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  1. throughout American history there is a strong reactionary theme. We move a bit left, we go right. And so on. trump was a reaction to Obama, its only natural that there is a strong left reaction to Trump.
  2. nah. Im sure shes just running for the fun of it and wasting everyones time
  3. A little bit of an update for those interested in the nitty gritty - MA state Rep. Thomas Stanley (9th Middlesex) has introduced three bills regarding striped bass this session. 1. H.D. 198: An Act relative to the conservation of striped bass 2. H.D. 199: An Act relative to the conservation of Atlantic striped bass 3. H.D. 201: Resolve protecting the legal harvest of striped bass I don't believe full text of these bills is available yet, but its something to follow!
  4. well this thread was specifically about striped bass. There are plenty of other places to talk about climate change/human impact on nature as a whole.
  5. I'm not one to doubt the impacts of humans on our climate/ nature, but I dont think de icing chemicals hurt fish stocks as quickly or are as damaging as the amount of overfishing that goes on. Sure its a factor, but it will probably be a while longer until we can point towards one small factor such as that as affecting fish stocks, especially striped bass. Overfishing is an immediate issue that could literally be changed with legislation
  6. sure thats a factor, but I seriously doubt the impact is anywhere near the impact of overfishing.
  7. buncha snowflakes in this thread am I original or what???
  8. definitely relevant. Thanks for the comment.
  9. agree! I also know for a fact that state representatives WILL hear about these emails we send. State senators too. Getting a response from congressmen is more difficult but it cant hurt. copy and paste
  10. Well honestly it was more a general message to let them know that its an issue I was thinking about, and that they should look out for. Based on another thread on this site the new stock report will be coming out soon so I mentioned that. I also had thoughts on regulations and commercial fishing, but I know a lot of people on here will disagree with me so I'd rather not share.
  11. About my concern over the health of the striped bass population. I wrote my state rep, state senator, and congressman Moulton. I don't want to get in any arguments on here about the issue, merely to encourage others who are concerned to do the same thing.
  12. I smoke weed fairly regularly, but I wouldnt ever argue it has benefits. My only argument is that alcohol is far more harmful than weed when abused, and if that's legal than so should weed.
  13. Anyone willing to share some freshwater spots with me? Dying to bend a rod tomorrow with the nice weather. Thanks guys!
  14. good time watching the team play this year! hated to see it end like that yesterday but it was fun while it lasted
  15. I used a debit card at the place in Leicester