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  1. J- You can see in the second picture a small white disc with a hold in the middle threaded onto a small carabiner. That's a piece of 3/8" EVA foam that I use to temporarily hold a fly while I'm messing with tippets or something. I like your idea of a light. I think you could just put a small loop inside and attach a nite ize spotlit to light up the interior. I spent a lot of time looking at people's work on the "make your own gear (MYOG)" forum over at There's a wealth of knowledge about sewing outdoor gear on there.
  2. I made my own sling pack. The process of designing and sewing presented me with lots of options so I can share a few things here that might be useful when picking one off the shelf or making one. Here it is: It’s pretty simple. That’s by design but probably also because of my limits with the thread injector. A major design point is that it’s narrow and thin. Narrow so it doesn’t stick out on the sides. I didn’t want to bump it while hauling or stripping. Thin as in doesn’t project out from my back far. I think it’s about 3 or 4 inches so that it never feels like it’s pulling me back. Also, I’m not able to pack more than I need (unfortunately, no 6-pack of beer). The other thing that I chose was to make the strap go over my left shoulder. This was originally because I was using the pack for squirrel hunting also and needed my shooting shoulder free. For fishing it doesn’t matter much which shoulder as long as it doesn’t impede range of motion on either side. Y strap arrangement with quick disconnects on BOTH legs of the Y and adjustment on both legs. Adjustability is important because I fish all seasons and sometimes have waders and lots of winter layers. Originally put a quick disconnect on the minor strap and an ladder lock on the main strap. The disconnect at the minor strap allows me to swing it around to the front with the zipper up. No disconnect on the main strap meant I had to lift it off over my head. I wear hats all the time (sometimes even when sleeping). I added a quick disconnect on the main strap after knocking my hat off 1000 times. The outside has an elastic pocket that works great for snacks or whatever. A camera sized Velcro pocket. A daisy chain to attach other stuff like carabiners, tippet spools, tools, etc. There’s loops on the side opposite the zipper that I have used to strap a rod tube. Fabric is X-pac which is very lightweight and stiff compared to PU coated materials and is laminated with a waterproof layer. The pack isn’t waterproof for submersion but keeps mostly dry on a quick dunking, waves and rain. The only thing I want to add is a haul loop at the top for hanging on a hook. There’s a daisy chain down the padded portion of the strap for attaching tools etc. Action shot (albie about 200’ out in a big rip putting a healthy bend in the 8wt):
  3. Dog walkers: "Catching anything, haha" "How's the fishing, hehe" "what's that thing?" I practice at the local ball fields as often as I can. Especially if it's a time of year I'm not fishing or if I'm about to travel somewhere for fishing and need to dial in an outfit. Lots of pick up and lay down along a straight line (I use the sideline of the soccer field). The ball field is nice because the distances are marked. False casting along the straight line. Quick casting to targets. Watching my back cast. Really thinking about what I'm doing with the rod tip and where my loops are going. Working on my haul timing. I recently hired a IFFF certified master instructor to give me a private lesson. I've been casting fly rods in fresh and salt for about 6 or 7 years and it was a great experience. I knew enough to be able to make the corrections the instructor suggested, so I could see a great improvement pretty quick. We went through a number of drills and I've tried to mimic what we did in my practice sessions. I still need to build new muscle memories to fix the bad habits I trained into my casting over the years. I highly recommend an hour with a pro.
  4. I usually hate when picture posts are quoted with the pictures included, but I'm doing it this time! These pictures should be in every page of this thread. Congratulations man! This is an awesome fish. Really great catch! Well done!
  5. I have the TFO triangular multi rod tube. Holds 4 rods in their socks (probably depends a bit on the size of the fighting butts). I like that it won't roll off things.
