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  1. Tryin to teach the wife to shake the traps before pulling them over.
  2. There's a benefit to boat fishing... just beach her, jump out on the banks and steal that plug back from mother nature!
  3. Yeah I agree. I've seen a few pictures of them and it seems you can customize the deck layout a little bit. I think you can order without the fix box.
  4. Could be a bad coil, could be a bad power pack, could be a failing fuel pump. When my 115hp Johnson had a failing fuel pump it would cough/sneeze. Is yours? My guess is the coils or power pack. I just went through a similar issue and the power pack was failing.
  5. The new Sea Ox boats look pretty nice.
  6. You'll definitely beat me, my boat is in the shop..
  7. No water temp, but I use TideGraphPro. Wasn't free, but I think just a couple dollars. It's pretty nice.
  8. I'd let my FIL take the boat out and he's let me take his out. Other than that, probably no one.
  9. I have a small one I keep in the glovebox. It’s about the size of a external hard drive. Works great too. Worth every penny!
  10. Mine started as a template I downloaded but have been upgrading over the years and has changed quite a bit. Can sort each column easily. If I type "Keeper" in the fish column it automatically makes the text red (easier to keep track of my yearly count). Different tab for every year. I going to steal from Joey and add a wind column though.
  11. Bluefish for the fight, Flounder and Blowfish for the table.
  12. How aggressive are the little guys? Was he trying to pinch you?