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  1. so Janie`s gotta gun
  2. I even assess open empty patches of ocean that I only see on TV never fished it but still assessing it
  3. its always like that wider side outwards edit: actualy. its always the oposite.. I think
  4. stripers dont act like this, I guess
  5. he didnt do one wrong or clumsy move !
  6. thx for that we need that more and more
  7. me too those were the first rubber - silicone one on the market
  8. Savage Gear bushwacker XLNT2 7′ 213cm 10-40g – 2sec
  9. this is beautiful to read, because it got to the point that spinners are so advanced and solid, that talking about sizes for tuna, bluefin tuna, makes sense
  10. Nietzsche explained it