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  1. I wouldn’t recommend that kind of fishing.
  2. At least one fish was eating wood this morning.
  3. There are junkies everywhere in this country. When yer on the street, black tar is just easier to get than a bottle of pills. We don’t always see the person in the store behind him high on dilaudid taking our money on the other side of the counter. We are living in an implosion.
  4. Great idea. I will donate some combos as well.
  5. small engine core from Altamont landfill
  6. X
  7. mud marlin
  8. Yes. Sinking waverer
  9. Do you have this one?
  10. Thanks! I will do that.
  11. Bump. Could someone confirm my suspicions this is a lost cause. I don’t see why would anyone have a spare just lying around.
  12. SOLD
  13. $40