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  1. anyone happen to know the cost of launching out of compo beach in westport? i know the fee to enter is $40 a day for non residents, but is there another fee to use the launch site in the park?
  2. There’s a kiosk at the west haven boat ramp. I think it’s a dollar an hour so it’s not too bad. Check tides before launching out of sniffens lane. The current can be brutal. Theres a bunch of spots to launch out of Milford. Normally I just look for the public beach access and wheel my kayak thru there to launch.
  3. Agreed stroipahuntah. Actually never kept any of the weakies I caught last year. Never bothered to try them. Heard they were good tho.
  4. last year i was catching them as a bycatch fishing for porgies using sandworms. sometimes would be lucky enough to catch 2 at the same time. Fishing around structure too. I would catch them during the morning hours. My friends were catching them using soft paddletails.
  5. anyone gone out for togs recently? ive heard reports of some small ones being caught. this weekend looks great. hoping to get the kayak out and get onto some fish.
  6. Favorite rods for me would be the medium heavy, fast action st croix avid inshores. Last year i used a 7' avid inshore. Brand new setup that im loving this year so far is the shorter 6'6" avid paired with a VR50. Very lightweight setup. Definitely one of the greater setups ive invested in.
  7. Awesome. Thank you!
  8. Does anyone know if you could launch a kayak from the beach at Sherwood island? I've been looking around and can't seem to find an answer. I know there are other launches around the area but I'm asking specifically about launching from the beach
  9. Just wondering as to where I would be able to park and launch a kayak from around the west end boat basin area. Not from NY and don't have the fishing/parking pass.