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  1. @wingsandwater decided to go another route. Appreciate the response but decided to go elsewhere. Closing post.
  2. Title says it all. Getting in the tuna game. Looking for reel in great condition/new. Let’s see what you guys got.
  3. Appreciate the pictures @Shallowminded31but I’m going to have to pass. Thank you anyways.
  4. Thanks for the inside scoop. Is that another dent in the bottom of the third picture of the spool? Can you send a few more pictures when you get the chance? Don’t want to jump the gun on something like this
  5. @Shallowminded31 looks great. What’s the dent from? Are you the original owner? How many times has it been used? Let me know when you get the chance
  6. Thanks for the response @Shallowminded31 . Can you post pics? Provide background of reel and use?
  7. Title speaks for itself. Testing the waters on here to see if I can find one for a good deal. Preferably brand new or great condition. Let’s see what you guys got. Thanks.
  8. Thank you!!
  9. Hey guys, Do you know of any free boat ramps out by Shinnecock? I'm in Huntington and do not have any town stickers for Southampton but am wondering if any of you local guys would know better. Parking is required too. Thanks in advance.
  10. Out last two nights with a few schoolies to show for it. Bone sp minnow was the ticket once the bunker showed up. Had a more consistent bite in April and have nothing to show but 20-24" fish for the last week or two. Excited for the bigger fish to move in on the NS but don't know when that will be or for how long.
  11. You got it. Thank you Tim/SOL. Closing Thread.
  12. Ordered a few of them from Grumpy's Tackle this week in NJ. Believe he has several in stock.
  13. Sunday morning Suffolk NS backbay skunkaroo. Looked promising but wind picked up and water turned to chocolate milk. Threw kettle creek shads/4" mag darter but not a tap. Back out tonight.
  14. I'll take it for $200. Thank you for making this available Gabriel. Please send PP info and I'll process shortly.