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  1. Went out today for the last trip of the year, that makes 3 trips off shore (got the boat late in summer) first trip was a wash, weather was too rough. Today was great, large swells in the morning but flattened right down. Probably 1:1 ratio of short haddock to keepers. Plenty of big whiting and hake. Couple of very full ice bags worth of fillets. Appreciate all the input from everyone. Next year when you all see the 26' and the guy in the bright orange hat swing on over. Otherwise thanks again.
  2. What's everyone's opinion on the conditions for tomorrow?
  3. Thanks a ton for the hints, NH are you referring to gulp alive sandworms or do they make a clam imitation?
  4. Recently upgraded to a bigger boat that will get off shore quite easily. Anyone willing to share some later season ground fishing tips?
  5. Lots of fat, strong shorts today. Boated 20-25 drifting macks but largest was 26". They are certainly eating well this year.
  6. Hit the same areas last night just drifting macks, caught 10 between 3 of us up to 34". I agree though, no bird activity. Macks were very small outside of the river too.
  7. Was at 2k yesterday afternoon, 40 min of jigging (with chum) gave up 4 micro macks.
  8. Put the boat in yesterday afternoon, the last 3 trips out the macks have come hard. Yesterday hit all the usual haunts and managed 5 macks in just over an hour . Did pick up a couple bass on them but nothing over 26"
  9. Pulled a white whale today...caught 5 between me and my buddy, including a 33" and a 31" but....the cool part was a tag hanging from the belly of the 33". Tagged in November of 2017 off shore of hampton. Beyond excited.
  10. You throwing artificals or running bait?
  11. Should be out tomorrow evening, getting better every day!
  12. back at it for day 3 this morning, lots of macks inn the river still and a great class of fish. "Schoolies" moved out of the area Ive been in and the bigger ones moved in. Nothing massive but the first keeper of the year came on board, healthy fat 29"
  13. Excellent thread, I exclusively fish the piscat. I've seen the massive amounts of mackerel indeed as far in as the general (once) but the rest of the river is loaded. Been on the boat 5-11 the past 2 mornings and plan on doing the same tomorrow. The schoolies are everywhere (over 50 boated last 2 days). No keepers yet but catching alot of 26" on live macks lately and saw a couple nice bass following the schoolies today. Tight lines all.
  14. Not typically, at least not that I usually see. They are chasing the bait right now too though.
  15. Been smashing them all through the piscat last 2 days, from gen Sullivan all the way to 2k