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  1. Agree, my older 2 pc throws the entire listed lure weight range (and some) but the new, lite rod (the one piece) is over-rated at 2 oz. The hang tag on my new 1 pc lists a cork wrapper for the handle, but the rod has the rubber shrink tube on it. OH
  2. Star surf rod products are a source of confusion for me, I own three of the Stellar Surf (two are 7'-6"). I have never seen a tag with Star Stellar Surf Lite on it. All of the three I own are Stellar Surf (no "LITE" Irregardless of what their catalog or online info states). Like you, I really like the 7'-6" Stellar Surf and use mine mostly for slinging metal at Spanish and Bluefish or as a pier rod. In the 7'6" length I own these two: 1.) Star Rods, Stellar Surf, SG1020S76, 7’-6” two-piece medium surf rod w/ cork grips, purchased OCT 2018. Fuji reel seat & guides (5+1), MED action, Line rating 10-20 lbs., Lure rating ½ to 1 ½ oz. 2.) Star Rods, Stellar Surf, SG276IS, 7’-6” one-piece light surf rod w/ rubber grips, purchased JUN 2022. Fuji reel seat & Fuji New Concept guides (6+1), Light action, High Modulus IM-7 graphite., Line rating 6-17 lbs., Lure rating 3/8 to 2 oz. They are pretty well distributed at tackle shops here (their HQ is in Morehead City, just down the road from me). I have seen one more 7'-6", a one piece Heavy rated, which was very stiff. I just bought the #2 rod above, the light one piece. I have a Saltist MQ 3000 on it and and have fished it twice, really slings the metal good. I will say I feel the lure ratings on the two rods is backwards, the Medium will handle a 2 oz. much better than the one piece will - it is at its best at 1/2 to 1-1/4 oz. (in my current limited experience). The tackle shop folks never seem to have a clue as to what Star is doing, stuff just shows up when it shows up. The old versions had cork wrappers, the new one has rubber shrink wrap on the grip. I will stick with them, as they are good rods and less than $100 to include the tax.
  3. I have owned my Robalo 206S Cayman two years now and have 150 engine hours on it, mostly in the ICW and surrounding rivers operating as far north as the lower Neuse River down to Morehead City and further down to the New River (Camp Lejeune/ North Topsail Beach area). Runs shallow water great, handles most wakes well (it’s a wake intensive environment that I boat in). Have only run aground once and that was a soft landing (thank goodness). At a very comfortable on plane cruising speed with three adults (engine turning 3800 RPM for 27 mph) I burn about 4.5 gallon of 89 non-ethanol per hour. Pulls easily with my 2019 F150 with basic V6 engine (4100 lbs all inclusive weight with boat on trailer). One gripe; no rod holders up front but that has been changed by Robalo now on the new boats (my boat is a 2020). All in all I would buy the boat again. Fishing is comfortable for three adults, you could have four max, but two is terrific. OH
  4. I scanned from a Daiwa USA (probably the same as above). OH Daiwa Saltist MQ 3000 Diagram.pdf
  5. If you are going to shoot a lot of lead rounds get yourself a Lewis Lead Remover kit. The brass screens will clean the lead out of rifling and chambers and it includes a forcing cone tool as well. OH
  6. Took me some browsing to find a picture - you can adjust the rig higher if you desire. I wear it for feral hogs, feral dogs, and black bear (the least dangerous of the three) when I'm out by myself on the farm or in the woods and not carrying a hunting rifle with me. It is set so I can put my hand on the Ruger grip quickly. OH
  7. I bought a nylon Denali rig (came from Alaska in one week). I carry a 5-1/2” NM Super Blackhawk in mind for woods bumming but it would be fine for fishing with. OH
  8. I own one, bought it last October and have only used it about four times so far. Actually just starting to use it with any frequency in the last few months. It is very stable on the water (I weigh 200 lbs) the boat is a bit heavy at 77 lbs empty (but fishing kayaks weigh more). If you are going to move it much get some wheels (I got the green ones that strap in the middle - work great). I was advised to stay away from the scupper types due to potential cracking of the hull (on any kayak, not just on the Perception). I use the two rod holders that are molded in, one on each side - troll with one and fish with one. I slip a couple Plano boxes with my lures under the seat - love the seat, it is essentially a lawn chair and lets my lower back go 3-4 hours which I cannot do in a low, molded in style seat. Putting your weight up high slows you down from a speed perspective though. If you want hatches you have to cut out the molded in openings and install them yourself. I bought a Coleman can cooler which fits nicely behind the seat in the molded in recess. I am not an avid kayaker, mostly I put in close to home and fish the grass in our tidal area that I cannot get to in my boat. I don’t cover much water but that is not why I own the kayak. Hope this helps you out a bit. OH Ps. My wife took these pictures last week while she was exploring and I was fishing.
  9. Congratulations, may there be many more. OH
  10. I own a three piece, 7’ Daiwa Ardito M-F travel rod. Comes with a nice travel tube. Works well for the few times I use it a season. I keep a Daiwa Fuego 2500 LT for use with it - the combo handles FW and Inshore SW as well. I’ve owned it about four years now and would buy another (about $100 when I bought it). I bought the Daiwa to replace a similar rod by Ugly Stik, but four piece in a cheaper plastic tube. The Ugly Stik pieces were constantly turning on me, the Daiwa doesn’t exhibit that annoyance. OH
  11. I saw you mention a couple of these, I have played around with those and many more. Here are few I just pulled off my ammo shelf, a couple I only have the one partial box, but several (NITREX, ELD, Fail-Safe) I have plenty. As I only kill two or three whitetail a year and have quit bear hunting long ago, I got enough hunting ammo left for several lifetimes (not to mention all the component bullets in my stash). OH
  12. Man, can I ever identify with that statement! OH
  13. I stocked up on the Hevi-Shot Magnum Blend 12GA 3” years ago (when they were $27 per box with a $10 rebate per box). I believe they are 1200 fps (which is what many heavier than lead, 2 oz loads offer). Great patterns in the .670 constricted tubes (and nearly as good in a .680 tube). I think the trend today is to more, smaller shot, such as #7 also using heavier than lead shot. OH
  14. Been a reloader since 1978 and have tried quite a few. My standard for the last 25 - 30 years is the Hornady Interlock. Use 130 & 140 in two different 270 WIN and the 165 grain in the 308 WIN. I also load and use (less frequently) the 180 grain in the 30-06 SPRG. I have also used and gotten good performance from the original Barnes copper bullet as well as the later TSX. In a 243 WIN I used to get terrific accuracy and killing efficiency from the second generation Nosler BT. OH