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  1. I have a diawa saltist back bay 3000 in very good shape $150
  2. Here you go. There's some paint missing on the first guide from hooking plugs and some missing on tip top nothing major.
  3. I have a tsunami air wave 9', 1-3 1/4 in good shape I could ship for $100 assuming you're on the east coast. Can take pics if interested
  4. I think its from the movie dirty grandpa with deniro. It's the term he uses for choking the chicken
  5. You should explain #3 to him.
  6. I wore boa lace boots once in the sand. Friggin nightmare took forever to get the sand out. I feel like wading boots are made for trout fishing. If I wore stockingfoot waders in the salt I would try some of those flats boots on the beach but not rock hopping
  7. Hit the sand for the first time this year got a bunch of small bass, couple double headers and this guy. All quickly released.
  8. Hopefully word of their presence spreads. I love it.
  9. Is this still available? Did adoboboy end up not buying this?
  10. I have made my own out of those flexible cutting boards. Cut to size with sheet metal shears then cut a groove with a saw half way up each glue or caulk together
  11. Location? Ever serviced? Thanks
  12. It has been difficult to get many things. Breakers are almost impossible. Wire prices pretty much doubled last week and yeah getting hard to come by.
  13. Umm a lot of houses have 3 ways, ceiling fans, fan/ light bath fans etc.
  14. My boss back in the late 90s lived on the Mullica and told me about catching big spawning cows way up the river in the spring
  15. Couple of nights/ mornings ago