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  1. Out last two nights with a few schoolies to show for it. Bone sp minnow was the ticket once the bunker showed up. Had a more consistent bite in April and have nothing to show but 20-24" fish for the last week or two. Excited for the bigger fish to move in on the NS but don't know when that will be or for how long.
  2. You got it. Thank you Tim/SOL. Closing Thread.
  3. Ordered a few of them from Grumpy's Tackle this week in NJ. Believe he has several in stock.
  4. Sunday morning Suffolk NS backbay skunkaroo. Looked promising but wind picked up and water turned to chocolate milk. Threw kettle creek shads/4" mag darter but not a tap. Back out tonight.
  5. I'll take it for $200. Thank you for making this available Gabriel. Please send PP info and I'll process shortly.
  6. Have you had any other problems with it? Smoothness?
  7. Thank you for the speedy response. Who serviced the reel? Has it seen any saltwater since purchase?
  8. Thanks Gabriel. Reel looks great. Can you give me some more details? How long have you had it, reason wanting to sell, use, etc.
  9. Title says it all. Let's see what you guys got.
  10. The jersey style fishing mentioned in the article is on wrecks with less current and where 6-10 oz lead is being utilized. Two completely different styles of togging. For your upcoming trip, 10-16 oz will be the norm with even a chance of some parts of the tide being unfishable. I was out there on Monday more east then where PrimeTime anchors at and held with 10-12 for most of the day with being able to drop to 6-8 in the hour prior and after slack. Good luck! Hopefully the wind isn't too much of an issue. Looking forward to hearing your results
  11. Hey Sistm, I’ll take the 3k stradic. Pm coming. Thanks Tim/SOL
  12. I am going to wait and see if a 3000 becomes available. The reel looks brand new. Thanks for making it available.
  13. Completely understandable. Going to hold out for a bit in hope for a 3000 stradic to become available. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the speedy response CH. How much are you looking for to part ways with this?
  15. Thanks for the additional pictures. Would you do $130 for the reel?