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    Love to fish RI coast and collect lures
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    #1 traveling. Fishing, hunting, golf, road trips in the rv. hangin w/ my girls. Skiing
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    Self employed in the cruise travel industry.

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  1. Thanks everyone. I decided on another van staal..
  2. You’re probably right. Maybe mine is vsbx
  3. I’ve been using them for several years as well. But they were getting a little old and I passed them on to a fishing buddy at the end of the season. I have no complaints except the price, and it’s not that bad.. was hoping someone found a pair just as good for much less $$$ or better for the same money. But maybe that doesn’t exist
  4. Thank you. The negatives with the sheath etc are ok to me. I have another flatlander sheath I can use with lanyard.
  5. I’d sell mine. I bought it 2 years ago as a backup and never needed it. Vsb150 bailless in black. Still new in the box with everything it came with. Also bought a power knob that never got installed. $700 for all picked up in Plainfield ct. Comes with braid already too. If interested I’ll post pics tonight when I get home from work.
  6. Beautiful plugs
  7. Anyone recommend something other than van staal 7” pliers? Want a decent pair that won’t break or break the bank. Been using rapala brand and they lock up and get rusty pretty easily. Want something I can use and not clean after and won’t rust. If I have to I’ll get the VS but prefer to not spend close to $400
  8. Is it a 4cyl awd?
  9. Are these still available? Have a friend looking for one
  10. Not sure where you are but just bought one in RI at twin city marine. They had a few. Came to $921 with tax.
  11. Don’t forget the Montreal whore. One of my favorite fly pattern and women!
  12. Interested. Can you send me pics and details? Thank you!
  13. Ri/ct line
  14. Yup. I clicked the wrong section.
  15. Bought a new truck in august and have 18000 miles already so I’m looking for a commuter car or suv. Prefer a Toyota 4runner or camry but open to others. 5 speed is fine too. Don’t really have a budget in mind but don’t want something so cheap that’s not going to make it home. I need to drive it back and forth to work without breaking down. And ac would be nice