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  1. I'm in! Thanks for making this available
  2. PM me. I can definitely help.
  3. I'm in for the Scabelly! Thanks for the chance.
  4. I'm in. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Tim! What size hooks do you use? I do like the simplicity of the rig. Does it tend to get stuck more with the longer tag end?
  6. Sounds like you need a hug
  7. The rig twists where it looks like your rig was in the middle of a tornado. I really don't think I get hung up more times if I did not have the swivel but who knows.
  8. * I guess it is called the 'improved snafu rig' and I learned it from a guy who has also been fishing his entire life. Maybe you can answer the original question and provide some intuition into your go to/favorite rig rather than chirping mine. I'd love to hear what you've used the last 60 years.
  9. I'd rather get hung up more times than having to fix the tangle everytime I pull up my rig but thats just me.
  10. Fellas, What is your favorite blackfish rig to use? I would love to hear everybody likes to use to hook up the toothy critters on the bottom of the ocean floor. I want to learn how to tie new ones (belmar rig, sliding snafu, etc.) Feel free to show a diagram or explain what rig is on your setup and why you use it. I'll begin with mine. I fish montauk and block island most of the season and current is always a major factor. I like to use a snafu rig where the snafu is connected to a swivel (inside the dropper loop) so there are less tangles on the retrieval or when I am dropping it down. One of the guys I fish with showed me it and it has been my go to since. Let's hear what you got.
  11. Can someone explain how to tie the belmar rig? I know theres two lines past the swivel but I am confused on how it comes together? I have been doing a snafu but have to learn to adapt to the bite and can't be stubborn especially when it comes to spending time on the water. Thanks!
  12. Sonnys by a mile. Cleanest steak out there
  13. Congratulations! Feels nice to win.