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  1. The final bit I used was 13/64. I started out with a smaller bit. Be careful if you don’t have a press or a vice. If that initial drill isn’t close to the middle it’s very hard to guide the bit back to the center. The BG went smoothly but I mangled the SSVI handle. Hope it works out with the washer. The knobs cost 15 bucks a piece.
  2. Installed both of the knobs. Went with 41mm for both as my hands are on the larger size. Drilled by hand. The BG3000 worked out perfectly but I slipped and massacred the SSVI handle. It’s tough to get the bit centered properly without a vice of some sort. i was able to salvage it using a thick washer but not so sure it will last too long. Time will tell. Otherwise the knobs are VERY well made. And they feel perfect on both reels. Those small paddle handles that came on both reels cannot even compare. They both feel like different reels. Night and day. I will post the drill bit size that was perfect when I get home.
  3. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a grand slam season, I’m just saying I thought it would be worse and am not complaining.
  4. If you are really on a budget the "Triple Retention Wading Belt" sold at the Surfcaster for $ 20 is not half bad for a belt that inexpensive.
  5. My surf and kayak season is over. I know big fish are still being caught, but work and family have taken over. Im done. Surprisingly, my report is positive. For what its worth, I have to say my season was pretty good this year or at least better than last year. Last year had a MUCH longer Albie run and many more Blues in the mix, but I don't think it is anything to worry about. Surf Albie fishing was still outstanding. I blame strange weather on their early exit. Caught my personal best kayak fluke, my personal best Surf Albie and had a few spectacular Surf Bass days. Sure, the bass were not as big as previous seasons but I had one weekend where I caught hundreds of bass up to 25 pounds. I'll admit that most of the fish were larger schoolies but I had a blast nonetheless. I rarely fish from a boat, but I could say the Black-Fishing was better than any other year I have had. I never made it to the CCC as I planned, but from online reports it seems there was no shortage of behemoths. I started this season worried about depleted stocks etc. but looking back this season was nothing to complain about. Now for the long wait till Spring.
  6. Spinnerbaits are for hillbillies. Just saying.
  7. That’s actually really cool. Unrelated but the same thing happens to some (lucky) ROLEX Submariners when exposed to the sun. Collectors call it “ Tropical Dial” Submariner and they fetch prices of triple or quadruple the actual value. You never know.
  8. Did you ever find the fix? Just wondering if it is the same as the vr50.
  9. That’s great!!
  10. The BG knob also has to drilled out. I ordered 2 knobs in the 41mm size and the proper drill bit size is 1/5 inch. i don’t have a drill press so am going to do it by hand. That’s the only part I’m worried about as I don’t want to ruin the handle.
  11. I believe it’s going to be the Stradic SW Scooby did a short video on. I see the JDM versions on a big auction site for around 240. I chose the SSVI for more than 100 less. Won’t be able to fully test it against waves and drag burning Albies until next October though.
  12. My name is Chris, and I fish black plugs in the glorious sunshine. There, I said it. It feels good to come clean.
  13. About to order Gomexus knobs for both my Daiwa BG3000 and my new Penn SSVI 4500. Both will require drilling out the existing shafts. I figure it can’t be that difficult even with a handheld drill. I’m wondering how I should figure out which knobs to purchase for each reel? Do I measure the diameter of the shaft on my handle? Also would appreciate any general advice regarding the removal of the existing shaft knobs. Thanks in advance.
  14. Did you get a chance to cast it out yet? Haven’t seen one in person yet but I hear they have a tight wiggle underwater when retrieved slowly like sinking little necks do. thanks
  15. Thanks Bill. Just mailed the check out. Thanks SOL and TimS!