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  1. Honestly I would spend a couple hundred bucks on a DIck's sporting special before I would take a $3000 Outback bouncing off rocks. I baby hull as much as I can.
  2. Ipswich is pretty much completely shut down. I think the only thing that is open is the beach front for surf clams
  3. Try north of cape cod for winter flounder. I saw a small fluke caught on the south side of the cape on BSB opener from the boat I was on but it will be a few more weeks before you will get into them thick.
  4. I live on the Merrimac and have never caught one, always wanted to though. Safe to say I should go buy some flutter spoons and give it a shot huh?
  5. I did the same about two miles of Matunuck Beach. You only do it once...
  6. Yeah the price is worth it to me if I catch a big fish instead of losing it to a chaff
  7. I am surprised that no one has talked about the abrasion resistance of fluoro. That's a reason why I use it
  8. I may be eating them wrong but I think they taste like plant material. I get a lot in certain areas while digging steamer in Ipswich. I would love to try that salt method but it isn't legal in Ipswich.
  9. If the fire department can't pass, it should be good for a tow. Involve the local PD.
  10. I'm in. Thank you
  11. Now that we are on the topic of undersized shellfish, I want to ask about the 2 inch wide quahog limit vs. the 1 inch hinge width. Are these sizes similar enough to be legal both ways of measuring? Ipswich measures by shell length.
  12. I love seeing the size of that commercial rake. Hope those quahogs keep coming up for ya. Been finding a few in my steamer spot and its the only place I have ever seen em. Any good recipes?
  13. I would contact a biologist and see if they can apply for a permit to move em.
  14. There was a post somewhere in there that the warden was coming down to give Rob a hard time. Just remember that when any kind out police is called they are are only get one side of the story. THE CALLERS. Obviously this wingbat yelling at the fisherman is misinformed and possible senile and fed the dispatcher (who is probably a civilian,mind you) a fabricated one-sided story. Never be upset with the warden who came down to do their job, just be happy they are available to be there.
  15. Great post and glad you are safe.