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  1. I like rods in that range - have several Shimano Clarus and Convergence, which are good rods but my favorite is the Fenwick HMG. OH
  2. My Ruger’s are pretty dependable revolvers, got several chambered in different cartridges. My main woods bumming single action is this SBH. Really like the Ruger version of the 1911 Combat Commander - if I was in the market for another 45acp that would be my choice. OH
  3. Man, M1 carbines for $80 and M4 bayonets for $5 - what a world we have left behind! OH
  4. I got my first Buck Knife, a 301, from that display in 1972, Christmas gift from my Grandma, I was in high school. Bought my second, a Buck 105, while in the Army at the APG MD in 1976. In the last 35 years I have gotten carried away buying up all the old Buck's, Browning's, and Winchesters I wanted as a teenager. 1960's catalog page and display case and some of my Buck's. OH
  5. Had a nice day fishing for Stripes on the Roanoke River this past Thursday with my buddy Jim. Very slow, not many fish, no keepers. My best fish of the day was a 13” LMB. Jim enjoyed his cigars as much as the fishing! OH
  6. Ha! Bought a new rod & reel this past week - understand having “issues”!
  7. Congratulations!
  8. Pulled my Marlin M1895 45/70 GOV'T out of the safe and took a few photos (with an old Kent Sportsman hunting knife). This one will shoot MOA groups with a couple of handloads. OH
  9. 20 years ago used to pay about $12 a box for basic 30/30 ammo (FED blue box, WIN Super-X, REM green/yellow box). Back then 32 WIN SPL was double that price. Last time I bought 30/30 (last October) it was $22.95 a box for REM. I would think that whatever comes out now as new production (same loads) would be around $25.00 a box of 20 rounds. More than that you are paying a "hard to get ammo" premium. OH
  10. I’ve used Sturdy Built in Sarasota FL several times - they have a website and cater to online orders. OH
  11. Went out several days last week (eastern NC), heard very little gobbling first couple of days, finally got a bird to work last morning and worked him hard but couldn't ever seal the deal. Going again this coming Thursday morning. OH
  12. Your boat may or may not have an title in NC. Trailers are titled by the DMV as required. NC WRC (Wildlife Resources Commission) titles boats, a fairly new requirement. DMV is pretty fast and efficient with title changes, WRC not so much. OH
  13. Turkey hunting at the farm, but bass fishing a couple time a day as well. Bass were frisky yesterday, landed five smalls (9” to 13”) and all except one on blue/silver minnows of different brands and types. The biggest hit a crystal Whopper Popper 90. OH
  14. When our slip water is turned off for the winter I use three 5 gallon GI cans and an electric drill with a small, chuck-able water pump (Ace Hardware) and attach with a couple of short hoses to flush the salt water from my engine. Trick is to hold drill as low as possible. OH
  15. Wow, I’ll say! Very nice. OH