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  1. This morning marked 3 consecutive skunkings for me. Thinking striper season has officially come to a close, but interested to see others reports from the next couple days.
  2. Put in about an hour at my go-to spot tonight, but no bass seen or caught. Tide/current was perfect. Super nice nite tho, I was glad to be out. I'll give it a couple more tries before I call it.
  3. A few schoolies in Portland this evening as it was getting dark. Will probably go again Thur/Fri and see if anythings around after this storm
  4. Tons of bait and bass feeding on top again in the dark in Portland. Super picky tho, only got a couple.
  5. Absolutely perfect weather yesterday. Launched the kayak in Scarborough around 11, saw a few sporadic surface busts and caught one schoolie. Went out to my usual spot in Portland around 5 and got one big topwater blow up and another follow, but no fish caught. Signs of life keeping me motivated to keep going!
  6. Schoolies were feeding for hours yesterday in Beverly. Most exciting part of the day may have been seeing a monster bass that followed in a fish right to shore.
  7. Not really to be honest. All schoolies mid teens, got one that I’d guess was 22-24, good fight in the current. Got my first on a small fly last night and then switched to an sp with a single hook. They were really hitting anything tho. Two nights ago I was throwing a sluggo
  8. found fish feeding on top in the dark the last two nights in Portland. They were stacked up, definitely some good time left here
  9. Have been hitting the mud flats near me with the fly rod the past week or so and to my surprise I have had some success! Each time I've been out i've seen fish surfacing and calmly/ sporadically feeding. Amazingly (to me) I have managed to land a few low-mid 20 inch fish in true shallow water, less than 2 feet. Not sight fishing where you see fish in the water, but I have been able to see fish by the little wake theyre pushing. It's a pain to wade in the mud but it's been a blast.
  10. Have not, no. I've been using clousers and epoxy baitfish flies that I tied.
  11. 20-30 ish feet
  12. Went out last night with hopes of blues but got distracted quickly, found the motherload of squid in Casco Bay. Never encountered them up here so it was a fun surprise.
  13. Recent report from The Tackle Shop says blues have been caught in Portland. Anyone on here getting them?
  14. Any signs on them? I'll be down there this week.
  15. My last stripers were on Oct. 22 in Portland last year
  16. I'm considering ordering one for my helix 5 even tho it should fit the oem mount.
  17. https://navarre****.com/shop/scupper-transducer-mount/
  18. Point of Rocks on the key is a well known shore spot, but I bet kayaking in the area would be good too
  19. I don't see why it wouldn't. You are one person out of hundreds of millions. There are people who trust AOC and listen to her for advice. There are also people who trust Donald Trump and listen to his advice. yes, part of it is because they are government officials. But there's a reason that every single one of them is posting on social media about their vaccination, and a reason Mike Pence got his live on TV
  20. Like I said, hypothetically, these very well known public officials getting the vaccine will encourage more people to get it later on. The more people that get the vaccine the better off we will be. There's the science.
  21. who knows if it will have the intended effect, but they're partly vaccinating these public officials first to try and encourage others to get it when their time comes. Same reason Marco Rubio got it a couple days ago.
  22. very cool. Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to getting it, even though it may not be till next spring or summer.
  23. And you believe they're all true. How would you like ballots to be tabulated? By hand?
  24. 100's of affidavits? Out of 150 million people who voted? Im with you on paper ballots. In Maine, we already do that. And look! It's a state controlled by democrats.
  25. This. Once you tear down the trust people have in our elections system there's no going back. All for one man.