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  1. Nice man!! Great way to get a bite. Best time for walleye is usually around now too. We didn’t get cold long enough to get too much ice and now spring weather is coming. Weird weather pattern.
  2. I literally reeled for hours under saltwater with gators and nada. But almost three years without fully servicing the reel or sending out for service this is impressive how I fish it. I do get sand on it at times when handling larger fish and just rinse in the wash. If it is going to fail it would have and I would expect the shaft to slide the smallest water in over time and I do oil it up apply rheolube from Visser but that’s it. A lotta hate when this first came out the gate. I trust this reel. A little tuning with better bearings and this is a very solid reel. Waiting for a list of ceramic bearing sizes and I’m all in getting those.
  3. Only seal that broke was on the side cover when I took it off during inspection of heavy reeling under water during a decent bluefish outing. RK sent two sets with grease for nothing. Good stuff. One thing I can relay is having a slight squeak which seems to be the support bearing just under the reverse bearing. This seems to be where they will do this and Nick made a good YouTube video showing this. I think swinging the bearings out for ceramic will make it a solid reel. I have not sent mine in at all and will do this off season for service. I reached out to Visser on bearing sizes and they just stated to send it in. Other than that it has pulled in decent fish since new and did its job.
  4. Hey I guess if you consider all the electric scooters and bicycles out there unregistered I can do the same right? I’ll go over my paperwork and see what I have when I purchased it from Ramsey Outdoor. I gotta get my CDL renewed anyway and need to be there in person. If not to horrible with the credential side of things from DMV.
  5. Not sure if this has been worded on here but looking for some help going into next season as I will be powering my Hobie and will be registering it for the first time. Is all I need is the receipt of purchase or will I need to notarize that also? Trying to eliminate that run around that always seems to happen going to the DMV. Kayak is just over a year old if that matters and I figured would not.
  6. Today?
  7. Heck of a day in “December” to say the least. The size of these bass were awesome. Metal lips!!!! Can’t stress how they just grab better quality. Just need to work them properly. My kids were in it today and was a treat seeing their rods bend. All types of bait from small peanuts to adult bunker. All in all about four dozen bass.
  8. Did you lip grip @Goldy out?
  9. Hey man save some for the spring haha. These fish will hand around as they have been into next year. We are spoiled to say the least on the kayaks. Late report from Monday OC. Had a solid day of slot fish with smaller sized mixed in. Good friend on mine were in a very good hole bending rods and keeping busy with a decent crowd on the beach. Great color won the day. Bronze- we had two different lures of the same color and it just worked. We tried different lures and nada. Bronze it was. Did lose one on a large fish which sucks because I hate to leave the lure in a fish. This could be the weather that either ends the big fish season or creates the last bait movement to move the small ones in. We need the sand eels!!!!!
  10. Well, now I know where the crowd will be tomorrow. Report chasers will be in full swing!!!
  11. @kurazy kracka seems to be making his presence known. NJ watch out for this guy haha.
  12. I started too because of the fingers getting ripped up haha. I think being in the moment and excited it just gets forgotten.
  13. Hey sorry for the bomb cast and stealing that fish behind your lure. They just want mine more. When @adobo said redneck I was like that’s the kracka. Haha. But hey man enjoyed the chat/fishing on a short outing.
  14. At least you didn’t get the blood sport sand in the eyes. Hate that man. Why I usually always were sunglasses or my glasses in low light instead of the contacts. Awesome to see you having a decent season brother.
  15. Well got there late and was able to land almost two dozen. Metal lip and top water pencils. What a blast this season. If the guy from Virginia that was next to me for a little bit is on here, Awesome cast for cast brother. We had some mean casts with distance haha. And to the other guy that beached a gator bluefish in the mix of upper slot fish with us. Haven’t seen those blues in a while. Awesome day. Lots of participation out there.