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  1. Pm coming with contact number. Would like to make arrangement to take a look. Thanks Chris
  2. Bay shore ny
  3. 3 hurricane redbone inshore Rods For Sale. All rods are in immaculate condition. Cork has been sealed with U-40 cork sealer. All are casting models. Model numbers are rbd701ml, rbd701m and 701mh. They fish a little above their line ratings. Take all 3 rods for 100$ local pickup, add 15 for shipping. Located in Bayshore Ny
  4. Seems like certain colors for me are fine. The new penny nuclear chicken are tough and last a bit. The pink shine is very soft and falls off easily. Also noticed a difference on body shapes. The shrimp seem to be the toughest while the nemesis seems to be the softest. Maybe I have a mix of old stock and new stuff?
  5. sold To cstevens! A pleasure meeting you!
  6. Ok it’s yours! Pm me contact details
  7. Bucktail and diamond jig lot for sale 5 2 oz pink bucktails,2 1oz ball jig heads, 10 3/4 oz nuclear chicken ultra minnnow heads, 5 2oz gold and silver hammered jigs with pack of vex replacement inline hooks 30 bucks local pickup Bayshore to Freeport area 35 shipped
  8. Revo winch! Just keep it oiled. Even has an oiling port . Great little reel
  9. Bullet tuna you can tell by the tail and short nose
  10. I have one not a bad rod for the money well worth 50 bucks I went to the website but I don’t see the sale?
  11. With the lighter line say up to 30 lbs I always use that many turns. With heavier line you can drop down to 5 . As long as the same number of wraps are on the top and bottom the knot will hold
  12. Make sure you do 7 turns when the knot is done it will be 3 wraps on top 3 on the bottom the uneven number of wraps is what makes it break
  13. Bottom fishing fun at 2 and a half
  14. Lots of them jumping in the Hudson West Point area may to July or so
  15. Bergal or blackfish ? Either way the bass will eat them just don’t use/get caught with an undersized blackfish