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  1. I think Salt Water Assassin (brand of Bass Assassin) makes what you are looking for. OH
  2. Fished the Trent River for an hour and a half yesterday, high, fast, and muddy from all the rain the previous five days. Didn't get a bite, but like fishing freshwater. Lots of folks here on the coast for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, especially with things semi-opening this past week. Going to cruise the ICW with my wife and daughter in a bit, won't get any fishing in until this evening and that will be from the dock by my boat slip. Hope all you gents have a nice weekend. OH
  3. I got some Gulp baits floating in juice that are a couple years old. I find they do get harder to thread onto the jighead once they age, but they are less likely to tear in use. Now I get them off of the jighead when I'm done fishing, or I have to cut them off with a pocketknife if they harden up. OH
  4. Cool looking picture K-D!
  5. Live on the Crystal Coast of NC, lucky to be in an area that is loaded with excellent, locally owned B&T shops. My favorite is the closest to me (one of their stores) and that's Neuse Sport Shop in Cedar Point NC. However, you could work your way from the northern Outer Banks down to Shallotte and never have to drive more than 30 minutes to get to a great place to buy gear or learn what's happening in the surf or sound. OH
  6. Thanks CPT Ahab, good advice. Better to educate than to call out. I stole this picture off an Orvis website page, kept it for my own education. OH
  7. The one pier that should be able to weather a storm and it’s closed for social distancing! Good grief, our state is going to the dogs. Thanks for the update. OH
  8. Well, it’s his money, his rod/reel and his decision, but it does limit him somewhat. Lots of choices in light rod/reels that are black/red or black/gold with Penn - all pretty good too, especially for FW, from the Fierce on up they should last a long time. OH
  9. Hate to hear that about Avalon, that’s the one I hit most often when passing through Kitty Hawk to Manteo on business - fit in a few hours on the pier. What is the name of the Concrete Pier? It should be fine (never been there since I don’t care for concrete piers but might have to visit it now). OH
  10. My brother is a light tackle buff and fishes the brackish water for Specks with a 2500 size Penn Conflict II and he loves that reel. Look at a Daiwa Fuego 2500LT, I use one for LMB on ML rod and like it an awful lot. With your budget (considering a Penn CFT-II) I’d say pick a rod and reel separately - you can find exactly what you like that way. OH
  11. Sitting in a mountain cabin up in Murphy and caught the news of the first TS of the season (Arthur). Sounds like it’s going to cause some bad overwash on Hatteras Island on highway 12 - just what those folks need! Two weeks before the opening of the hurricane season too! OH
  12. Had a bit of luck in the Valley River this morning, fishing for trout but caught LMB! Little stream behind our rental cabin has some stocked trout - played around with a short yesterday - it would chase my spoon around but not bite - too small to do anything but throw it back anyway. Going to try again in the rain tomorrow morning. OH
  13. Nothing wrong with a Penn reel, especially a SSVI. I have one of those 2500 SSVI and use it mostly for brackish water, but I'd use it in FW if I had it with me. OH Ps Spigola, Back in the winter I put a Daiwa BG2000 on a 6'-6" Fenwick HMG ML - love the combo for FW - casts and retrieves wonderfully.
  14. Haven’t been able to fish much at all lately, but did get out today for a couple of hours. One small LMB (9-1/2”) on a Bomber crankbait in the Trent River. Good news for us is a six day vacation in the NC mountains, leaving here Thursday morning, rented a cabin on a stocked trout stream way over in Cherokee County - the season is open there. Plan to fish out back, grill some steaks, drink some beer, and have my older children and spouses come by for dinner and visiting. Hopefully I’ll catch some fish. OH
  15. 1/16 oz. - 1/8 oz. - 3/8 oz. in the inshore SW & brackish areas. OH