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  1. It has been getting better as for life seen on the water. The key is the bunker. If the nets stay away and leave the bait alone it brings in all kinds of life and in return we get a better fishery out of it as well. Seems if the whales are around it can better protect our waters. Atleast I hope it would.
  2. I was in the bay in another spot and same thing. Crazy hearing them also in the water when its quiet. I was close enough to smell the thing when it opened its mouth feeding. Looked like a boat sinking. Definitely intimidating for sure. Just had that feeling at the time it was going to flip me out the kayak at any moment so I called it a day and let them have there feast. Lots of life out there. Been seeing heards of dolphins and sea turtles. Dolphins come right up to the kayak its crazy.
  3. It does have a new drive well design that had 6 years of testing but depends how hard it was pushed and also heavier I'm hoping it has aluminum drive gears to rotate the drive instead of plastic. Get debris or whatever in the rotating drive and that wouldn't be good(sand etc) over time that would mean replacing a $100 part.
  4. I'm not sure how stable it would be in an outback. Going sideways would seem to flip easy as it's not wide enough compared to the battle ship pro anglers. I can definitely see the propeller drives coming out with a 360 of their own like a trolling motor. This is huge for holding structure and a drift line in wind for any of these drives. As stated many of times. $$$$$. The 180 drive is fine for me. At some point we are all going to have little gas outboard motors on our yaks. Drives almost cost the same anyway.
  5. Was a good day to be out today with my two boys. Thought it was going to be a bass day but the "blues" made their presence up to 3lbs. At midday the Spaniards show up(Goldy they came in!!). I brought in 5 and donated like 5 lures as they were pretty thick for about 15mins. Cut through 50lb flouro. Kids were pretty excited to see them. Blues were fun and from the bait observed, looks like good things to come. East winds made nice cuts and the water definitely cooled down a bit from weeks heat. --Moco some where on the beach out front.
  6. It does appear that there is more tension to one side of the drum. As stated check cable tension and note where they lay. I think its favoring more to one side and just applying more pressure on the axle shaft.
  7. Beats playing video games.....
  8. I have been out in the yak and I can say there is a lot of flounder just not the size to bring home. It's silly how much bunker is around also. I've been playing around with the small stuff and have been bringing home puffers, Mack's, triggers, etc. I'll tell you what. They can be a pain at times to locate but man they are some fine eating specimens. Also just some new stuff to teach the kids. Getting that fall itch. Going to be switching full time ocean surf in a few weeks. I can finally see some east winds stacking up in the forecast to get the surf going and some sand moving.
  9. I'll be out in my new Hobie man. Get away from crowds. Only issue is usually the winds are not on our side that time of the year. Spanish mack though this year was a pretty good bite when they came in at first. They are still very heavy just offshore but not far with a good mix of bonita and chubb mackeral as well. To the yak out to test ocean waters and couldnt believe how much life has been around.
  10. I use a #1 or #2 longcast deadly dick in gold. I like using the gold colors for them. "Sandeel" colors. I let it hit botto. Then start my retrieve. All depends with the retrieve but I never burn it in for them. The blues will get to it first when doing that.
  11. Nice Rob. I'll be seeing you out there now on that thing sweet!! I was looking at one of these. Once everything is tied down these can handle all kinds of waves and shallow water. Jeolous man. Here we are all pedaling out to the fishing grounds and you will be like iron man jetting past us all. Hahaha.
  12. Did some yakking before I succumbed to the heat. Was ok with the clouds but once the sun kicked me in the balls I left. Lots of life out there bay and ocean side very early in the morning. Thought what looked like a cobia thashi g on the surface but couldnt get in range enough to get any bites. Got a limit of fluke but as the season has been you have to really work for them. The pro cure really does work really good in these situations. Almost instant action when used. Largest fluke taped at 23". Doesnt look like any break for a while with this heat. The sharks and rays are heavy this year and loving the big warm up. Has to be cobia cruising around locally this year. If anybody catches one please report and gives us hope. I know the beach had a few but nothing consistent.
  13. Did you keep the Spanish Mack? They seem to be more offshore recently. I may have passed you today with my two sons. The rays are definitely everywhere and its like an aquarium watching them cruising along. Did find some trigger fish which is cool to see.
  14. Roger is correct here. The Compass seat does not recline or have height adjustments. The vantage seat in my opinion is a lot more comfortable. The compass seat is only slightly wider also. You have to sit in it to know the difference. I sit for hours in mine also and had all the Hobie seats. But definitely look into left overs or local sales like craigslist etc. You can even get ones with reverse drive as a left over a lot less than new.
  15. Trekked out front Moco. Been a while. Surf is pretty clean. Clean enough to see mother loads of cow noses going by. Packs of what looked like easy 50+. Had bluefish to 5-6lbs on mullet and herring. Monster sea robins as well. Had a few by catch of rays and toothy critters but not allowed to target the sharks so not bragging about it. Just fun to bend the rod for a while. Nice to see a couple humpbacks breaching as well. Bunker getting destroyed by blues a few hundred feet from shore. I was able to get about a dozen of them very early in the morning. Will head south tomorrow for the kingfish bite and mackerel if they come close enough where I'll be.