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  1. Are you interested in any other east coast builders?
  2. Go to their site and check out their clearance list. Some good rods there and shipping is free.
  3. That is correct
  4. I have two. I bought a 10’ 2-5 fast a few years ago with standard guides and used a ssv 6500 with it. This year I bought a 11’ 2-6 moderate with K guides and the 6500 wouldn’t fit in the redesigned seat; it didn’t even come close. I ended up using a ultegra 5500 xtd. Aside from that I believe they are excellent rods for the price.
  5. Wish i had some Big Rocks.
  6. Interested in the Fixter if you split.
  7. Deal
  8. $20 shipped. Immediate pp. With the guarantee that she will swim out the rest of life near her birthplace.
  9. Bernzy if you split.
  10. Winch hand carve
  11. Very nice Mark. Can’t wait til next year.
  12. Jealous
  13. Holy cow I’m an idiot.
  14. They don’t look like moths.