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  1. I felt the need to follow up on this. The idea that women "like" abortion, "want" to have abortions, or think they are "good" is a total myth.
  2. abortion rights/ access to reproductive health care
  3. not that they're couldnt be any fish still around popping in and out of that river..
  4. I hit the same spot as last weekend yesterday with no luck.
  5. how long has it been since bass stayed around that late?
  6. took one last shot at some straggling fish yesterday in Falmouth. Nada, didn't see any bait either but there were a couple cormorants out farther from shore. I didn't catch any "big fish" but I had an enjoyable fall fishing the Portland area for the first time since I moved here.
  7. pic sent to me from salem harbor a couple days ago
  8. what are the ratings on each of those? looking to throw up to 3/4 or 1 oz
  9. Figured I'd see what's out there before I order new. Thanks!
  10. fished sunday and monday in Salem and beverly. At a spot where I can usually get plenty of schoolies, I struggled and only caught two bass the whole weekend. Saw minimal bait and only one very short feed both days. very tough and discouraging considering this time last year the fishing was great (for small ones at least.)
  11. Two chunky schoolies today on the top of the outgoing in Portland/Falmouth. Lots of cormorants around and even saw a bass swirl on some bait close to shore. Pretty pumped to catch fish up here at this time of year.
  12. If you're willing to share some productive pollock spots I would love to try and do that this fall!