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  1. I don’t think so. But that certainly is a beautiful fish!
  2. Very nice indeed! Must be one of the micros from two or three years ago when the bay was absolutely loaded with them at this time of year. Two years from now we should have a bumper crop of cows(I hope)!!!
  3. In the 60s and 70s, the gypsies had another name for it.........There used to be a lot of people that caravaned around and made a living off catching fish from the surf. Come to think of it, a lot of money came off that back beach when I was younger – a lot!
  4. Has Anyone done well with the haddock? Are there any still around?
  5. Why is it when I fish from shore, the fish are just out of casting range............and when I’m in the boat the fish are up tight to the beach ;()
  6. Yes, I read the same thing. In all honesty I don’t know if I would keep one though(me personally), Due to the decimated cod stocks. Dana
  7. Absolutely no good, do not use those LURES.......Send immediately to Theroe for proper disposal !!!!!!!:):):)
  8. codfish- no, I work in New York City but live in New Jersey by the beach. Oddly enough, I rarely if ever fish down here. But every spring the stripers congregate in Raritan Bay before they head north. it’s just very different down here – as a general rule, most people don’t have a clue about Boating-most of them don’t belong on the water, as they are out right dangerous. Plus many people are very rude and have zero etiquette. dana
  9. Evan.....Im tempted to hit Raritan bay tomorrow. Fish to 40# yesterday ........ Dana
  10. I have to agree with both previous comments regarding travel: most probably NOT a good idea. My post jumped out of the "wishful thinking" part of my brain. "Cold water therapy" is what keeps me grounded !!
  11. Hello everyone, hope you all are healthy and safe. We’ve been self quarantining down here, trying to stay away from all of the other people who are not taking this seriously. I am in the over 60 group, so I’m more of a risk from some of the younger guys. The good news is that Raritan Bay is filled with big stripers, wont be long before they head north to the Cape for the summer! i’m thinking about bringing the boat up to the Cape this weekend to go out and try for some haddock, although I’m not thrilled about going alone. Is anyone else going to venture out, as long as the weather looks decent? be well Dana
  12. I HOPE we have Haddock this spring......last year was a bust, at least for me.
  13. Looks like the seagulls already had fun with the eyeballs- i’m wondering why it’s not picked a part??