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  1. I’ve been using this knot (labeled Albright) for several years with no issues whatsoever. I bought the little booklet at a tackle shop, it was printed in Australia; the author uses different names for a few of the knots I use, adding to the confusion as to what knot is what. OH
  2. I have never had any luck with the lizards but I’m going to give them another try - nice catch. OH
  3. Bennie, how is the boat preparation going? You about got her ready? OH
  4. Nice mixed bag KB. OH
  5. Nice bass Mack!
  6. Spanish still running, Bogue Inlet Pier was extensively rebuilt after last falls hurricane, it is very nice. Fort Macon State Park on the east end of the island (Bogue Banks) offers surf fishing with access to the jetty and has both ocean front and Beaufort Inlet facing surf fishing opportunities - I was there yesterday, you must exit the parking lot no later than 8:00 pm. Chasing Tails and Freeman’s Discount Tackle, both on the causeway at Atlantic Beach, offer fresh bait and updated fishing reports on their Facebook pages. On the west end (Emerald Isle) you have the Point at Bogue Inlet. Downtown Swansboro has several pubic (free) piers facing the White Oak River - one was just rebuilt from the storm in the last two weeks. Pogie’s in Swansboro is a Tackle shop that specializes in Kayak fishing and has extensive rental fleet - they will put you on the inshore fish. If you want a great Speck trip in the New River (Sneads Ferry) call Captain Ricky Kellum, The Speckled Specialist, for a half or full day inshore trip. Flounder will probably close on 8/23 but the hearings aren’t finalized (lots of confusion about this regulation change) - plenty of Doormat Founder coming up lately. Have fun! OH
  7. My condolences Tim to you and your family in the loss of your Father.
  8. I think Bennie has some heavy tackle! OH
  9. Can you get to Bass Pro in Newport News or Greentop in Richmond? Take your reels and fit them to the rod you like. The Bass Pro Ocean Master line offers some rods in the Penn quality class that may fit fine. I’ve had the same issue in the past, but got everything fit by going to the shop. OH
  10. Star makes some good rods in very agreeable price ranges. I use a 7'-6" Stellar Surf for my hatchback travel rod, works good with a Slammer 4500 for me. I would consider their longer rods at 8' & 9' to pair with your reel. OH
  11. You fishing on the Bogue Inlet Pier or the Oceanna (AB). Bogue was extensively rebuilt over the winter (heavy hurricane damage) it's very nice now. Down to two fishing piers on Bogue Banks now, sure glad both are rebuilt or being rebuilt. OH
  12. Thank you gents. OH
  13. Just bought a new Stradic 4000 FK (my first one), fished it Sunday on the ICW with 15 lbs. PowerPro braid - it casts Spook Juniors like a rocket! Read the Stradic specific instruction sheet in the box - states that the reel owner should NOT lubricate the line roller. I fish saltwater and always put a drop of oil in the line roller to keep it turning freely. Do you seasoned Stradic owners have any issues by following Shimano's advice in this instance? Thanks, OH
  14. Promised to report back here when my Tsunami Shield 4000 returned from the factory warranty service center in Boynton Beach FL. I was hoping for the best, really wanted to like the Shield reel; looked good and felt good initially. I shipped it off on 6/28, it returned to me on 7/25; according to the repair center paperwork they decided to repair the AR instead of the drag issue I sent the reel in for (and detailed in my letter). They managed to misalign or break the gearing - now when I crank the handle it feels like a ratchet wrench and the spool will not spin (I took it off and reset it - it works for five or six spins, then slips off again and begins chattering). Last night I took the reel back to the my local B&T (Neuse Sport Shop) where I bought it this past New Years Eve - they gave me full credit towards a Shimano Stradic 4000 XGFK (got 40% off due to close out on that reel) they also moved my braided line for me. I am done with Tsunami Shields. Hope they can get the Shield drag issues fixed for the future. OH
  15. Damn Bennie, that’s bad stuff being shot at. Good luck on the boat, it’s a lot of work getting one going and keeping one going. You keep your Kevlar on! OH