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    I lile fishing
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    Oh well theres buying lures rods and reels and cooking fish oh ya and i like fishing
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  1. Its not gonna cause some giant mass of people at the canal like if its on its all gonna have fish like i dont get why people are so protective of spots anyway to the creator of the fourm glad you had fun the canal really is an amazing plece wether you end up catching fish or not. i remember catching a rod and reel fresh water fishing and i still use the reel from it to this day
  2. Ive had a 7 ft one pece for a few years the 2 peice ones are week i still uave one but avid 9’6 is great
  3. I love my 7 ft mojo surf with a smoke inshore 50 its light enough for sluggos but can cast 2 oz+ plugs and even lob whole mackerel it also weighs next to nothing
  4. i got a black one stolen a while back but doubt its mine
  5. Any one know if the 9’6 avid butt section will fit the 10 or 11 foot top section
  6. ok if u chance ur mind id love to trade
  7. not sold lol and it feels more like a 1-3 oz imo but i got a few others
  8. Im just rlly liking 3-5 rated spod one and have heard good things abt the blank i am most interested in that one also r they casting or spinning
  9. Spinning and maybe that for 1-5 If possable id like to see them both b4 i trade to just see like how they feel in hand
  10. Maybe a mojo with 2 top sections or idk what r u looking for
  11. Interested in 13 foot one would u conciter a trade
  12. Ok thanks and if u change ur mind lmk if u cnange ur mind also got reels
  13. The handle in the xsd just worrys me and i much prefer the xtd handle design due to it screwing in
  14. Idk if this is a low offer but i have a mojo 106 with both a 3/4-4 and 2-6 top half but iff its still avalable id love to get my hands on it i like the guide set up on the trelajos
  15. I have a rod rated to 1/4 of an oz i throw up to 2 oz with it but i also throw 1/16 oz with it. Its all up to how u feel the rod is made and if it can handle what ur casting