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  1. Just the other night a Cow nose ray about 3 foot wide rammed into the side of the kayak and scared the @#$% out of me . Sounded like a speed boat coming at me from about 10 feet away.
  2. Go to Root Beer Barrel in Brigantine. He has a good stock and a place to test them. He is also having a going out of business sale. John is very knowledgeable about anything Hobie. I have an Outback and a Revo 11 they are both used in the salt . Hope this helps. Mike
  3. SOLD!!!!
  4. 2017 Hobie Revo 11.5 Unmolested Red Revo 11.5 barely used Hobie Mirage GT drive with leash Hobie Paddle Vantage CT seat Hobie Flip Up Rudder Optional deep storage Original Buyers Paperwork Bought new last year , not being used.Paid $2399 Asking $2000 *
  5. Rob I will let you know by the end of the week, NJ side or Staten Island side??
  6. This winter wont go away
  7. I just saw on the Lowrance website an update for some of the newer units, Elite TI, Hd etc. It is called Fish Reveal looks pretty cool , going to install later. Mike
  8. Good info , Mine came with the c-maps ............any day now ........waiting to check it out. Mike
  9. I just installed the Lowrance Elite 5ti with the totalscan transducer and the berleypro cover om my Outback. I am hoping to get out and play with it over the weekend, maybe just on a lake if needed. Mike
  10. No I have not fished there YET. But I will. Mike
  11. Nice setup Rob let me know if you are going back to that spot. Mike
  12. I am installing my totalscan on my Outback this week, great deal at Basspro I bought the Berleypro protective cover online for it . Man this thing is big, and sits below the bottom of the hull. I will have to be more careful launching and loading. Any day now. Mike
  13. Hey Rob, When you upgraded from the hook 4 did you have upgrade the battery as well? I just picked up the Lowrance 5 ti totalscan w/ c-maps from Basspro to replace my Mark 4 chirp I was wondering if I need a new battery? How long do you get on a battery/ what type do you use? Thanks for the info. I am not far from you maybe we can meet up one day for some fishing. Thanks again Mike
  14. Rob, Great Job you are killing it out there. I went out the other night on the Mullica and got the skunk. I was using the same lures as you and I was only a couple miles north of you, I could see AC from my kayak. What is your top water lure? I will be out tomorrow somewhere ,the weather looks good. Mike
  15. Any action going on in the Bay?? I am trying to decide to come up on Thursday. Hoping for some striper or bluefish action.