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  1. While responding my computer changed and I lost the post. I will try again. The Yanks need to clinch tonight. Stanton and Donalson are no help. they need to get going. Who's pitching tonight.? the real question Wed. west wind, 10 mph, 2 /3 ft. Should I or Shouldn't I. The Yanks need to get Carpenter and D.J. back (Healthy).Zach Britton needs work just to see if he is ready for Prime time.So much more to write but I will stop now. I hate to read long posts
  2. I watched the whole Yankee game . I knew that they would loose when they did not score in the 9th and then in the 10th. with the Ghost runner. I watched IKF as he takes his time to throw to first. After the loss I went straight to the Giants .They must have been winning because Buck said Dallas had scored 17 unanswered . I really dislike Dallas
  3. I went to Tackle World to get some gear .While looking for a Nomad Madmax I was told that none are available. Someone bought all he could get and has them online for triple the amount. NICE Guy. So when I get home I go on the computer and all the major tackle suppliers are out of stock. Ebay has them all.for $$$$$ . I was going to use it as a way back..
  4. Joe I did not watch the game did not know who won but I am glad like you that Apple did not get the call. of a historic call. I dont want a subway series my heart could not take it BECAUSE Yanks have nothing to win all to lose. I was young in 1955 when the Dodgers beat the Yanks. Terrible, Bum fans were going nuts.
  5. Thanks good advice
  6. The Fox Camera who had behind the plate duty really messed me up. He is shooting way up in the black like it was going out. He never shows Kiki backing up 5 feet from the fence.
  7. My prediction Devers goes somewhere Andujar goes to the Sox and like big Papi learns how to play the monster and kills us for a decade They could have gotten something for him before the trade deadline. Maybe they kept him for insurance. He was unhappy with the organization so maybe its for the best.
  8. Just started watching the game Wacha walked Judge. Game on Fox my point is the announcers have a big ego. if Arron hits his hr. tonight Mike Kay does not get the call. Like when Arron Boone hit his walk off vs. the Sox and the knuckle baller whos name I just cant remember. John Sterling the radio voice was splitting duty with another guy who I cant remember got the call. After that Sterling said he calls every inning of every game.
  9. Just watched the home run by Roger Maris, this clip was with Red Barber's play by play on the radio. I dont think I ever heard that one before it was always the Scooters call. HOLY COW ! google it . I think it was a NY Post thing. story with Sal Durante's son telling the story. when Sal wanted to give the ball to Roger told the kid keep it someone will give you money for it then he will give it to me anyway.
  10. Yes, that's my boat 25 walk around with a new 300HP.single. I will google the Rutgers site thanks for the info. When my parents had a home in Pt. Pleasant I had a boat on a trailer and would run out of the Manasquan and fish around little Italy. That was much easier. Yes on a calm day 18 miles is nothing for me.I just dont want to run to the Glory, Chicken, princess to find it void of life. I just want to have a nice time without having to go to the Flemish Cap.LOL Thanks again.
  11. Thank You I was fishing I was trolling in the Shipping lanes on Sept. 1st. It was too rough for me, and I headed in close to the beach for Fluking. I did not see any life . But I will try again . yesterday was flat calm shouda coulda but spent the day looking for albies, and bonita just blues Jigged up small seabass while trying for fluke.
  12. For someone like me who mostly fishes the Bay and near shore waters. Being everyone is afraid of spot burning how can I get an idea of where to go in a non-specific area to start off with. Now I fish out of Sandy Hook NJ so Northern waters is where i will need to target. Not South Jersey
  13. Unless he was told to Go Home because he had CoVid that was a bad move. How could he leave when his outfield partner was on the verge of making History.
  14. The big stiff walked it off . Man if he can get hot . I like this Bader guy Glad I sis not go to bed. 60 hrs. and that is not the story. tattoo man gets the win. Early rise tomorrow. going for Albies, Spanish, and Bonito, maybe mudhole
  15. If Volpe plays 2nd. base that can mean Torres can be moved for ??? Leaving DJ in the same place. More important I am going fishing tomorrow the question is should I stay inshore or try the longer run to the tuna grounds. I am out of the Raritan Bay Sandy Hook area.