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  1. it matters, but it also changes from setup to setup, lure type and fish species.
  2. for me, better is the sort that has tip over butt
  3. thank god, there is still reason in this world !
  4. do one in gaboon viper theme
  5. I turn upstream but it still ends up pushing me downstream few ( 1000 ) hundred feet when it is strong and high. When it gets shalower I end up upstream ( 400 ft ) from the entry point.
  6. no, an hour upstream in the river, daily, for 4 months
  7. It`s endurance swimming, not just short swim.
  8. yeah, it grabs you like a repetitive bad trip and mf just does not let go even for a minute. The only cure is some big shock form some third side, which then translates the focus and wakens the pride and need,.
  9. Right shoulder, from swimming, lasts for 6 months now.
  10. couple quotes from alan tani site: 1. Mine : 2. Markt : 3. Ron Jones :
  11. WTF is it with those insurance amounts in your country. It seams to me that all of you are pushed into one more obligatory scalping of your wolet with not much choice.
  12. yeah, but those top heavy rods also have a good penetrating momentum.