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  1. Went inland to Tarboro on the Tar River this morning, Hickory Shad hitting the conventional Shad lures - gold flutter spoons and 2” white grubs. OH
  2. There is a species of Black Bass named the Redeye Bass - it is included on the Georgia Bass Slam score sheet. OH
  3. Bennie, nice job on the trout. Sun, that’s a nice looking bass - did you weigh or measure it? OH
  4. Thanks for the heads up Slacker. OH
  5. Matt, nice bass! Sounds like a great trip Hunter. KB, you’ve been in good on the mixed bags lately, nice. Hit the river again today for the Shad run - it’s cooling off in my area, but landed two on unconventional Shad lures - an old Dar-Devle red/wht, & copper spoon (this Roe Shad measured just over 18”) and a 14” male Hickory on a Berkley 2” Firetiger pony shad. Never know what they’ll hit, but they seem to like seeing something different. OH ps just realized I reversed the fish and lures - oh well!
  6. First time I went Red fishing at Mount Pleasant SC the boat captain was quite serious about no bananas on his boat. First time I ever heard that. Now, several hours north where I live (coastal NC) I’ve never heard that superstition from a local, only from folks who moved here from other areas and brought the superstition with them. OH
  7. Since moving to the coast I don’t have access to the freshwater I know, so I’m learning new water. Recently began fishing in the Trent River for the Shad run and began reconning river access within an hour drive. I sampled a creek feeding into the NE Cape Fear this past week and stopped to check boating access to the upper White Oak yesterday. My goal is to get comfortable with some new locations where I can resume catching LMB, Bream, Crappie, etc. I’m strongly considering a canoe, but it will need to stay under 50 lbs. - maybe Kevlar? OH
  8. Thanks gents. Mostly I catch my Hickory Shad on flutter spoons; Green/Yellow, Pink/White, and Gold. I have caught one Shad each so far this season on the Sunshine Rig, a 1/8 oz. Red/White dart, and on a Pink/White 1/16 oz. jig-head/2" curly-tail. Heading to the salt today, so won't get to try any Shad gear today. I tired out my new cheap closeout reel earlier this week - the Quantum Throttle 20 with 8 lbs. Stren mono - it's okay, but it is certainly no Pflueger President and especially not anywhere close to a Daiwa Fuego LT. But for $25 closeout it is better than most reels designed to retail for $25 - it'll serve as a back-up to leave in the truck or car. OH
  9. Very nice GAW, thanks to Ottz and congratulations to the winner. OH
  10. Nice mixed bag KB. Still hitting the Shad in my area. Made up a “Sunshine Rig” using a metallic color crankbait and a Clarkspoon trailing 2’ behind. Crankbait takes the spoon deeper when its sunny as the Shad hang deep. Worked too! Not my idea, got it from an old Field & Stream article on Shad rigs. OH
  11. Hickory Shad run still early and muted, but there. Reeled in a 16-1/2” roe last evening. OH
  12. Congratulations on the Bass K-B. As to the snakes, I was on the Trent River in Jones County NC today - didn't see any snakes but at 72° I was sure looking! Fished for two hours and caught nothing - hate that skunk too! OH
  13. There are a lot of them; the best of my current Freshwater reels is a Daiwa Fuego LT 2500. Dual rated for FW or SW with their Magseals. You can catch them on sale for under $100.00; some have reported them on-line for as low as $75.00. Of course Shimano makes quite a few and Penn offers their Clash. OH
  14. I’m in.
  15. KnewBee, at least you weren't skunked! Been a long, dry spell laden winter here but water temps are rising and the fish are beginning to bite. Hope to get back on some Shad on Sunday - so many rivers flooded I might switch back to the salt. OH