  6. It's a super stable fishing platform. I fly fish and I've stood on top of a cooler for hours on the bow platform and it never felt tippy. It's also comfortable up on the poling platform. However, that was in relatively calm waters (back bay flats). We did start to get out into the open bay (fishing out of port o'connor, TX) on a very windy day (I think it was blowing steady 25-30 mph) and we turned around because the wave felt too big. But it was more than small chop. We were not the only small skiff that turned back. We fished sheltered spots all day but the ride back involved some chop and a headwind. For me as the passenger in the bow that was a rough ride. I just zipped up my jacket and concentrated on holding my beer level (unsuccessfully). I think that's when he's had the most trouble with it. Driving into the wind with not much weight up front especially when he's out on his own; the bow sticks up and bounces and catches a lot of wind. He's got a 25 HP on it. It feels to me that it would run better and flatten out more with more HP, but I don't have a lot to compare it to. He hasn't sustained any real damage to it aside from scrapes on rocks. Nothing that warrants a repair. I thought it was foam filled but it doesn't say that explicitly on the website. Buddy says he thinks foam filled. It's definitely not just air, because it's very quiet. He worried about the sun (he lives in the desert in West Texas). The company assured him that they have skiffs and driftboats in the sun and they can take it. After buying he lucked into some indoor storage near the lake so it's out of the sun for now. he's only had it about 1 year. As you mentioned there are pros and cons. Sometimes they are the same thing. The main complaint I have with it is that the deck is diamond plate and it's hard on bare feet. That said, it's not a problem to jump in with spikes or toss an anchor around. Also, my buddy screwed eyebolts into the bow to tie down his cooler and I kicked them multiple times with my bare toe and cursed him and his redneck tie downs. But... you can screw eyebolts into the deck. One of his oar lock sleeves broke during use and had to be rewelded. The welder at the southeast texas marina he took it to was not impressed with what he saw (the welds on the rowing frame, not the boat). The transom and poling platform seem very well built and sturdy. It's got a lot of capacity both volume and weight for a 16' boat.
  7. I've got a good buddy down in Texas who has one. I've poled it in gulf coast mangrove flats and fished out of it in lakes and rivers. I'll be going back down in 3 weeks for an annual weekend trip to fish the Devil's River and it will be our transport up river. If you've got specific questions, I can probably answer some or get answers for you. It's plastic but it's a tough SOB. My buddy picked the Hog Island over similarly priced/spec'd fiberglass and aluminum boats because of the durability. Where he fishes, there's a reasonable expectation of collision with underwater boulders.
  8. Hey BFD... I fixed it the way you described. I was hoping for a fix that didn't require removing the fly and pulling the line all the way back through the guides. If this happens again I'll try it Herb's way and see how it works. The good news is I'm almost sure that this happened because of reeling the leader back loose and not leaving a little sticking out of the reel. I'm going to stop doing that and hope it works as a preventative measure. Seems like the problem is common enough that people knew exactly what I was talking about so hopefully the tips will help other too! Thanks all for your responses!
  9. I did. I had a sneaking suspicion that this was my fact, when I reeled up this morning I put a quick perfection loop at the end of my leader and hooked it over the reel foot. now I need to go check the other reels. Thanks guys!
  10. Hi all...for some reason I’m struggling to find the words to describe this, but it’s happened more than a few times so maybe someone will know the fix. This is morning when I started to pull line off my reel to rig up my rod, the line was wrapped over itself kind of like an overhand knot. When pulling more line off the overlap would move until some point where it would bind up. I’ve had this happen occasionally with fly lines and also backing on reels. I have usually just pulled the line through to “untie” the knot but that might not be practical on a windy beach in the middle of a blitz. Is there an easier way to clear this problem? Is there a way to avoid it? here’s a sketch that might clarify my issue:
  11. Ok...I looked at Airflo’s site and this line isn’t there. I’m guessing that makes this the old version. However, based on the box (which does NOT say Sniper), this is the 30’ head that the other Sniper lines have. The alternative airflo coldwater line is the Ridge Striper line that has a 40’ head. Let me know if you’re still interested. Here’s the back of the box:
  12. I gave $50 shipped for it. How’s that sound? I’m assuming you saw that it’s an intermediate.
  13. Actually, this is what I have. It was new when I got it. I made a loop in the back with some nail knots to connect to backing. I've fished it once and cast it in the park once. But intermediate, not floating (just reread your post). Good luck with your search!
  14. I may have what you're looking for (10wt). I bought it on here a while back. What's the distinction between old and new versions? I'll look when I get home.
  15. I'll take the 10wt SA Mastery Tarpon. PM your paypal. Thanks!