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  1. I love the fact, that you are free, to carry, and use guns, outdoors.
  2. I told them to go slow and steady. They dont need to jump the gun at this point.
  3. This is what they strive to, these days:
  4. In that case it could be. Sports and body building make those wear signs come earlier. In normal usage at 35 you`re strongest. All is good if in moderation.
  5. No you can`t, it starts at 42. And brain gets mushy too.
  6. Under the "McConnell Rule" .
  7. yes, I know about currencies because my brother, worked with brother of Indian billionaire on currency exchange.
  8. They`re just catching oxygene from the air, because there is not enough in the water.
  9. It actually is worthless, practically no one dares to see that the emperor is naked. Because it would cause big damage.
  10. It needs to be at least 1 mm thicker, in 6000.
  11. None, I`m a sharp shooter.
  12. C`mon man!
  13. I`m type B. For example, I really dislike walking in a group being front - center.