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  1. If I a loading a Hornady bullet and using IMR powder I will use Hornady data and IMR data to cross check the load. Ditto Speer, Ditto Nosler. Shell holders are important to use the proper one. You can use an RCBS, Redding, Lee, etc. but use the right one - the head-spacing ability of a die works between the proper setup of the die vis-a-vi the shellholder - that is how you get the case back to the proper size. One could write a book in answer to these questions, I probably own 40 various reloading books and have learned bits and pieces from all of them. My library goes back to Phil Sharpes books on reloading and into the modern era, John Barsness is the dean of them all now. OH
  2. Case trimming for bottleneck cases in high pressure rounds is required after two, if not one, firing. Variances can be things you probably didn't measure, such as the exact chamber dimensions, or amount of lead in the throat. Differences between Speer and Nosler loads can be things such as lot of powder used by the lab, hardness of the jacket between the two brands, softness/hardness of the core, amount of jacket bearing on the lands of the rifling. More things come to mind. Look for a Lee case trimmer, cheap and fool proof, just slow. You get a cutter assembly in one package (just buy one) then a case holder and length gauge (buy one for each rifle cartridge you intend to trim). The Lee takes you about halfway between the SAAMI minimum and maximum. Get a deburring tool to chamfer the case mouth after trimming. Cheap insurance to ensure you don't accidentally spike pressure by holding the bullet beyond its slip point. Buy a Lyman manual and read the introductory material - excellent resource if you don't have a mentor walking you through your first steps. OH
  3. Nice upgrade WorcBoy, big improvement. I did the same last year to my Spinfisher VI 3500, great Spanish and Bluefish setup now. OH
  4. Couple of years ago my wife bought me a Wolverine F2D Titan film to digital converter (scanner). I have scanned hundreds over the last few years - if the slide quality is good then the scan is good, bad slide (bad exposure, deterioration of the emulsion, etc.) then the correction tools in the scanner are rudimentary and don't do much good. Best bet is scan and use software correction programs on your computer to save bad slides. Overall I like the Wolverine scanner - I use it for B&W and color negatives too. OH
  5. I'm betting every safe company has the codes - they buy locks from the same lock manufacturers. I also bet everyone would turn that combination loose under a federal warrant. Best thing to do is change your combination and let them hand you the warrant or watch them cut it open with a torch. OH
  6. Thanks gents, every now and then you get lucky. OH
  7. Hadn’t been to a Friends of NRA banquet since 2018, but attended one last Friday night. Took a wild hair and decided to pursue the Gun of the Year, Springfield Armory’s new SA-35, their USA made version of the Browning P-35, 9mm Luger. I won the auction and picked up the pistol on Monday. Nicely made, good reviews on-line, feels good in the hand. Only came with one 15 round magazine, so I ordered two more from Springfield Armory yesterday (reasonable price too). After I won the SA-35 I got pulled on a card game and won a Glock 19, Gen 5 9mm Luger too. Picked up the Glock on Monday too, took it to a range and fired it - first Gen 5 I have owned, it feels exactly like my Gen 3 Glock 23 in the hand. Don’t know when I have won a firearm but it was a fun night for me. OH
  8. Just left the local propane dealer, cost me $15 each to refill two tanks (20 lb. grill size tanks). I asked about the cost of a new tank; $60 for the tank, $15 for the gas. Last years I was paying $11.50 for each LP refill. OH
  9. Looks like a fantastic boat - you will be instantly recognizable! OH
  10. Pretty accurately describes the current situation in NC.
  11. The Spinfisher VI in the 2500 or 3500 would be a splashable and occasional get dunked reel that would work and easily be within your budget. I use the SSVI 3500 on my Spanish and Bluefish rod (7-6” Star) - a round ball handle upgrade makes it a fast reel to retrieve. Casting for several hours seems to be no problem. OH
  12. Great trip - congratulations to all. OH
  13. On cloudy days it makes no difference, in bright sunshine you may or may not get an erroneous reading. The eye in your Chrony reads the passing of the bullet and measures the speed between the two eyes, it needs something to contrast against, skyscreens are insurance it will have the right amount of contrast. OH
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