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  1. I have pulled bugs off Salisbury with it as well. Understandably it was seen most in the oversized eggers.
  2. ROW

    I'm not a surf guy but this thread should be pinned to the top!
  3. I used Lowrance for many years (HDI series and hook2). They were good and got the job done. Now I run a Helix 9 DSI and won't go back. The clarity is unreal. The mapping is hugely important and I run the Lowrance charts and Navionics gold chip in my unit. Charts are important to discovering new spots and catching more fish. If you are looking to save money, Try the helix 5 or 7 and spend some money on a chart chip.
  4. Looks like an oyster toadfish. Ugly buggers.
  5. I was wayyyy un in Buzzards bay yesterday and couldn't fish through the mung. not sure why but is seems like it was everywhere? Big tides maybe?
  6. The state website was updated with the new regs. I didn't see any public service announcements letting fisherman know but I am gonna follow the state site size regs.
  7. I believe it had to be sent back to the Mid Atlantic Council to be approved by them after the state makes it decision. It sounds like the Council was on board with that size and bag prior to them sending it to the state for approval so thats why they expect that to be the regulations for the year.
  8. In the fall, I know it is a party boat staple along with the large offshore BSB that are migrating out that time of year
  9. Last year there was a lot of brown or white shrimp around. First time in recent history I believe. OTW did a video of them catching and eating them. I saw them in RI in late summer when I was launching my kayak and they were much bigger than the grass shrimp.
  10. My record at the Nordic is 13 lobsters. They don't taste as good after 7-8.
  11. Its also a right whale. Prob means the bay is shut down to lobstering and is headway speed.
  12. Can't really say that buying direct from the manufacturer is not buying local. Don't you want to support the company that creates the product. Even if they aren't local to you, seeing them make a larger margin on their own product never seems wrong to me.
  13. Hold true to the generalization for LMB and SMB category in the MA rulebook as the "Black Bass".
  14. Ah I got it now. I would unscrew the inline blow fuse and make sure they gave you the right fuse but that should work. 12 volt wiring is easy once you understand it. That mini fuse pigtail is redundant and unnecessary. I run a Humminbird Helix 9, which is a very large unit for a kayak and I use a blade fuse pigtail with a 5 amp fuse. Def read through the install instructions as the the gauge wire changes with the length of the lead going to the battery. Humminbird is very clear what to use in their instructions depending on what size head and distance between the battery and head. Hopefully Garmin is that thorough
  15. what I can tell you from the pictures is that the red pigtail is an inline mini blade fuse that I would place between the positive battery terminal and the head unit (fishfinder). unfortunately with out seeing the power cable better I can't really talk about what that inline blow fuse is for. If that is all you got for instructions for your new fishfinder, that unfortunate. Red lead is positive, black is the negative, don't cross polarity and make sure there is a three amp fuse in that red pigtail if that what your fishfinder recommend.