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  1. Certain zealots can make everybody else’s life miserable. Down here in New Jersey there are plovers nesting on the beach, and they also inhabit the vast sod farms of South Jersey. There are no closures here, nor any other type of lunacy.Just goes to show you how a couple of people can ruin it for everybody else..... just my two cents.
  2. That looks like a skipjack or Skippy being tortured by a black marlin.... (skipjack are what you mostly eat in canned tuna)
  3. So I’m not the only person that noticed that same exact thing:()
  4. In my best David Attenborough voice: “yet another endangered species, The elusive Cape Cod chupacabra!!!”
  5. And that used to be such a big thing....I used to see more people at night than during the day.
  6. A good thought: although we would hate to think the fish was discarded after that.A good thought: although we would hate to think the fish was discarded after that.
  7. “Boat strike striper” - that’s a first for me!!
  8. This year is noticeably different: In my opinion, the changes made my NY State to the bunker(pogie) fishery have altered the striper migration back to what is used to be. In the 1960's & 70's, the big bass were around until August. The Truro fish weirs, and off the whaling tower were two hotspots. Pogies came in droves with the mackerel well into August! Unfortunately, the bunker industry just about wiped them out in the late 1970's. The largest processor is in south NJ; pogies school & breed in the NY bight during early spring, then migrate north with the bass & blues not far behind. A few years back, the NY (and other) legislature stepped in, and cracked down heavy..... now there are whales right outside NY harbor... Currently the large bass are still feasting on pogies in Raritan bay: friends of mine have landed multiple 50# fish in the last two days! I do believe the migration has not started yet; but the water temps rose in the last couple of days....this will push the fish north seeking cooler water. Striper fishing has been epic in Raritan bay this year, due in part to decent fisheries management. Edit - here is a link to a great article: just my 2 cents... Dana
  9. Yes and YES..I saw a seal do the same thing right by the wood end lighthouse: bought up a big skate and munched it right in half like it was nothing. where is Whitey when you need him(or her)?
  10. Tom - hope you work through those "issues" sooner than later. Last year a bum load of fuel did me in for weeks. Hope to make it up this weekend for haddock !!! Dana
  11. Wow-I’ve never seen that before. Very nice. Is there a link online?Wow-I’ve never seen that before. Very nice. Is there a link online?
  12. I don’t think so. But that certainly is a beautiful fish!
  13. Very nice indeed! Must be one of the micros from two or three years ago when the bay was absolutely loaded with them at this time of year. Two years from now we should have a bumper crop of cows(I hope)!!!
  14. In the 60s and 70s, the gypsies had another name for it.........There used to be a lot of people that caravaned around and made a living off catching fish from the surf. Come to think of it, a lot of money came off that back beach when I was younger – a lot!