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  1. Had both sons out today out front in ocean county and had some real fun. 8yr old had a blast catching his first blues in the 8lb range. First star gazer to so it made his day. Had a bit of everything from fluke, skate, and stripes all on lures. Water cleaned with the out going but definitely some cabbage around to tend with.
  2. Nice to hear bait around Joe. Looks like a good summer coming. Fluke are all over too.
  3. I like the hook you have on that Rob. How is the skirt held on?
  4. I have shady Ray's ones. Cheap but if your going to replace them or beat them up anyway then these are pretty good.
  5. I usually only see these sunglasses at the beach...
  6. While my son and I were out the other day, I was pointing to him as they were busting the water and he just hooked up in the picture as I snapped. They are around . As most state, finding bait is key.
  7. That was really cool seeing them move like that. Definitely was one hell of a year we had. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I heard it but couldnt see it from the fog. A lot of vocabulary words haha.
  9. Fish were deeper than usual. I broke my rudder bracket soninwas pedaling and using the paddle to steer and gave up after a while due to the fog and how many people were on the water. There was a lot of guys out there.
  10. It was pretty foggy. Can only see about 20 to 30 ft max at times. Sucks not getting any fish though.
  11. Big ones were here a little over a week ago pretty heavy. Pretty fun stuff while it lasted. Still alot of fish to get but not the kamikaze hit almost every cast with keepers. I've found them very spread out now.
  12. Water was pretty warm unless his transducer was Inside the kayak, also pretty shallow water. Nice fishing Geoff. Got the sand paper thumb from the stripes. That means it was a good day.
  13. Took my inflatable out today to see what has been under all these birds. Well found the fish and they all had sea lice on them very nice quality too. All released. My son keeps getting his PB fish every year. Pretty good times. All fish in deeper water this morning.
  14. Hollywood Joe!! Great catch. You deserve that with the time you put in. Thanks for the report.
  15. I was thinking the same. I was out today and the water is still pretty cold. Had schoolies under birds for 10mins a few miles out. Lots of bait ready for the big fish. Just need this water temp to rise just a little bit. If I go it will be the same time, yellow Hobie tandem.