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  1. dalmatians make them in tomato sauce after milk marinade
  2. good one it`s just not equal - same
  3. one that I`ve heard of is 900 ft. with ryobi carp long cast
  4. yea, ne certainties thats why I like to stir things up a little even if no one cares or listens but there is a need for a little knock from a different source ( I cant find those pyramid sinkers that I`ve made, to test them, even if you made a good point about flipping them on their head instead of digging in ) my ****** mother dropped them in garbage it seems
  5. I never liked fluoro, even if I never used it, just a selling gimmick bs it is. and now that I have used copolymer, I dont like that either
  6. IAR, it is clean and works no matter what I dont get why whould anyone complicate things with springs.
  7. No, the problem is, that I go against the current. Even if in clumsy way. I know exactly what I am leaning towards and why. And I also know that all`ya start being pissy right after I get some good points across.
  8. ..but I said regardless, what I did, expecting to be corrected, if wrong, for the sake of conversation, and readers to learn.
  9. yea, I noticed springs. Mine doesnt have any, and works fine. They should make it without those. Otherwise it looks the same.
  10. NLGI 00 EP it has no option but to be good even in cold.
  11. factory build, majoriti are like that.
  12. put it on auction and buy new 2020 saltiga from the $
  13. So Rapala went south also, shame. I am saying that replacing with bigger - smaller is a no good, not replacing with better, but similar. glad to read this ^^
  14. your fish dont care, ours do.
  15. Thats because you there dont use fine tuned lures, like Rapala, which we use, and dont fiddle with.