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  1. Bit of brick wall there, i dont have a laptop or desktop… i wish there was just a plug and play card to make it stupid proof. Technology is a blessing and a nightmare for myself to navigate. Gonna have to try and get by my buddys house to get this done, i hope his keys arnt too sticky
  2. Forgive my lack of knowledge, again this is my first fish finder… is navionics the mapping system it comes with or is this separate? I saw the demo showed a topography like set up that shows depths and coastline mapping. I will be ordering the regional sd card for where i live in the next few weeks
  3. Correction, it is indeed the, Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 74sv Fish Finder/Chartplotter with GT54 Transducer. it is still on sale right now if anyone wanted to grab it * thanks for the info though, i fish freshwater more often than salt, but at the price i couldnt pass up this impulse buy. The guy told me it had the saltwater maps included and after getting lost in the mangroves for a few hours after a tide change last season, i was happy to buy this unit so i never get lost again with no cell service on the waters.
  4. Hey guys i moved to gainesville a little over a year ago and with my work schedule its been hard to find someone that knows the areas that is willing to meet up and fish with. I am trying to see if there is anyone that wanted to meet up to go fishing on wednesdays or thursdays. I am trying to stay local but willing to drive up to 1 1/2 hours if you wanna fish cedar key or st augustine of anything inbetween. I have a kayak and i fish for anything that wants to bite the lures, idc what it is as long as im catching fish.
  5. Hey guys so i was recently at bass pro shop and they had a clearance sale on some fish finders and i grabbed myself a garmin echomap 73sv + transducer for only $350. The guy at the counter said this model has complete chart mapping of the US saltwater coastlines. I just ordered the kayak mounts from yak attack and a 20ah battery to run it, so i have yet to turn it on. He said i can find an sd card online to install all the US freshwater lakes. I have never used a fish finder before and i dont own a laptop or desktop since i got an iphone 4, and i dont wanna buy the wrong sd card. So, does anyone know where i can get this magical sd card the guy mentioned? Currently living in florida but will be moving back up to NJ in 2 years because theres too many alligators to fish without having a heart attack. Idk if location makes a difference when buying the card, if so i guess the florida one is what im looking for at the moment
  6. Thanks for the tip, hope i can get a chance sooner rather than later to make the trip!
  7. Hey guys i moved to florida a few months ago and i am trying to find an area that i can land a peacock bass. I live in gainesville but frequently visit the clearwater, tampa, siesta key areas. Can anyone tell me if theres any areas near here i might have some luck? Wont be able to make a trip to try the canals ive read about near miami for a while. Thanks for any input!
  8. Hey guys, my name is Matt, im 35 and I just moved to Gainesville FL from New Jersey and i am hoping to find a fishing buddy here. I mostly like to fish from my kayak but i also am down to walk the beaches tossing plugs. If anyone is interested in showing me how to not get killed by a gator, id be willing to share my beers!
  9. Hey guys, i just moved to gainesville from NJ, just outside of NYC. I am trying to find a fishing buddy to show me the ropes down here and help avoid being eaten by a gator. I mostly fish from my kayak but i also am down to just walk the beach tossing plugs. If youre looking for a good time and dont mind a little ball busting. dm me in here or instagram. My instagram is, mattymofukinice
  10. Heading to montauk next weekend. Anyone know of anywhere i can find up to date info on the striper migration? Or better yet, is anyone currently fishing there and having luck with striper action? Anything i have found online has been from the spring migration or older. Thanks for any info.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Hopefully the striper bite is on when im there, if its not, ill be at the bars getting hammered.
  12. Hey guys, im finally geared up as best as i can be for my first trip to montauk. Hoping i picked a good week to take some time off of work and get some action. Ill be there for 5 days and was just curious if you guys could recommend a few good spots to eat breakfast and dinner as well as a few bars i should check out.
  13. I will accept that offer. I can meet you tonight between 6pm and 9pm if you are free
  14. The vice is nothing special guys, it was only $75 if i remember correctly and has no manufacturer logos on it. It was purchased at tight lines fly fishing in parsippany nj. Also sorry, but, i am not parting out these sets, i already have them split into 4 lot sales. Make an offer and well see if a deal can be made.
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