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  1. Never had an issue with big gators but i have had tiny ones chase after topwater when tgat happened I just moved down the shore a bit. Problem solved. I’d be more worried about snakes.
  2. Any idea when?
  3. They were throwing cars out of Scarborough last Friday night around 9.
  4. Sunfish.
  5. Hopefully the high humidity knocks people out for the “cold” “damp” weekend. lol.
  6. Was at Camp Cronin last 4th (could have been the 3rd) and it was like competing fireworks shows going on forever. It was pretty cool but the place was a zoo….I think I actually caught a striper too…lol. Might just go late night and drowned some bait.
  7. Just wondering if you guys take the 4th weekend off due to the beach madness and drunken boaters. Looks like an iffy weekend early I’ll probably go late night or hit freshwater instead.
  8. For some reason never liked their rods. Not sure why but never kept one I’ve bought. Good to know about the warranty.
  9. Continued my streak that rivals the Washington Generals. Fished a south county point for a couple hours tonight and had one hookup on a imitation eel. Got it to the rocks and it fell off pulling it up the rocks. So close but yet so far. Back to the freshwater the rest of the weekend. Lol. I stink.
  10. What do you want to throw on it?
  11. Senkos and nothing else compares....gut hooking monsters though I try and avoid using them unless I am getting shutout after a long time.
  12. Yes in my opinion brands like Costa and Maui Jim are worth the extra money. Glass lenses in general will give better clarity and more scratch resistant but weigh a lot more and are more expensive. Plastic are more durable and in general have better UV protection and tinting because it’s easier to treat plastic than glass. Just my opinion. I own Costa and Maui Jims and prefer the Maui Jims but for the price Costas are great. Any eye protection though is better than none.
  13. Fished a couple hours tonight in Point Judith and did my usual shutout… many casts and quit after snagging and breaking off. I need to find a friend who knows how to fish the salt because I’m horrible. Lol. Might need to cheat and try bait. Can’t be that I stink it’s gotta be all the seals around. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  14. Fished for a couple of hours Wednesday night in Narragansett hit two spots one with a jetty….typical night fishing for me lost a lure and caught about 25lbs of seaweed. Heading back out tonight hoping to catch 50lbs of seaweed and lose 2 lures….lol….I just want a couple of fish I’m not greedy…a keeper would be nice.
  15. I second that I’d love to be able to trade in my Predator PDL and get something lighter. If I could it would be gone.