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  1. Melky Cabrea ?
  2. Drama Queen , Giants could not have him around a rookie Q.B. in the huddle.
  3. looks like a carpenters hand saw setting tool . to bend every other tooth to the left and then the other side to the right. if not set, the saw will bind while cutting . the set makes the cut wider then the saw. blade.
  4. I was around Newark my whole life. i live now about 10 miles from Nork .That's the way we pronounce it. Most of the old bars ,and restaurants are gone in the North Ward it is no longer the same. Some of the landmarks are still there. Maybe down Neck as we called it will be used in the shoots. The fictional home in the North Caldwell site is about 1/4 mile from my home . I would like to watch the trailers and the neighborhood shots but felt it was an embarrassing to Italians .As a second generation American whose Grand Parents chose to come here for a better life by working hard .It showed a small portion of the real people of the area. Now i lived through the Riots it wasn't fun.
  5. Joe you may be too young to remember Pittsburgh Pirates 1960, Brooklyn Dodgers in 55, L.A. in 1963 with Kofax and big Don
  6. So what happens to DiDi when he returns , How do you trade Mike Stanton (No Trade when he was with Miami) Some of the above may be old news. Anyway 61 days or so will be pitchers and catchers and we will all know who will be on the 40 man. Too bad Bird man was a flop his left handed bat was critical , If he could hit like Big Papi could you ever imagine.
  7. Looks identical to mine. (25) there is a metal tag with the serial # on which will tell you
  8. Great seeing that clip. That was depression era and quite a few fans there. center field bleachers were screened off for the batters eye a guess. The flag was at half staff in the beginning., the men wore jackets ties and hats .Red Ruffing was called Charles, (never knew his real name) That was when death valley was death valley. notice no monuments by the flag in center . Good stuff. thanks for sharing that .
  9. yes I did .he said something like "I gotta ask Meredith to interview him about that after the game.
  10. I think that is the rod I am using for bay and river fluking I have on mine a tranx with 20 # braid. The rod is the light wt. one for jigging long butt . Have used it in the ocean too jigging for fluke and bottom fish like sea bass. I dont know for sure but i think the med. one would be a better all around one The Calcutta 400 or lighter model would be a good fit also. I love the callcutta with the power handle as I have 2 . the power handle on the tranx to me is kinda big. I was thinking of trying to put the callcutta handle on it.
  11. I listened to Mike and the Dog for years . when they moved over to YES the T.V. was on all day. My wife would say your not watching . I would try to explain it is a radio show. Seeing the facial expressions were priceless. Now I am older then Mike I was raised a N.Y.Y fan by my dad and even my Mom. dad was a big Joe Di fan. Mom was too but she like me pulled for the underdog. like Tommy Heinrich , Elston Howard, Turman Munson, Don Mattingly. I was a of course a Mickey fan but also a Billy Martin Fan a Whitey Ford fan and a little while after a BIG ROGER MARIS fan. That being said I almost always agreed with Mike. Yes he is a blowhard , yes he has the bully pulpit .he has the control of the mike its his show dont like dont watch. i cant stand the Mike kay show. Boomer its all about me and how when I played the position of Q.B. in the N.F.L. . Now to be really honest I have not watched or should I say listen to Mike since he came back on the air. Hell I did not even know he was back on but Mike is Mike, the haters will hate ,the Yankee fans will agree some will love some will just agree,
  12. I have the same motor . i would like to get a 300 HP. Yammi with the mech. controls . Maybe from Rudys marine in the crate , pick it up and do the switch up north. Sell the 250 for whatever . Any price on a new 300 ?
  13. I all but forgot that interview with Gray . Here he had a chance on national TV. to talk it up. But he kept his word about no Gray interview. I watched the end of the game yesterday but missed the pregame I forgot it was the reunion of a team I really loved to watch. Pre Giambi and Roger The other team is before most you guys time But alot of those I watched on the radio with my 9 volt transistor plugged in my ear at the playgrounds The 1961 Yanks. .