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  1. i believe those well cracks were the common cracks on the older outbacks
  2. This is a good point but I am no engineer. They did mold in brass where the low position for the seat is and this was done to reinforce that area.
  3. Another warranty claim for me was put in today for my Outback. I ended up splitting my idle cable yesterday on the drive. Luckily for me I saw it before it parted fully. I keep a spare parts bag and kit in my car and I had bought a spare idle cable years ago. Thank goodness I had it because nobody has spare parts right now for the kayaks. I was able to car side fix the drive and get back out there.
  4. Well the shipment out keeps getting postponed from Hobie..... I was at Benson's today and this is what I was told. I was hoping to get the new hull by now. Their accessories are also wiped out as well. Put it this way of the 19 new kayaks they are waiting for, 17 are already sold!
  5. Pretty sure he meant a permit to carry in RI
  6. Stopped in today to check the warranty status and the warranty was submitted and approved on July 3. Just waiting on the new hull to come in now.
  7. Even if they replaced the rotomolded seat rest with the a spread out composite bracket, I think the problem here would resolve itself. I bet with all the competition out there, production of new features don't get the same stress tests over time they did when there was less pressure to create new designs.
  8. Hahahaha his customers must not fish more than a couple times a year. I will be honest I have fished hard this year, twice a week since trout season. I am sure that helped the stress cracks along. If you don't mind sending me the name of the store in a PM I would love to know. Don't want to turn the thread into a slam post.
  9. They need to bring back the old formula that wasn't so soft
  10. I have the same tear as you did, what was the turn around from warranty process to receiving the warranty hull?
  11. I was able to submit the warranty info from home today which was nice. From what I found online, this is a common issue for early 2019 outbacks and they fixed the issue by adding more plastic to these stress points is later model 2019s and the 2020's. I will update when the warranty is approved
  12. Anyone try the doormatadors yet? They really seem like they would work well on a jig for fluke
  13. While searching for other people with the same crack I came across this thread and the crack is identical.
  14. The worst part of this is I am in a tournament with a boat now. I might have to buy new if they don't have a loaner
  15. So I never thought it would happen to me but after a great day of fishing, I found a hull crack in my 2019 Outback in one of the load bearing spots for the seat. I clean my Hobie after every trip, so I am confident it developed on today’s trip. Not sure if this is a common crack or not. After looking over the warranty I think I am covered. I have owned this kayak for just short of 1 year and 2 months. I love the kayak and am super bummed out about the crack especially with the timing of the crack. I am not sure if Hobie will honor the warranty, just because I do not know the cause of the crack. I am a big guy at 6’ 3”, 215 lbs so I don’t know if that is the is a factor. If the warranty is approved, I don’t know the time frame, which is tough. This thread isn’t to bash Hobie, its just to make other outback owners aware of what happened to mine. I got five great years out of my Pro Angler before I sold it. I will update the thread when I learn more and update through the warranty process. On the bright side, limited out on fluke, bluefish and Black Sea bass using the yak today, so there is that!