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  1. Great post and glad you are safe.
  2. Ipswich is the same with the quahogs
  3. Yeah I see how it wouldn't be a big deal with hard shells but steamers are pretty much the only game in town for us.
  4. Just waiting on the temps to get above 35 up here so I can turn some mud for steamers. Surprised it isn't illegal to clam for steamers when the temp is below freezing where I go
  5. I believe the issue you guys may be seeing with the circle hooks stem from offset circle hooks instead of inline circle hooks. I used to use the offsets and all of the fish caught were guthooked.
  6. The article doesn't address the civil liability the officers will responsible for when a legal arrest is made and immediately dismissed by the court. Shows what people will do for votes. Hang the people who are keeping the peace out to dry.....
  7. For me it is having my drive break a couple miles offshore or spring a leak while offshore
  8. Its a sea Raven
  9. That was a great video
  10. I ended up seeing the picture and could ID it. They are a very slimy fish. No doubt it isn't very common but this has been a strange year for southern species.
  11. I know of a juvi barrelfish caught on Jeffrey's. I believe down south they catch em under floating debris when they are small.
  12. probably banded rudderfish. common this time of year
  13. Curious how it worked out for ya?
  14. to be honest I buy all my bait from market basket 7 bucks a pound for squid tubes. Sometimes you can find the frozen squid tubes for cheaper, usually around 4-5 bucks a pound. Just can't seem to find good frozen uncleaned squid unless its from a tackle shop.
  15. I went with the elite four when it was a current model, I believe the hook four is current. I currently am using an elite 5 and its perfect for what I am using it for. I would recommend having a GPS function if you are ever going to troll for trout or something.