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  1. here in serbia it costs 200 $ a pop and a good one too
  2. no, actualy there lies a problem, in lack of "all along" numbers like cw for each section and action for each section
  3. it could be just the diferent points of pressure along the length and than those declared and measured, shown same as they do the tip and line thru the rod measures just without line with time people would learn what numbers produce which behaviour
  4. cant, would have to think thorougly about the terms and explanations, but I know what I feel, and its always diferent from rod to rod manufacturer, even if they all have same, say, cw, or action.. and length which means there are huge gaps in the proclaimed and expected, fact we just lack common "language" and details in those areas, that we all understand.
  5. I`m saying how for most people that engine is just an engine, but for few there are loads of extra information that matters
  6. no, its like with cars, which have torque and horse power, and volume of the cilinders, and so on its ridiculous only to the novice or amateurs
  7. billy, rods should have at least 5 ratings, for each section and along the length and they are going to have, eventualy you are on the right track
  8. tested those on water they dont even start to bend properly when casting 250 gr ( 9 oz ) sinker as to assist the cast gonna try with 5 more oz-s later on maybe it will start working with me at least it is not too soft, from what I`ve feared in the shop - test
  9. use higher, because it matters
  10. quitt
  11. Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation later they got ****y but that 1 - st and few things from other albums that folowed were great