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  1. Another drop to $160. Not going to find this reel for a better price!
  2. I don't have any tubes to ship the rod in but I just looked online and FedEx makes a golf club tube that looks like a great fit. If you covered the shipping cost/box I would ship it to you.
  3. Where are you located? If you cover shipping costs I would
  4. Where are you located?
  5. Selling my Century 1267. Purchased it several months ago on this site and never got around to using it. Planned on putting it to use up at the CCC this summer but unforeseeable things got in the way and never had the chance of throwing it. Posting the original thread from where I bought it from to help answer questions for potential buyers. Asking for $200 local cash pickup in Philly or trade for Jigging World Black Demon Rod.
  6. I have always heard how important the moon and the tide and everything else is when it comes to targeting that one big cow but never calculated it into my decisions to full extent. How Alberto explained all of it in such great detail and how to effectively use a jig as a depth scanner revealing the bottom floor and locating the holes, boulders, and other prime fish hideouts to make every cast mean something more. I am new to surfcasting (going on 2 years) and need to get more in rhythm with my plug and fine tune my plugs depiction to the bait currently in the water, then presenting it in the proper water column, and go down the checklist from there. Love his passion about the hunt!
  7. Definitely worth the $20 to get in especially if you were the first 100 to arrive. Learned from plenty from Crazy Al and Bill Wetzel. Can't wait to put them to use and apply them everytime I am out in the surf! Looking forward to making it an annual tradition
  8. I will be there. Can't wait to check it out
  9. Redfish12 is offering a MXJ lefty
  10. Yes that works with me
  11. Please post pictures at earliest convenience
  12. I am not sure the pictures were uploaded. Can you try again if you do not mind?
  13. Photos should be attached. Can you please post some pictures of the Avet?