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  1. You went to college?
  2. When tying your line to the mouse; do you use a Tail Knot?
  3. Thanks again! They’re shipping one out tomorrow.
  4. Thanks, I will look ‘em up.
  5. I talked to Lou a couple times in June. Nothing. Will call him again tomorrow.
  6. Nada. Thanks anyways for the tip!
  7. I heard hell was freezing over so I thought I’d give this another try. Does ANYONE have one to sell or knows where I can buy one? Thanks!
  8. Vacaville?
  9. 10-4. Good luck with your search
  10. 6¾” @ 2.85 oz. $30 shipped. PayPal only.
  11. What size reel was it built for?
  12. Sounds good.
  13. How about $40?
  14. I’ll offer you $15 for the Winch
  15. Would you do $35 for the Fixter?