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  1. Torium 16HL? Pristine condition. Let me know
  2. I'm in!!!
  3. Best of luck this season!! Keep us in the loop on your feedback and hope you get into some doormats on the new setup.
  4. Can't go wrong with the Slow Pitch series or Nexus. Trevalas are also great but a bit more expensive. After going with a light setup and jigging with it there is no comparison to the traditional 8 oz sinker and bait. There is always a time/place factor in it but the power behind these jigging rods are mindblowing. The fights are the best!
  5. You are set. Time to lock it in!
  6. +1 on the Quantum Accurist. Very lightweight and I know it doesn't seem like that much of a difference but the thumb bar is so convenient and the upgraded knob is a nice touch. Will you be fishing from shore?
  7. Looking for new or in great condition. Not interested in the 6' model or other jigging rods. Located in Philly but travel to Long Island frequently. Let's see what you guys got!
  8. Let us know Chewy.
  9. Would you be willing to sell a few of the weights? Just brought my little brother an EZ curl bar and can take a few of the weights off your hands if you're willing to split. Let me know.
  10. Hopefully this works out for all three parties! Let me know redfish
  11. Torium 16 HG? Brand new. PM me if interested.
  12. I'm in! Thanks for making this available
  13. PM me. I can definitely help.
  14. I'm in for the Scabelly! Thanks for the chance.
  15. I'm in. Thanks!