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  1. Nice seeing some action to the south in the reports. Was out in RB in the kayak and got 67 degrees with the outflow. Dirty water still. Kept a few fluke for the table tonight but just not seeing the bait that should be around on the fish finder. Will try walking some sand and try out front as I have been neglecting my surf casting this season.
  2. Took the kayak out to do some fluking and boy the bite was not there. Water temps just at 65 throughout the outflow. Did get a few shorts and seen some 4lb blues doing some acrobatic out of water tricks but not much on board of a decent day. This year feels so off.
  3. Yooo, that crap hurts man. This is now a fish report from a fish. Fish telling his buddy's he got one on topwater.....
  4. I use hot water and pour it where the dent is then just blow it up with my compressor until it pops out. Just dont go crazy blowing it up. Seems to be the fastest way.
  5. So jeoulous Joe.... great Job man. Now leaving very hungry.
  6. Yes sir. Much has changed Suds...but this thread still helps a lot.
  7. He has spoken....
  8. Love it man. Let's go fish the Sh*t!! Great how The Riddler tells ya how it is. The 14.5 oasis was a huge step up from the outback in terms of stability and tracking for me. I always said my next would most likely be the revo and the 16 to be. The fact you can get out of the "crapper" situations and just the darn ease of getting anyway in open water. Way less hull drag for sure. Battleships just cant compare to that.
  9. Good job staying on top of this stripes this spring Mike.
  10. That's a good thing. The regular wheels are bad in the sand and just drag. If for any reason you need to go over rough terrain the sandtrax are really good. I told myself that how can they be that much better and went with the wheels and couldnt believe it. Good luck on the cart and ease of use. Nice not have to bring a cart back to the vehicle on how it breaks down so easily.
  11. First season with the plano v crate and so far I am liking it. Fits in the small cargo area of the Hobie oasis and gives me access to my gear fairly easily. Wonder if anybody else is using this.
  12. Did you get the sandtrax. Thing works great man. I have a fully loaded tandem hobie with everything in it and it moves it fairly easily through all kinds of sand. Does not drag at all. I lift it up as my son throws it underneath. I break it down and toss it in the hatch but carry the wheels in the rear as they dont fit in the oasis.
  13. Yakima showboat with either the mako saddles or the newer big catch saddles. Keep it simple and easy.
  14. Mike that's alot of green slime on that bass.....must be in the Raritan for sure. Just guessing man.
  15. Stormr makes you look cool and professional....yes I own one by the way. I have the surf top version and get wet when its pouring. Leaks through the neoprene after hours. Guy cotton pretty solid I'd have to say.