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  1. Was out yesterday, Porgy action is still amazing. Got alot of short blackfish (thanks for the tips @fishoninct). Saw some albies busting from milford to new haven. Overall a pretty decent day.
  2. ill take a blurple and herring from the other baitfish thread.
  3. I'm in
  4. 1st pic didnt load, were you able to do the bunker as said in the other thread?
  5. thats pretty shallow, thanks for the tid bit of info =)
  6. Nice! any specific depth you targeted them at?
  7. porkchop dealing so far tonight!
  8. any update?
  9. You sure this wasnt a preseason game?
  10. I use tides 4 fishing it gives you Wind, Temp, Humidity, Visibility, Atmospheric pressure, UV rating, Water Temp, Wave Direction/Height/Period, Tide times,Tidal Coefficient/Solunar Activity, Sun/Moon Rise and Set and moon phase.
  11. white and bunker if possible, thanks!
  12. was out late saturday and sunday, lots of 1 to 3 lb blues jumping straight out of the water on peanuts. Good porgie action and robins....lots of robins. Have not seen much adult bunker around, still waiting for the "fall run"
  13. payment sent.
  14. im in, shoot me a pm with info
  15. what kind of fish is that? almost looks like a houndfish or needle fish....