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  1. So to get your rod replaced you need to stroke Steve's ego? I'm good. A company that has rods made overseas, charges as much as companies who make rods themselves here, offers a fraction of the warranty and doesn't honor that warranty wouldn't be too appreciated by me.
  2. I'm pretty sure you can say Amazon here, after all there is a link on the top of the page to use to shop there and I believe help the site. If I'm wrong sorry..
  3. Yup every time you get a freshwater license you need to sign this form.
  4. Salt x
  5. Thats one hell of a warranty, buy a new section or send the broken one in and we'll drag our feet then tell you its your fault and you need to buy a new section anyway.
  6. I have a factory xs81ms 1/2 -2 that I had all guides redone about a year ago a little older but in good shape.
  7. Larry?
  8. I was shocked today at the groups of people on the beach some a dozen or more wouldn't be surprised if action is taken again.
  9. Do you know the weight/size?
  10. Damn all this time I thought our thumbs up had the Australian meaning. Disregard my thumbs up.
  11. One of the newer lures sebiles company bnd of anglers came out with has a spinner blade on the tail. I should try them.
  12. Some could argue fishing is essential for their mental health. Seven days without fishing makes one weak. Either way nice fish, stay safe.
  13. My slammer 4500 weighs less than my salt x 4000 by a fraction of an ounce, so actually the salt x would be the heaviest reel you listed especially if your looking at the 3500 slammer, which i believe is only a smidge lighter than the 4500.
  14. Out back in oc not quite a skunk but I did have a racoon come swimming up to me at a local bulkhead.