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  1. I'm with sudsy pp let me down more than once wont go back. I've been using spiderwire invisibraid with no issues for a few years on several reels.
  2. Ok for discussions sake I use the Energizer head lamps you can get at the depot or mart with a red light. My old one lasted years and still works but one night the button didn't work so I got a new one which is brighter I think it's around 200 lumens on high but even better you dont have to cycle through the modes to turn it off if you pause on any mode the next push turns it off. I pretty much only use the red it's the first mode so on then off where I used to have to cycle through the white lights and try to cover it. Oh and I would guess the red light is around 20 lumens. I also carry a little princeton tech around my neck with a red cone on the lens.
  3. Are you really? Seems a little bright for fishing no? Do you find yourself having to perform emergency search parties often or something?
  4. I fish 4500s on my 8 and 9 footers with mostly 20 lb fire line invisabraid for open beach and bayside endeavors
  5. Got one about a month ago I'm loving it very fun for the smaller fish around
  6. I just got one in the mail yesterday. I believe the newer versions have split grip on both, the original didn't. I was torn between the two but I wanted something lighter so I opted for the 10' . Thanks for the replies.
  7. Did you cut the butt, tip or both?
  8. I'm going with scoters too. Definitely some sort of duck imho
  9. I'll take this for 200 shipped if you can wait till tomorrow for payment with PayPal
  10. Thanks pp sent
  11. I'll take these please
  12. +1 for supreme bags great bag for starting out won't break the bank.
  13. I believe many folks on here have both tops, this is where I heard of it. Mine fits like the original does.
  14. Yes I have both too sections for mine you can order directly from st croix I believe its $35