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  1. Hey BFD... I fixed it the way you described. I was hoping for a fix that didn't require removing the fly and pulling the line all the way back through the guides. If this happens again I'll try it Herb's way and see how it works. The good news is I'm almost sure that this happened because of reeling the leader back loose and not leaving a little sticking out of the reel. I'm going to stop doing that and hope it works as a preventative measure. Seems like the problem is common enough that people knew exactly what I was talking about so hopefully the tips will help other too! Thanks all for your responses!
  2. I did. I had a sneaking suspicion that this was my fact, when I reeled up this morning I put a quick perfection loop at the end of my leader and hooked it over the reel foot. now I need to go check the other reels. Thanks guys!
  3. Hi all...for some reason I’m struggling to find the words to describe this, but it’s happened more than a few times so maybe someone will know the fix. This is morning when I started to pull line off my reel to rig up my rod, the line was wrapped over itself kind of like an overhand knot. When pulling more line off the overlap would move until some point where it would bind up. I’ve had this happen occasionally with fly lines and also backing on reels. I have usually just pulled the line through to “untie” the knot but that might not be practical on a windy beach in the middle of a blitz. Is there an easier way to clear this problem? Is there a way to avoid it? here’s a sketch that might clarify my issue:
  4. Ok...I looked at Airflo’s site and this line isn’t there. I’m guessing that makes this the old version. However, based on the box (which does NOT say Sniper), this is the 30’ head that the other Sniper lines have. The alternative airflo coldwater line is the Ridge Striper line that has a 40’ head. Let me know if you’re still interested. Here’s the back of the box:
  5. I gave $50 shipped for it. How’s that sound? I’m assuming you saw that it’s an intermediate.
  6. Actually, this is what I have. It was new when I got it. I made a loop in the back with some nail knots to connect to backing. I've fished it once and cast it in the park once. But intermediate, not floating (just reread your post). Good luck with your search!
  7. I may have what you're looking for (10wt). I bought it on here a while back. What's the distinction between old and new versions? I'll look when I get home.
  8. I'll take the 10wt SA Mastery Tarpon. PM your paypal. Thanks!
  9. I agree with posts above that a boat and guide will greatly increase your chances. My brother and I fished 2 days with a guide and 1 partial day we did some DIY. There isn't really a good way to spot fish from a car, but there's some access points on South Padre that are easy to get to from town. One is a flat north of the convention center. We parked in the CC parking lot and walked over to the flat. I didn't see any fish there but it's good water. I did see lots of kite boarders. Also, the guys in the Quik Stop Bait Shop told us we better watch out for an alligator known to patrol that flat. I thought they were just messing with us, but google confirmed their warning. Another place we fished was around the mangrove island south of the bridge from Port Isabel. I got two juvi snook and a small barracuda just casting to the edge of mangroves. Something big came through there. I watched it's wake come toward me along the edge of the mangroves and made a few casts to it when it got close but no bite. Maybe it was a bigger snook. With the guide, we saw hundreds of redfish, sheepshead, and specks. We got several nice reds to the boat and had a shot at one big bull. We got an air BnB in Port Isabel. It's a beautiful place to fish.
  10. That looks like great fly. Will be replicating it soon. How is it a deceiver, though? Who is TK? I’m going over to google to investigate.
  11. Question for the car toppers: Have you ever heard of a rod coming apart at the ferrules due to vibration? Do you check them prior to travel? I can't count how many times I've had them come loose on the water. I'm secretly (slowly) designing a rack for the back of a pickup but fear that vibration might loosen the rod sections resulting in unintentional short stix. I built a rack for use inside my 4runner for fully rigged rod transport. It did require permanent addition of some parts, but it's my fishing mobile first, daily commuter vehicle second. Gotta have priorities.
  12. I like the SoftScience Terrafin for wet wading including flats. The sole is EVA foam. Pros: lightweight, comfortable, cool (temperature-wise :)), dry fast, wide-bottoms. Cons: multiple points of entry for sand (I wear these while fishing the surf in the summer and am probably responsible for some alteration of beach structure), foam won't stop sharp spines, gets cut up on sharp stuff (mine survived wading on lots of oyster beds, but looked very used after). I've used neoprene booties (too hot) and wading boots with neoprene booties (too hot and too heavy). (Crazy Larry)
  13. And also these. More of rain bait than sand eel but I think the floating version would be especially good for that if tied a little longer.
  14. I tied up a few of these lately.