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    Take gearcase oil and fill the reel casing with it.

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  1. It has to be something with knots.
  2. Brian, ask him about lubrication. How it`s done and how it can be done, if there are some, that want to fill it up with gear oil.
  3. Said to be the best, by form - function. And I have it in my mind for buying. D.H. Russell Canadian Belt Knife #1
  4. 1

    In Minneapolis
  5. Make them equal in law. These rights is bunch of bs now days. Give them ownership of those reservations, by dividing and all other things make the same for them.
  6. I wouldn`t. I don`t like longer ends. They just get in the way.
  7. LB is half way right about shims and tolerances. It isn`t always better to tighten it as much as possible.
  8. Colored people getting the majority in numbers. With numbers they get more demanding. Cops being unable to do their job bcs there are always groups of black people around the corner just waiting for excuse to make riots.. Riots turn to civil war at some point. Hispanos join the colored people. That doesn`t answer your question. But the question anyways has no sense since I have nailed it in the first post.
  9. Or even 00, for all sliding surfaces. I do that.
  10. Look at the bigger picture. And btw, this is how murrica is going to start falling apart, and we are waiting.
  11. About that accident. If suspects didn`t cry wolf ( can`t breathe ) every time cops get on top of them, maybe that cop would have considered relieving him from that strain. All things matter.
  12. Is nail lacquer good for covering wobbler paint - body ?
  13. I love it !
  14. That`s good. Any other grip patterns would be nice, to see.
  15. Cat, pissed all over the place. scratching and str. White male cat mf. And it is not my choice, but my parents. Old half sane people. In need of something to love and care for.