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    #1 traveling. Fishing, hunting, golf, road trips in the rv. hangin w/ my girls. Skiing
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  1. Pretty sure they are a resin
  2. His taxidermy is second to none. The most amazing work.
  3. Believed hand carved. Then a mold made. Then hand paints all of the detail.
  4. I have done this a million and one times. Couple other options you should consider. Buy new. Buy from a private party. Buy privately: I typically do not buy a used used car from a Dealership. If you look at Facebook marketplace or craigslist (and there are others like autotrader etc) you will likely find the same car for a few thousand less at least. And unless it’s a reputable new car dealer they likely did nothing at all to that vehicle but clean it. So you’re buying the same vehicle you would get buying privately. Many banks, AAA, and my credit union all do private party loans so financing isn’t an option. And you save on all the dealers fees they slip in. You can buy used at a dealership. Sometimes it’s the only option. Especially if you’re looking at a 2-3 year old car, as there aren’t a ton on the private side as those owners typically are just trading up or returning a lease to the new car dealer. If you buy at a dealership buy at a new car dealer. You may pay a little more than used lot but worth it. They won’t nickel and dime you. If you want a warranty they offer factory options (don’t buy an aftermarket warranty). For negotiations.. please walk away. The car isn’t going anywhere. Don’t be rude but walk if they aren’t caving. They will call you or chase you. Do your research ahead of time so you actually know what is a fair price. Check what they are selling for on Craigslist and Facebook. There will be others there to compare as dealers list stuff there too. The realty is that on a 3 year old car it may be worth it to buy new. You get to have the best years and the satisfaction of knowing the history of it and how it was taken care of. You many times get rebates that make it close to the price of a used truck. You get lower interest rates and many times longer terms (my truck had option of 84 months). Excellent warranty. Better reliability. If im not paying cash for something I’m buying it new and paying a little more each month. Buy a 5 year old truck and in 2 years it’s beat and you still have a big note.
  5. Left the rod and plug bag on top of the hard cover of my pickup and drove off. Forgot until I woke up at 5 am and it hit me. Went back and found the rod untouched. Stopped at the front gate and left my number for the bag in case someone turns it in and a day later they called and said one of the campers turned it in. So it turned out ok for me. But it can happen to anyone. So if you need anything to get you by don’t hesitate to ask.
  6. Jude is a cutlass. About $15. Not very collectible but catches fish.
  7. No prob. Sorry
  8. I have to say neither. I have had not the best luck with Nissan. And seem to rust pretty bad so be careful with a used one. I had one frontier and the frame cracked in Half and the bed used to bounce off the back of the cab. I wanted to love the Tacoma as I have had others I did like in the past (newest was a 2002). In February I bought a 2017 Tacoma with 22,000 miles. Just FYI I paid 25k so for few thousand more you can get much newer and less miles. I kept it for 2 months and brought it back to the dealer. It was terrible. Motors all make a ticking sound. The transmission is **** and always searching for a gear on the highway and shuddering when you stop. And is very slow and no power. Keep looking and researching. But I can tell you now Toyota don’t make em like they used to. Don’t be 20k into a 100k mike Tacoma
  9. Offer $200
  10. Going to depend a lot on the lconditions. Certain plugs swim better in current. Certain plugs cast better into the wind, certain ones will get you much deeper, while others will float. Depends where the fish are biting and the conditions you face. I am not one to quickly give up on certain lure or type of lure, It’s more the issues I face that will make me switch fast. Like it’s so windy my favorite lure is coming right back at me or too much seaweed. Just have to keep at it and adapt Differently each time. Then you’ll know what to do in each situation and have a solution for every scenario even if it’s go home.
  11. All great info. Make sure if there’s a strong current you have enough weight to your bucktails or you aren’t going to get anywhere near the bottom before you’re right back at the rocks. I actually prefer to avoid the rocks if possible for few reasons. I like to fish at night sometimes by myself and they are dark and fairly dangerous and if you drop something (including yourself) its gone. And there are always a lot of people so you won’t have your favorite rock or you will have to fish in a rotation. I prefer to fish inside the jetty if possible. The current isn’t as strong and you can use it to float out your favorite lure or drift an eel and catch a lot in the retrieve. I Always have best luck at night and the darker the better. Do well when it’s a pain in the ass with wind and Other factors telling you to stay home. You don’t need a million things. I travel as light as possible. Wear my waders with a small 2 tube surf bag with a few lures or just a little pouch attached to my belt, few live eels with a piece cloth, pliers, extra leaders, knife, travel size bug spray, thin winter hat, cigar, head lamp.
  12. Where are you located?
  13. 4 tube commando $300 shipped
  14. So sorry for your loss.
  15. How is it in Maine? Heard you aren’t letting out if state people in the state? Love to come up in June for a few weeks but not sure we’re allowed.