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  1. For years now there has been talks about putting up a 250 foot fishing pier over in Winthrop. Well, a contract to start building was just awarded which has locals in rage towards the MWRA. I was heading out to wet my line and noticed many signs of protest in front yards of Winthrop residents. Winthrop residents are saying, "No Security, No Pier." Where do you guys stand on this?
  2. Haven’t seen any herring in the Charles/Mystic since about a week ago.. any updates on the Charles specifically?
  3. I tried fishing a particular jetty near a beach in my area for the first time. Walked out about a mile during low tide and the bite was red hot. I look back after a couple hours of hooking up and the rocks I walked in on had disappeared as the time came in. Walked/swam all the way back in near chest water. live and learn!
  4. any suggestions where I could find some good underwater sneaker repair???
  5. I think he forgot the 'release' part
  6. good to hear they flooded the mystic. I have been putting a lot of time in over there recently without a lick
  7. Had to remain on the good side of regulation! Good to see they have arrived in my neck of the pavement
  8. First sights of herring on the Charles today. Caught 5 different species, including a few Schoolies
  9. Snagged one of these in the Charles today. I’m sure I could google it but figured I’d ask you guys... what is it??
  10. So i have decided to make some DIY tubes. I have found everything I need EXCEPT FOR THE WIRE! I am having trouble finding durable wire over the length of 15". I have done my research on the inter-webs with no luck but Ryan from Fishing CC had a pretty good video on youtube. Any suggestions fellas?
  11. Another skunk during a few afternoon hours at a river mouth today. One guy hooked a goose which i had never seen before. May have seen a herring boil or two
  12. Looks like a B cup. Just add a HEPA filter
  13. Well good to hear I’m not the only one. I guess we will stay tuned....
  14. Been hitting the Mystic and Charles consistently this month with no sign of a single herring. If I remember correctly the Charles was boiling around this time last year.
  15. Fishing Finatics in Everett will help you out. essential in my book!
  16. First time making tubes but the brand of tubing I’m waiting on in the mail is bevlex
  17. Used to bait and wait the sugar bowl with my father when I was a kid but never any luck. The mystic and Charles flow just before it, surprised there isn’t more action in my opinion. that pier also has a typical crowd that would throw a 12” schoolie in the cooler
  18. I 2nd that. That $23 kit has everything I need and much more. Not a fan of using any chest strap while on my GoPro though, it seems as though I’m filming more of my hands on the reel than anything
  19. No rain in Medford on Thursday. Maybe the fish pulled you in???
  20. Anyone else on the board for 2020?? Came out of a nearby river this evening. Zero signs of herring thus far....
  21. Haywire twist it is. Thanks man
  22. I think we all have unfortunately lol
  23. those are some curvy looking tubes. reminds me of a girl I used to know.....
  24. Awesome thanks for the good word- it is tough trying to converge something not made for fishing into something made for fishing..... i pulled the trigger on Stainless Steel Wire (316L) 1.2 MM - 25 Ft, Coil ( Wire Wrapping Craft Wire ) due to cabin fever so I hope it works. Do you just tie your wire end or do you use a crimp sleeve of some sort?
  25. A lot of schoolie luck for me on the Charles so far. One week ago I didn't see a single herring but last night they had the river boiling.