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  1. A lot of schoolie luck for me on the Charles so far. One week ago I didn't see a single herring but last night they had the river boiling.
  2. Put an hour on a river today and pegged 2 schoolies. Possibly the same schoolie, twice lol
  3. awesome footage. Thanks for sharing
  4. I think it's a precautionary measure- guy came off the DL and threw 12 strikeouts in 5 innings. At this point in the season I think they would make him take a day off if he as so much stubbed his toe.
  5. Anyone that tells you that bianchis is the best pizza in the world must be from revere.
  6. what'd you find that from under your car seat? looks like cardboard and ketchup
  7. Bianchi's is a great slice- they used to be better back in the day though. Coincidentally I just recently heard that the property owner is selling the land for, you guessed it... condominiums. Place will be shutting down temporarily
  8. Nothing to joke about- a real pain in the back. I had to get a shot of valium in the rear end to sit down without a scream. Good luck pal
  9. If porcello didn’t let up that hit the guy from jordan’s furniture would have had to pay for anybody that bought a piece of furniture from him in 2018 lol
  10. That's the point... Shark food
  11. Just never heard of a cop killer doing time in the clink and coming out a straight arrow... maybe the prison system works for other criminals, but not cop killers.
  12. What lesson does a prison sentence teach a criminal willing to shoot a cop????
  13. lol looks similar to the Revere Beach Kelly's french fry diet
  14. Yeah and stripers hate eating mackerel. Where are your supporting points? Sox are 2-2 against Houston this season
  15. My premise is that the Yankees and Red Sox are the good ball clubs that they are because of their bats.. saying that the Sox are a winning team because of sale is malarkey. See you in October (if you win the wild card)