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  1. I think we have the same angle on the lip. I can’t wait to fish!
  2. Does it stay on top and/or just below the surface?
  3. I know you’d prefer yellow, but maybe another one for fishing at night.
  4. He got his Fix somewhere else
  5. You’re looking for a Mike’s Custom darter, not a Mike Fixter darter.
  6. Did you get tired reelin that in?
  7. I live in CA and was not able to make the show. A good friend of mine was able to purchase and ship back this plug for me. I am so grateful. Thank you Kevin!
  8. PM coming
  9. $65 shipped
  10. 5.5” 2oz
  11. Joy
  12. I live in CA. I will ship if interested
  13. I think you pay someone to hold your spot in line.
  14. I’m going to hold onto the pikie