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  1. Charleston SC harbor jetties.
  2. Just saw this - nice Red!
  3. I travel coastal NC by car for my work; keep a BG4000 on a 6’-6” BPS Brawler and Slammer III 4500 on a 7’-6” Star Stellar. Both are two piece rods and can easily ride in the rear hatch area of my Ford Edge along with a small tackle box and fold up cooler. I can hit a pier or the beach when I’m done with my sales calls. The short rods work fine for me. OH
  4. Spinfisher V on half price sale in local B&T’s and on the Penn website. Picked up a SSV-3500 yesterday locally. OH
  5. Last summer I actually tore down a BG3000 while following Scooby's video - worth it's weight in gold. OH
  6. gman, I fished it in the creek off the ICW for an hour on the evening of Jan 1st. It started out pretty stiff, wasn't getting my usual casting distance, but as the hour went on it loosened up and began to match the casting distance (per lure) I'm used to with a Daiwa BG3000 and Penn Slammer III 4500. I used three hard lures and three weights of swim shad soft baits. I never hooked a thing to haul in a fish, so I've got to get back out again and see how it performs on Specks. I decided to surf fish this morning, so I used a Slammer III 5500, left the Tsunami home. OH
  7. Bought the new model (13 seals) Shield 4000 yesterday at a local B&T. They also had plenty of the Guard and another less expensive model as well - all being sold as sealed reels. My B&T had the Shield marked $89.99 but was having a end of year 30% off sale, so I got it fairly cheaply just to try out. Spooled it with 15 lbs. standard PowerPro braid. Got to get out in the garage and pick a rod for it (something 7') and try it out this evening. OH
  8. Not very elegant, but I worked out a method using an electric drill with a drill pump, two hoses, and two five gallon water cans. I need to tweek it by cutting the hose into the motor at 6” (wants to kink at that spot) for ease of attachment; just need to get a male and a female replacement coupling at ACE. OH
  9. I've been running a 2013 90 HP Suzuki four stroke (DF90ATL1) for several years on a 20' Lowe CC Roughneck - I'd buy another. OH
  10. I’ve fished several times with Stoughton Richard, owner of Captain Richards Fishing. A knowledgeable and affable guide, I’ll be using him again on my next trip down. OH
  11. Just proves that what you don't know can (financially) hurt you! OH
  12. Nice striper Shark.