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    Love to fish RI coast and collect lures
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    #1 traveling. Fishing, hunting, golf, road trips in the rv. hangin w/ my girls. Skiing
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    Self employed in the cruise travel industry.

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  1. Thank you
  2. Was thinking maybe Jim jaget but not sure. Anyone help in this one?
  3. I have $115 for the bone. If it’s new and mint
  4. Have these. Want to trade for a new deep grs Black over white and also like silver flash too. As well as the reverse sea robin.
  5. If you have one please let me know. Will pay well for it or even trade.
  6. Do you know if they warranty or fix this issue at VS?
  7. No problem.. curious. mine has a broken spring?
  8. Yes that’s ok. I’ll take $250.
  9. Depends. Not looking for too much. But not against it if it’s a good deal on something I’ll use..
  10. Sorry Tim. No need to pay me FF. Price same.
  11. T That means friends and family so I don’t have to pay fees to get the money
  12. That is the thin metal piece that attaches it to the spring mechanism I assume.
  13. See the many pics for condition. Used but not much. These are a spare set for me and haven’t used in 2 seasons. Sheath has a few storage marks but don’t think I ever used it in the water as I have another I prefer. $275 shipped PayPal FF
  14. Going there today.
  15. Someone just replied today about a hobie but the post disappeared.. please post again. I’m interested.