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  1. There are a helleva lot of good comments here,problem is there is no organize effort to get these messages to those making decisions AND MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE.... My opinion is fishermen NEED TO WRITE PERSONAL LETTERS to ASMFC,Mid-Atlantic ,and other regulators INCLUDING THEIR State and Federal representatives. No email,s no form letters ,just personal letters , Politicians regardless of where they get funding for re-running WILL take note of numbers of comments coming from voters . Problem fishermen have is they would rather bitch on the internet in sites like this than make there points known to those making decisions....As far as ASMFC is concerned the only time they do something positive is when the stock is at a VERY low level because most of the noise they get comes from those who would/may want to be responsible for catching the last fish in the sea I also agree with those who commented on one regulation for bass coast wide.. NJ which I am a resident in my opinion RAPE the process with ability to keep 3 fish..... BUT do not agree that one fish should be 32" or over .. ONE FISH ONLY over 20" and lets sit back and watch the stock grow.....
  2. Don't know how old the guys saying the increased size limit brought the Bass back BUT what brought back the bass WAS a 3 year moratorium in most States (don't remember if it covered the entire coast. ). 3 year shutdown (no bass allowed) and bass came back strong. Bass begin spawning at 28 but the prime spawners with most healthy eggs are 36-44" I firmly believe the ideal regulation is similar to red fish 18-27" 1or 2 fish but put the spawners back Now having said all that I would not expect the ASMFC to do anything quickly as they would rather sit and talk about it before acting which is what they did in 80's that resulted in shutdown. I will close with this,,,, I have tagged and release approx 10,000 bass and have little over 13% return rate which is above average AND one thing I am noticing is the migration pattern is changing... Typically prior to about 3 years ago I always received returns from above Long Island and as far north as Maine from bass tagged in South Jersey every year . Past 3 years nothing return north of Long Island indicating to me less migration..... I have also read where Canadian Provinces north of Maine are seeing a growing population of bass in their rivers that don't appear to be migrating and caught all year when water is open... I have been told this is result of some dams being removed and bass able to get to prime spawning waters. So bottom line I totally disagree with the thought of increasing the size Have a Great evening
  3. Raising the size limit to 34" and above WILL ONLY RESULT in an increase of more fish going back DEAD and removing prime spawners , 28-49" are the prime spawners. Only 2 possible solutions to grow population #1 need a size and limit of 1 fish between 18-28" and all the rest go back to spawn.. or . #2 complete shutdown for 2-3 years . We also need barbless hooks for those who dead stick fish . '
  4. If I see fish on my screen and no bite I do following #1 change the direction I am trolling ,#2 change color of bait. #3 change size of the bait.... One of the 3 will work 80% of the time IF you are seeing fish
  5. Unlike the years gone by KINGFISH today are primarily a surf line catch and on lumps inside 3 miles...The inshore bite has gone down hill thanks to beach replenishment destroying the inshore creeks and channels with imported beach sand . I have logs prior to the dumb ass ongoing beach replenishment of days with 60-80 kingfish on one tide anchored up close to an original sand bar near a mussel bed... Try finding a mussel bed inside today??? They have been wiped out with beach replenishment sand...Just another example of politicians agreeing to the bulls@#$ put out by the Army Corp
  6. In South Jersey I have found keeper size bass the past 11 years between June 15th and July 20th...These are spawned out bass and hungry. 6 of those years I had at least one over 35 " with one being 40". Actually during this time frame I caught more legal size bass than any other time period . They were caught on surface plugs, slow trolling bucktails ,and eels...All inside waters usually near ICW and mouths of creeks ... I tag 99% of what I catch AND have have recoveries from this time frame usually north of NY one came back from Maine. Couple were re-caught later in same year off NC in late winter...It usually is a Early morning or Setting sun time frame to catch. Tide didn't seem to make a big difference as time of day was most critical
  7. I may be a loner but I have tagged and released over 7000 bass in Cape May County waters and here is my methods by month April --- small bucktails with twister tail trolled very slowly or sit in mouths of small creeks with bloodworms or fresh calm bellies May early in month same as April but as water warms live eels will produced June early in month same as May ,second half of month you will find some BIGGER bass on eels and this will continue into July. July-early some big spawned out bass will jump on eels and bucktails trolled or a swimming plug trolled,second half of month it will be surface poppers up against sod banks especially in mouths of small creeks . Also you will find school bass up in the shallow bays on high tides early morning and evening ,look for some bait and cast away August--depending on water temps assuming water temps stay below 78 surface poppers will best early and late. Trolling on end of tide along sod banks and beginning on incoming assuming water temperature Sept , tough month but once again depending on water temps follow August plan...Expect to be bothered by snapper blues Oct--bass begin to move and all of the above will work BUT if available Live Spot will out-produced everything with eels close behind and bite could be any time day or night,you need to be looking for bait Nov -- live Spot and Eels drifted will out produce most but once again water temp is key IF temp holds in high 50's low 60's ,poppers will still produce along with small swimming plugs. Most of the bass inshore will be shorts but be prepared as there will be schools of larger bass on occasion Dec all depends on Water temps and storms If there is a big storm in Nov and Dec bite could shut down fast This is all based on inshore waters,ocean is another story,I am an inshore guy. IF weather is decent you will also find out of season bass in tuckahoe and Great Egg rivers on bloodworms if available , earthworms also ,you can redden up the earthworms by using red dye in the bedding,Grass shrimp if available .While trying for bass you also will find perch mixed in This is my techniques with over 60 years of fishing Cape May County GOOD LUCK
  8. Big Bluefish still hanging around upper Cape May County.Went out this morning in stiff wind and picked up 15 Blues in 2 1/2 hours.. One was very memorable as it was a milestone in my tagging efforts with American Littoral Society. The 6th Bluefish I caught today and tagged was the 20,000th fish I have tagged an released .
  9. There are numerous homes and lots for sale in Cape May County ,inshore saltwater fishing is excellent April to Dec, Numerous freshwater lakes with bass and pickerel and others . You can live off Rt 9 and be away from bad storms and get to a boat dock in less than 15 minutes. 3 townships along Rt 9 and Upper Twp has lowest taxes. Search Cape Many county realtors to view the numerous options good luck
  10. Big Bluefish are still all over upper Cape May County. i have had fish this morning up to 34" before the wind came up and all are skinny with no bloated bellies and very aggressive With wind coming up strong I decided to look for fluke and quickly picked up 5 from 17-21" but wind is beating me up so I headed to barn
  11. Upper Cape May county is over run with BIG Bluefish,largest yesterday was little over 16lbs,biggest today well over 12lbs ,dead low tide ,once tide started in wind came up hard...Also got 5 fluke today with 2 over 20"