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  1. That is what 90 % of believers today think and say, and my god, it is actualy worse than believing in supernatural creature. Those other 10 % that dont think that far live in Borneo or something like that.
  2. I`ve said that to one female stalker, who was right behind every single picture of me or whatever, at any time of the day - night, for 4 years day by day.. she is ustasha btw.
  3. I`ll you dead child in the poaked eye hole.
  4. From the bank, deep water hiting the bank, using size 14 gamakatsu hooks and catching small fries or whatever flies by.
  5. The worm gear starts to tick after a while and the main gear gets ruffer. gotta say, it all happens in the room only, so, it might be fine when used outside.
  6. 18 ft. pole expensive chit, it was. 24 years ago.
  7. but didnt those before said that they have never seen shim on the "other" side of the main gear.. and even if there wasnt one, would it be worth putting one on ?
  8. and how would one fix that sort of a problem ?
  9. One that is made of 3 pieces which when fittet together feel like 1
  10. no, just the oposite, but that is why one should ad a few drops of oil thru the maintenance port, yearly.
  12. funny thing is, there really is a type of bush that self ignites in the right conditions..