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  1. Did they forget how to swim?
  2. I have the devils canyons and had a pair with boa before that for trout fishing in fresh water and never had an issue with the boa system. I fished over 100 days a year in them destroyed the boots, always have but no complaints about the boa system. I always put them on walked around a bit finishing getting ready then tightened more. Long story short, if you used your boas in the salt and sand I think you dont really deserve Another replacement
  3. Man you guys shop at some shady supermarkets. Swapping your poop brown burger meat and rotten rotisseries
  4. Just at a glance I'm gonna say Sudsy's how to video is far superior.
  5. My understanding and stance down on lbi is that a badge is not required for fishing and no one has ever asked me for one.
  6. You ever try riding a $100 bike?
  7. Shark(painted like a shark) plugs are the only ones I allow myself to buy to "collect" all others I at least have intentions of fishing.
  8. Most aluminum pliers will bend or break in my experience. I've had a pair of mustad KVD titanium coated stainless steel pliers for a couple seasons that show no corrosion with minimal rinsing or maintenance and still cuts braid clean. They cost around $25. The rubber on the handle will fall off, you can glue it back on or I wrapped the them in paracord.
  9. Cool, funds sent thanks
  10. Respectfully offer 40 for the shark
  11. In ocean county?
  12. I've bought from him at a few shows. Top notch stuff, thick bucktails. Picture looks great too!
  13. I'll take it
  14. Pollys right next to morrisons I believe rents slips by the day and possibly also for the season may be worth checking.
  15. Let's keep the dream alive Thanks