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  1. Yep, dems will have a tough time fighting to maintain a house majority in 22. Tho its nearly impossible to predict what the mood of the country will be at that time. Could be a different midterm than we've seen in the past. Also, I'd expect other Republicans to challenge McCarthy for the speakership when/if the time comes. He definitely won't just walk into that one
  2. Holy crap you are full blown delusional. Do you know who has been in the white house for 4 years? The guy who talks about red america vs blue america? Democrat run states vs republican run states? The leader of our country is responsible for setting the tone. Also, lol at you wanting there to be unity when the senate jammed through a lifetime supreme court nominee a week before the election. It appears that your definition of unity is everyone who disagrees with you jumping on your side. We're going to disagree on a ton of issues. The least we deserve is a president who doesnt seek to divide us even further than we already are.
  3. A bit of both. Because Biden at least says he's going to try and bring people together and not divide us further. And yes completely.
  4. Been enjoying messing around and tying whatever flies look fun to me. Here's one I did last night
  5. Beautiful day out there!
  6. First ever November striper for me today
  7. Looking to get into fly tying this winter and figured I'd check here first before buying new. Looking for an entry level vise that doesn't completely suck. Thanks!
  8. skunked in the marsh Sunday, skunked in Portland yesterday evening. Think its officially over
  9. Still catching In Portland as of Friday am
  10. Good stuff everyone! Got a couple schoolies on the fly in Portland this am
  11. Well ****, I'm never gonna quit at this rate. Got a couple this size and then a few bass start busting on top! Lots of silversides in close still too. Portland once again. Hand is for scale since I didnt have a measuring tape on me.
  12. Couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning, but I fished from 445 to 615 in Portland this afternoon and amazingly, caught 9 stripers. All dinks, but I could care less. Was stoked to still get them this late in the year up here. Will try here again a couple more times and then will try the marsh a couple days for ultra late season schoolies. Back down to MA as well for more blitzing fish this weekend too..
  13. my third! Closely followed along with a video
  14. Just got my vise and tools a couple days ago. Working on getting down clousers with some helpful youtube videos
  15. Gonna make one more attempt at a striper in Portland tomorrow before work. I have low expectations but you never know.
  16. I need hope to keep going out. What town are you fishing in and still getting bass?
  17. decided to head south again since our season is basically over in Maine. Found some sporadic busting fish this am, then all went quiet, right up until 3 pm, when tons of fish, gulls and cormorants came out of practically no where. Fish blitzing in multiple spots all a mostly empty harbor. They mostly stayed out of casting range so I only got a couple but just watching them was amazing. Definitely a once a season, if not once every couple years type of sighting. They went hard for about an hour straight and then moved off. Not a single boat was on them, and it was just me and my dad fishing from shore. I'll be back next weekend but won't leave the kayak at home this time.
  18. really thought I was in for a skunking this am. Ended up getting a couple micros and I was "rewarded" with a chunky low 20s fish.
  19. Nothing big, but some great fall run action where I was this morning. bait, birds and fish everywhere up and down a stretch of coast line.
  20. A couple fish this size this morning in Portland. And I didnt even need to put on waders to get em
  21. Had the same thing happen Sunday in Beverly
  22. Yep, crush barbs on every lure. Just so much easier to release the fish and definitely does less damage to them.