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  1. Hi guys, I got a very nice 704z with a black spool from flea bay. It came with brown mono and a dried up rubber band stuck to the spool. I was able to scrape some off with a plastic card. There’s some stubborn stuff left. I was thinking about using acetone on it. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  2. Thank you. Yes, they’re the K guides. I’ve never seen them before so I just wanted to make sure it was normal. Now to go fishing.
  3. I got this new Carnage 2 yesterday. Maybe it’s me but a are the Fuji guide supposed to have this much curvature to them? Thanks
  4. I have a beach cart that I want to put these wheels on. Does anyone here have experience with them. Are they durable ,do they last and do they perform as advertised in soft beach sand? Thanks
  5. Thanks Ben. It is threaded. My older eyes needed a magnifying glass.
  6. I bought a Battle 3 4000 dx last weekend. Before I took it out I greased a few spots on it. I noticed the protection cap opposite the crank handle is a press fit not a threaded piece. I prefer a threaded cap. Is this something I can order from Penn? I must say it seems to be quite a reel for the price. II
  7. Ok here’s a joke. How do you communicate with a fish? You drop it a line.
  8. New member from Florida. Originally from Pensacola but now live in Tampa.