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  1. Probably be quicker for you to head north out of the harbor, then run the 42 08 line east......
  2. The speed restriction is for all vessels ....Last year certain small boats were stopped in the long point/wood end area.
  3. WOOOOOWWWW - if you have not seen live images before, it WILL blow you off deck!! I have pictures of whales, seals, stripers - even a cinder block and lobster pot tangle in the harbor!!
  4. codfish - what type of fish?? Racks or whole??
  5. VERY nice, bbg - which Lowrance unit is hiding under that cover?? I upgraded to the HDS9 Gen 3 with side-scan sonar.......the images I get are astounding!! BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR NEW RIDE!!
  6. very very soon !!! Seems like first the grey sole are around, then pollock. After that the haddock move in to less than 150 fathoms....
  7. Nice, Gup......glad to see you took advantage of the spring tide. I was going to head up & do some mooring maintenance, but I had a tree blow down from the wind last week, so that was my weekend. Haddock any day now!!
  8. A few shorts in the Manasquan River (Point Pleasant) the last few days......Bunker are just starting to school in the New York bight,so it won’t be long now!
  9. Speaking of fluke: our summer $$ was earned on the drop inside the harbor. I remember getting a box from Colley, rowing over to the drop off and anchoring on the outgoing tide. We used "No Alibi" (smiling Bill) jigs we bought from Walt at Race Run - you could see the fluke gorging on sand eels as they washed over the edge. Flip the jig into the shoal water & let it wash over; one would grab it, be hoisted up & thrown in the box. We filled a box(100 #) in two hours or so....rowed back to Colley dropped the box & picked up our pink slip. One week later we picked up 3-5 checks for $200 each !! What great memories........
  10. Sure do - we also used to live line mackerel from that buoy down towards Pamet on the flood for big bass!!
  11. I also remember they used to get giants in the fish traps- the fishermen hated it because giants would wreck havoc on the twine. In the 1960's, twice I recall in the closest one to the old whaling tower......we used to toodle over when the Carlotta would raise the twine, and they would try to shoot them in the head...... crazy adventure for a youngster!!
  12. And yes, the orcas herded the bluefin tuna in and slaughtered them. I was not there at the scene, but the Giles family used to live next to the Anchorage, and the father went out with a Polaroid and took pictures.
  13. I’m sure it was 1976 - I stuck my first giant that year, a mile off the wood end....Black Sheep Dana was beside himself with this, so two days later he went out in his 10’ Whaler and an old orange pole vault stick as a harpoon, and got one! Damn near as long as his boat.......and bigger than mine, which dressed out at Colley’s at 890#. This was when Cliff or Teddy would cut the head off behind the pectoral fin.. Dana
  14. Only saw a killer whales in the bay once- there was a pod of them right off Long point, circling.