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  1. Fished the saltwater off Oregon Inlet yesterday and had an epic day on dolphin; five of us boated 31 and I was lucky enough to land a citation bull. OH
  2. I expect your DNA will be next for a drivers license (although the Army collected that long ago). OH
  3. Only real good shop I know of is Green Top and it is too far south for you (Exit 86 off I-95 in Ashland VA (north side of Richmond). OH
  4. Nice catches Bennie and Marlo. Plug Em All - you could change your handle to Smokey! OH
  5. Been looking at both in the 3000 size for another LMB reel; best I can tell the Magseal bearing in the Fuego is the difference. My local dealer sells the Fuego 3000 for $15 more, so I’ll probably go with it. Scooby makes the point that a Magseal reel used only in freshwater will stay smooth for years. OH
  6. Heck, I went to renew my NCDL last week - you have to bring an original SS card with your number, a birth certificate issued by a county or state with a raised seal (no photocopies allowed) and two letters from quasi-government agencies (power authority, water authority, etc.) addressed to you at your home of residence. What a PIA! Took me a couple of months to find my only birth certificate that met the requirement. Now I can fly on a domestic flight or enter the federal courthouse after September 2020. My fishing license is lifetime so I guess I’m good on that for my home state. OH
  7. Nice mixed bag there KB. Drove up to Va Bch Va yesterday for a meeting this morning, passed through Elizabeth City NC and spent an hour on the city park pier on the Pasquotank. Caught a 13” bass on a Berkley Minnowgrub. OH
  8. Don't use the old greenboard, use the purple board (XP) or another brand like Mold Tuff. These newer boards still have moisture resistance but also have active mold and mildew inhibitors in them that will kill M&M that attempts to attach. Same price as the old greenboard which was only moisture proof. OH
  9. Be interested to see what the Penn guys say (if they are allowed to say). Don’t know if Penn is still affiliated with Berkley and Ugly Stik, but those websites have the same message. OH Ps. My own thoughts on reading the new policies was that the manufacturers were stepping back to not compete with their retailers and distributors.
  10. Ritchie, congratulations on your new PB. KB, thanks for the additional info - I’m going to pick one up and fish it. OH
  11. Nice catches KnewBee. You’ve got me thinking I ought to try a WhopperPlopper lure. OH
  12. Absolutely awesome - congratulations! OH
  13. Improved Albright; fast and easy to tie, strong. Cut the mono tag as close as you can get your clipper. OH
  14. You guys had a good weekend, nice pictures. OH
  15. Good catch KnewBee, like that lure. Nice frog bait Bass Matt.