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  1. Nice Cats Bennie.
  2. My comment entered: Opening the EEZ would be bad for the long term management and conservation of Striped Bass. I am opposed to this change in regulation.
  3. I think the gift cards are now good at Bass Pro as well; in my area BP has a better fishing Dept than Cabelas. OH
  4. Length of time in the crock pot is really determined by whether I used dry beans or canned beans. I brown my venison burger first so it is essentially cooked when it goes in the crockpot. When I use canned beans I go two hours on high, then three to four hours on low - the onions are always soft that way. OH
  5. Own four of the Daiwa BG, great reel for the money. You should also look at the recently introduced Penn Spinfisher VI; only a bit more money than the BG but offering better sealing against salt water. OH
  6. Your question got me to looking at Star rods. I wanted a rod for a Slammer III 4500 I bought last August for pier/surf fishing in eastern NC. I ended up buying a 7’-6” Star Stellar Surf two-piece (1/2 to 1-1/2 oz. rating) last week in Wilmington. I’ve fished it three times on my neighborhood dock for a total of four hours so far, caught a few Specks (Spotted Sea Trout) but really liking the combination and especially the rod. Until I read your post I hadn’t thought of Star. OH
  7. Nice guys - looks cool up there too (I'm still in short and t-shirts). OH
  8. Moved two weeks ago, been too busy to fish, but had 30 minutes late this afternoon on the neighborhood boat dock (Creek off the Intercoastal). Caught one throwback Speck on a 3” plastic shad bait. First fish at our new home and first use of my new Star pier rod and Slammer III reel. OH
  9. Ghost, Their shipping; I saw two new Penn SS-VI-LL reels sitting on the counter, still in their boxes, at a big box outdoors store in Wilmington tonight. Believe they were marked $169.00. Can’t say for sure but IIRC 4500 size. OH
  10. If you got Lyme from the tick it doesn’t necessarily leave a bullseye rash. The old tests were only 60% accurate (don’t know about newer tests). I’ve RMSF twice and Lyme once - Doxycycline early is the best way to go; cheap and effective, I’d sure ask my doctor. OH
  11. Nice Marlo and KnewBee.
  12. Good golly Addie, that is some fish!
  13. Cape Carteret
  14. I do not consider myself an expert but I do fish on piers quite a bit. I find a rod longer than 8’ and a reel bigger than a 5000/5500 to be oversized for typical pier fishing. However, if you are going to spend your time exclusively on the far end of the pier King Mackerel fishing you may want the bigger gear. I usually take a 6’-6” rod with a 4000 size reel for my workhorse pier rig and a 8’ rod with a Slammer III 5500 for my big pier rod. OH
  15. I appreciate your reviews as well Scooby - you should venture into Rod reviews too! OH