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  1. Hmmmmm - I couldn’t help but notice you have a cod in your cooler........ and possibly a halibut tail?? codfish!
  2. What a kook-it sounds like she needs her plover piped:)))))
  3. agreed, BUT: I have seen the big fish move further off shore to forage, beyond the legal limit for striper fishing. Not yet this year, but 3 of the last 5 years it did happen. In 2016 I was in the shipping lanes, bottom fishing. Fish boiled on the surface, which I thought were tuna...put the Adams out for a test ride, and caught a 38# cow STUFFED with Loligo on the first cast, then 3 more b4 the action died. Yes, they were all released...
  4. When “Race Run” was in business, P-town was the center of striper universe.....Walt would always be open to accommodate fishermen from all points, dispensing Everything from flats of giant sandworms in old cardboard tomato boxes to Atom plugs and Jig-it eels...... And there was always a line of people at the back door of Costa’s selling fish. Fond memories of days past.....
  5. Wow - I haven’t seen one of those in decades! In the very early 1970s that lure, the reverse Adams Coke bottle,was IT !!
  6. Still big fish in NJ - I live in Point Plesant, they are usually gone by now, but not this year. And still decent fish in Raritan Bay / Sandy hook area. They have just started moving out...
  7. No haddock, no bass. I heard from a reliable source is there are big schools of bass laying on the bottom in the shallows, similar to how they did two and three years ago. I can’t speak to the Haddock issue....
  8. it never ceases to amaze me what they can eat !!
  9. All fish seem to love those small bay anchovies...... this is my favorite, number one go to fly, which seems to catch just about everything.....The ones I tie with the yellow eyes seem to work best.The ones I tie with the yellow eyes seem to work best.
  10. He opened up both of the truck cab doors, put a rope through the cab, made a loop and hooked a pulley to it and then use the hand winch to crank the bed back on the truck ........I was up on the high dock, and walk down to offer him a hand-he turned to me and said “no I had this happen before” Absolutely priceless
  11. Where any of you guys at Pamet two -three years ago when the guy in the rusty old truck backed down at low tide, and the bed slid off his truck and onto the empty trailer?
  12. first time I heard of that - its a good thing catching BSB on top!! Two years ago, I was crossing CCB.... a couple of miles due WEST of herring cove we came across breaking fish with crazy ducks. I THOUGHT they might be football tuna! Tossed out my Stetzko needlefish and they were DOGFISH!! A fairly large school feeding on pollock. CCB always offers up something new........
  13. Ethan - Glad to hear you made it out. Any word on Haddick? I see one fella posted a nice picture of a codfish. I hope to be up next weekend. See you soon, Dana
  14. in all honesty, catching your own is the best......most of the regulars here can point you in the right direction. PM me if you need info.....