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  1. Do you have any pictures of the rod thanks.
  2. Ok thanks if you change your mind let me know.
  3. Hey Gaff it i would be able to do $30.00 picked-up .
  4. Hello I'm interested in the Penn power Stick.
  5. Is the rod still available and what are you looking to get for it thanks.
  6. Hi are the plugs still available.
  7. Hi all I'm curious as to whether or not I can use my st.crox triumph 3/4 to 4oz bottom with a triumph 10'6" tip rated 2 to 6 oz.
  8. Hi I'm interested in the rod can you tell me approx how old the blank is.
  9. Hi are the plugs still available?
  10. What's the best recipe for salting you're own clams.
  11. I've fished those waters they are great seabass producer's well done.
  12. Hi I'm very interested in the rods you have for sale if you still have them.
  13. Are they still available. .
  14. I've never noticed any change because of the color some time's it aids in placing my cast in the right place when I use yellow braided line.
  15. Wow that's interesting and its good to know we have so many options I'm also a little hard on gear.