either of the three other kayaks I own. If you want to try one, send me a message. 

    Ill second this, over last winter i did probably 50+ hours of research on kayaks and i ended up with a bonafide ss107, my friend got the rs117 and my other friend got the ss127. All 3 a excellent products and have proved their worth over the summer. Did fine in the bay, and tackled rapids with no issues. Just last weekend me and the guys did a river trip from barryville ny to milford pa which was about 14 hours, 25 miles of river with some rapids along the way and the bonafides got through the trip with no problems...other than running out of beer. The seats are different on rs model vs the ss model, you get what you pay for. I opted for the ss107 because its size and weight ratio. It has a forward storage compartment and a good size dry box. I also was looking into vibe kayaks, they seemed pretty good also and cheaper if youre not sold on the bonafides. Good luck!

  10. Forget about party boats, spend a little more to get on a private boat. I used to go on party boats every other week and lots of times have no luck. Keep in mind on a party boat theres 30 or more hooks lined up so your chances arnt great. I jumped on a few different private boats and found a great one. The vitamin sea! The captain is a ball buster and puts you on the fish and only allows up to 6 anglers on deck. The captain and his mate are able to focus more on helping you when theres only a few of you vs a party boat. I believe he docks in keyport marina and last time i went i think it was $125 per person but includes bait, rod rental and tackle. Some party boats ive been on will charge you $3 a hook and when youre over a school of blue fish and the rods are rigged with mono line you can spend alot of money quick.

  11. Thanks, but im trying to avoid having a boat in the driveway, as well as putting wear and tear on my not so road worthy jeep. other than that, i usually use an intex k2 explorer inflatable kayak, so inflating and deflating isnt a big issue it only takes a few minutes with my electric air pump. Just wanted something a bit bigger to fit a fishing buddy in and actually be able to sit im comfortably. I saw alot of videos on youtube of anglers modding these inflatables and it looks good. Planning to pop in a ply wood floor and use a milk crate with a folding seat attatched to the top for seating. 

  12. I have both the tsunami trophy and the airwave. I like the trophy series alot better and i think now they have the trophy 2 series which is probably slightly better than the original. I fish both at the same time when i go and the aireave seems a bit stiffer when i get a fish on. Some guys like a stiffer rod but i prefer something with a bit more flex. That being said, both rods cast nicely and for the price you cant beat it.

  13. Getting an actual bass boat probably wont happen for me for at least a few more years, so i have been looking into alternantives to fish nearby lakes. This will be my first “boat” so i have ZERO experience and need a bit of advice. Im looking for an inflatable boat that i can mod and fit in the back of my jeep not on a trailer. After alot of research, price points, and past experience with intex seahawk and k2 explorer, i think im going to opt for the intex mariner 4 and mod it a bit. If anyone can recommend another inflatable boat im open to suggestions. My real question though is in what to use to power it. Been researching the past few days and have narrowed it down to 3 options. Suzuki 2.5 HP outboard gas engine, yamaha 2.5 HP outboard gas engine, or a minn kota trolling motor. If i go for the gas engine i would like the quieter option if anyone has experince with these motors. The Research ive done, both engines seem reliable and have a good weight and speed for what im looking to do. As far as trolling motors, ive never owned one and need something that can power this little boat with me and a buddy and a battery (amg preferred) that will put me at about 6+ hours of run time. So any info on that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help guys!

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