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  1. That was awesome man. That story of that day was priceless!
  2. Last year from spring to fall kayak and land was very good for the size with dec. 2nd being my last day with an over 40” fish. The spring was just ridiculous and I was very lucky. This fall I had less participation but would have to say from a land base side, the decent size of quality fish were present for a good amount of time in close. That doesn’t happen for that long of period often. What these last two years has brought for the fishery is clearly shown with how many people are on the sand. I feel last year was a better chance of walking on the sand for a way longer stretch of beach you would get a great shot of having a good day. This year was in particular spots that would eventually get hammered with people when the bite turned on. To the point of literally what hour they were chewing. For me, last year was a for sure a banger from spring to fall.
  3. The RonZ seems to have decent action and durability for me and better than the over rated NLBN rubbers.
  4. That’s like the first session of the year and you stop and ask why the heck am I huffing and puffing. Feel ya there brother as we age on. Does suck though to walk so much and to see the masses we have been seeing on the beaches this year. I guess that’s good for business and hope that our local tackle shops are making well.
  5. Nothing like last years bite. I have seen this all fall from the kayak. Also the class of fish. Last year we had super quality fish in quantity. This year they made the beach run more as to why the ocean side has seen such a welcoming run of the big fish.
  6. Would also trade for reels below: penn authority visser Diawa certate Even the right surf rod. Just let me know for those interested.
  7. Looking for trades? I have a thread on here if your interested .
  8. They wanna be hip with the youngsters haha
  9. That’s the newer generations. No morals, no respect, hands out looking for the easy way out.
  10. As I stated before I am clearing out some fishing tackle and will throw in a fairly new Avet SXJ 5.3 with this setup to move this out and make the trade more appealing. Please see the pictures. Again looking for the reels stated in the description for a particular setup.
  11. Not sure if you seen my post in here, you looking for trades?
  12. I really didnt put a price due to looking for a trade. I was going to even put on a new Avet SXJ 5.3 if a trade would be made for the Shimano twinpower or vr50. I will still do that and add pictures to those interested if I add that reel for it to get interest. The Avet was used twice and is still in brand new condition.
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